Ligue 1 release calendar, players to be released one week before 2022 World Cup


Ligue 1 released their calendar for the 2022-2023 season and players will be released one week before the World Cup.

The calendar has the last Ligue 1 match on November 13, which is eight days prior to the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup begins on November 21 and the players would be released one week before that.

With the World Cup final being on December 18, Ligue 1 will resume their season on December 28, just 10 days after the final.


  1. Argentina 4-0 Peru. Hopefully Messi score hattrick. He needs for Ballon dor campaign. Penaldo scoring against Qatar or other plumbers is getting too much hype, lewa same with Bayernliga.

  2. Dumb question but why didn’t Qatar build their stadiums indoor with temperature regulating mechanism. They have all the money in the world , shouldn’t have been difficult to build stadiums that could host the world cup in the summer season there. Europeans are putting pressure on FIFA to move the world cup to some other location. Releasing players 1 week before the world cup is the biggest disrespect to the beautiful game and to the fans who have been waiting for this mega event for more than 4 years.

    • Man, its very hot here in June to September. In Stadium you can regulate the temperature, but outside it will be too hot..most of the people can’t adjust. So, it’s better to be in November -December, that time the climate is good.

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