Emiliano Martinez posts about Argentina’s 0-0 draw in World Cup qualifiers


Emiliano Martinez posted about Argentina’s 0-0 draw in the World Cup qualifiers.

Martinez made two great saves to keep Argentina from trailing. Now the undisputed starting goalkeeper for Lionel Scaloni, Martinez took to his Instagram to post about the match. He wrote something similar on his Twitter:

“Difficult pitch but we showed character and heart. We keep adding (points) and growing.”


  1. Wow i am so happy to see the combo off OTTO-CUTI
    I was against otto ever since he behaved like a kid in extra time against france in wroldcup game boy he has now ma full faith (even though i always wanted young lads over him) theire combo and understanding is superb surely one of the best combo for us sinxe years.

    Also the energy that PAPU brings from bench is outstanding he can create and score just like Messi uff i wish he came at a wrong gen if he was 20 then ideal player to replace messi
    Anyway he is gonna be our super Sub for worldcup better comin as Sub

    • This also proof that good defender needs a good pairing to gives solid performance. Otamendi was bad from 2017-2020 but once he’s paired with Cuti and also Emi, he became rock solid.

      Papu, just like Di Maria, is a type of player that could be explosive but only for 1 half, not in full 90 minutes. Scaloni should unleash Papu or Di Maria around 60 minutes mark.

      • Di Maria is too good to play just under 60 minutes. He should play at least 60 minutes if not 70. He was Scaloni’s secret weapon in Copa America now he is a starter. Players like the Correa brothers or Papu are Scaloni’s secret weapon now (super sub). The role has changed.

  2. We need some games like this to discover our weaknesses – which was not having a proper back up for Lautaro in yesterday’s game.

    Alario is the closest thing we have now, but can we count on him given his club situation and injury issues?

    Is Aguero really an option in 2022?

    Are Correas, Nico proper replacements?

    IMO the answers are NO. If Scaloni needs another divine touch to realize the need for Icardi or at least Dybala (who was either not called, or was injured, or was a bench warmer under Scaloni) to be integrated into the system, I hope this was the match when Lautaro was not available.

    Rightly so, almost everyone in mundo was missing Lautaro yesterday, except one.

  3. Argentina played really good, I liked how we moved the ball and keep possession build up from the back.
    To me it was more positive than negative
    I don’t want our team peak too early.
    We create a lot of chances , I thought otamendi and cuti were superb. Paraguay played rugby match referee killed the game because he didn’t give deserve yellow for Paraguay players, faul after faul but our players show balls and they won’t pulled no matter who they play against. It could have been better if Guido and papa gomez could came in bit early cuse both of them looked really good.

  4. A real number 9 is needed for Argentina. Aguero, Icardi and Alario are only real no. 9 who can finish chances created by other players.

      • Lautaro Martinez misses easy chances in every single match now it does not surprise me seeing him missing easy chances even in Champion League he was missing chances after chances but he deserve to stay or play in Argentina national team his positioning in penalty box is good. Argentina need old school no. 9 as there are so many creative player in this group a lethal finisher is needed and Argentina have many good option for No. 9.

        • Every 9 misses chances. Messi, Suarez, all of em. The key is that he makes them more often than not, and he is ruthless at it. He fights, he sets up Messi and others well, he defends. Lautaro is our best #9 by far.

  5. It looks like Montiel and Mollina are favorites for Scaloni while Foyth is showing his class non stop against top team for his club Villareal.I do not know why Scaloni is living in past if someone is performing give him chance. Foyth was best RB in last month,in name of process or chemistry a performing player should not be disregarded or at lease give him a chane at the position.

    • Foyth is in good form, that’s true. But Scaloni prefers a proper, modern fullback who can stretch the play and provide width. Molina is much better at that and Montiel is also better at that than Foyth. Foyth maybe a better defender than those two but ultimately he is limited in what he does in that position. By the way, Scaloni played as a right-back himself in his days as a player so you would think that he knows a thing or two about who is best player available for that position.

      • Scaloni was LB not RB. Foyth is quality RB and he is good offensively and defensively as he has shown in Villarreal.

        • Kevin, Scaloni WAS a right back, if you can’t even google properly why should anyone take you seriously.

          “Lionel Sebastián Scaloni (Spanish pronunciation: [ljoˈnel eskaˈloni]; born 16 May 1978) is an Argentine professional football manager and former player who is the coach of the Argentina national team. A player of wide range, he operated as a right back or right midfielder”.

      • We barely ever used Molina though. No one ever passed him the ball on his runs. Offensively we are not using the right back, Acuña is our only dangerous full back moving forward. So in that sense, Foyth makes more sense to me. Keep him back and give Acuña more freedom to bomb down the opposite wing. Foyth also gives us another tall aerial defender for set pieces.

    • Foyth is being punished because of that mistake in a qualifier match against Columbia i believe just before the wc. If he didn’t make that mistake foyth would have been our starting rb right now. I still think against top tougher teams foyth is absolutely necessity. 2022 is far i think he will get his chance though if molina improve his defensive abilities by 2022 in November he is the best bet as he has speed and attacking threat also

  6. I missed last night’s game but what I gathered from all the comments that the team played well, especially on defense and had plenty of chances but didn’t convert and of course the opponent’s GK turning into Wolverine from X-Men as always the case when they come across the Albicelete!
    How did Messi play?

    • Average, but ofc still man of the match after paraguayian goalie on sofascore. Full match: fullmatchsports.cc/paraguay-vs-argentina-full-match-world-cup-2022-qualifiers/

    • Messi was quite poor to be honest. He certainly seemed more lively than PSG, tracking back to defend and involved in most of the buildups but his finishing was subpar. Actually, his finishing has been mediocre since his move to PSG.

      Yesterday’s match must be taken as a lesson that we need a proper backup for Lautaro. If Messi has a bad day in the office like yesterday then we need someone to score the goals. Goals and good defense win you matches and competions, not possession, not pressing , not creating chances. We need a proper striker to score goals. J.Correa, N.Gonzalez, Alvarez, Dimaria, ACorrea are not strikers and Alario the only proper no-9 has been nothing but average for Leverkusen since his comeback. Dybala is also not a striker. He can’t score 20 goals a season may be 10 goals and 10 assisit but he can’t score regularly. I believe its time everyone forget about the personal life of players and focus on the big picture.

      • So Icardi? I am ok with him as a poacher, he is good at finishing inside the box.. but.. he doesnt defend at all. Which means we now have Messi and the 9 walking. That puts more defensive responsibility to dimaria and the opposite winger (acuña, etc)

  7. Brazil xG vs mighty Venezuela was only 1,97 with their usual penalty from refs, from open plays its only 1,2 (ARG reached 3,06 againt Venezuela one month ago) our xG vs Paraguay 2,06 much higher from open plays against a stronger team. The diff is finishing, but we are more creative than overrated varzilians.

    • Remember how good Brazil between 2010-2014 ? How did it turnout during WC 2014 lol

      Didnt they topped qualifier in 2018 aswell? And they couldnt beat Belgium & Switzerland during WC itself.

      Germany won all qualifier games only to get KO’d by Mexico & S Korea at group stage lol

  8. The reason Tevez didn’t get selected in the 2014 squad was because he was a problem child in the dressing room and also someone who wouldn’t accept a role of a regular sub. Sabella was quick to notice that, hence kept him out of the team no matter how good he was playing at Juventus. That step from Sabella completely changed the dressing room atmosphere and we were killing in the qualifiers until the world cup started and Aguero got injured and we were restricted to using another recovering striker Higuain and third choice forward Palacio who also missed a sitter in the world cup final!! Yesterday’s game clearly manifested our weakness and strength both. No doubt, our players are enjoying a great chemistry .Especially the way our deep CMs and defenders were coping with Paraguayan counter’s and our mids were creating non stop threats , I am fully convinced that the teams needs a no to little tampering and it’s not a good idea to bring in new players in the team. However, our major weakness was also exposed yesterday and that is We don’t have a backup to Lautaro. Our reserve strikers are third choice at their respective clubs and aren’t good enough to be playing a role of a striker for a power house team like Argentina. It is clear only one out of Alario and J.Correa can be picked, not both. Again going back to that Tevez’s 2014 case, I pray we won’t have to go through the same agony by not bringing a proper number-9 to the world cup again!!

  9. Argentina played good and it is okay to draw sometime. Alario should have been no. 9 in this match. Foyth should play next match he was not even in substitute list.

  10. Guys calm down. I remember beating Ecuador last game during WC2018 qualifier and we gave hell of match to France in WC, eventual winner. Remember we need this kind of match to keep our ego down. I am sure Brazil will choke again in World Cup. Players like Messi, Dimaria etc. with huge experiences know that we are safe and will qualify for world cup. The idea of invincible during qualifications has not served any good to any teams during actual tournament.

  11. friends everytime wining a match its not show a good sign….and today i think our team played well but couldn’t carry a wining score…and it is true paraguyan keeper showed a fabulous performance…

  12. Some fans here being too negative when we could not win. Chill out man. We played a good match. I don’t wanna be in 2002 position of Argentina and France where they both looked unbeatable in the qualifiers only to be knocked out in the first round.

    It is never good to peak too early. Remember that.

    The match itself has a lot of positive things. All I read is Scaloni and players are pleased with the match. I mean 2 times Paraguay defenders had the saves of their life. One in Di Maria’s chance in first half with his back heel, and second an uncanny block in J Correa’s header in the second half. How often is that? I am sure for the rest of their life they would not have any miracle saves like that. Not to mention that their goalie also was superb today.

    For me there are 2 very positive things from the match.

    1. Most of our players played pretty good. I would be worried if we had a match where there was barely any chance. But here we had like A LOT of chances that could have easily been 3-0 or 3-1 at least for us.

    2. We played very attacking but I don’t see us being vulnerable to the counter attack. Counter attack defense had always been Argentina problem when we had a non defensive minded coach (remember all France 4 goals against us were pretty much counter attacks). Scaloni fixes this, which is good news.

    The only thing is J Correa was good but his instinct is not a 9. So we missed a poacher I agree there.

    • France and Paraguay is different. They are still the best in the world and we still struggle against them without a proper dm and Molina still not great defensively foyth should start against the tougher opponents

    • We’re only missing a finishing in this game, that’s it. All their chances came from counter but its all narrow angle, not clear cut chances. Defence definetely has improved alot, but we still need to find direct replacement for Lautaro.

      Lautaro is the only one who connects well with Messi and Lo Celso. He also knows how to sneaked into the center of the box, as we saw in his goal against Venezuela and Colombia or even his assist for Messi second goal against Bolivia. Only Icardi fit in this category.

      The two Correa are just an upgraded version of Nico. They’re all deep lying forward who tend to drop deep instead making run into penalty area. Tucu for intense, always receives the ball on the far left side of the pitch in this game. This is why everytime Messi or Lo Celso reached the final third, they met a dead end.

  13. Today i dreamt that Argentina won 7-0 against Paraguay bt after wakeup i saw they drew 0-0😭😭😭 im not much hopeful regarding our chances in world cup at qatar. No foyth no lisandro martinez no senesi no lautaro no icardi no dybala no buendia what scaloni is doing?? Why suddenly after the goal in copa final scaloni starting dimaria again. Remember whole tournament dimaria was a sub and guido performed so well in copa still paredes getting starts and remember paredes not getting any minutes at psg at all. Romero needs more regular playing time at spurs to reach wc at his best. If paredes or locelso doesn’t get regular play time thn they need to leave psg and Tottenham respectively atleast in next summer. We can’t start 2 guy in our midfield who are not playing regularly in their respective clubs. Icardi should be included no matter who likes them or not national interest is higher than personal preferences. They are professionals they need to play with guys whom they don’t like. Icardi should be the substitute of lautaro no doubt about that. We may won copa bt except Bolivia we never dominated any team so don’t go by the copa results we r still not ready and still inferior to European heavyweights spain, italy, france, Belgium, germany, Portugal all better than us right now. We need to improve a lot to win the wc

  14. Some supporters are bashing team and scaloni. But for me it’s a reality check. And we need this type of off game to build up a solid team for world cup. Sometimes consecutive wins over shadows our weakness. For me it’s a good game from here we can understand what’s can be done in the future. I have complete trust on this team and coaching staff. They will find some solutions before world cup.

  15. These are going to be learnings for doha.
    Pretty toothless on scoring on a day when boss has an offcolor day. Also a game which amplifies the importance of lautaro. Scaloni shld have tested alario & that was a missed opportunity. J correa as CF always looked farfetched. Alvarez shldnt be rushed imo. Crazy that he didnt play in olympics & now being rushed in sr NT when alario, icardi, a correa are way ahead.

  16. Although you can’t compare matches, the difference with the Belgium vs France game was almost frightening.

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