Germán Pezzella scores for Real Betis in 4-1 win vs. Valencia


Germán Pezella scored for Real Betis in their 4-1 win vs. Valencia.

Pezzella got his first goal for Real Betis since re-joining them in the last transfer window. With Betis leading 2-1, they were awarded a corner kick as the ball was aimed at Pezzella and the Argentine headed it in.

Still only 30 years old, Pezzella continues to be part of the Argentina national team. He is expected to be called-up to the Argentina squad for the World Cup qualifiers in November.


  1. Cristian Romero wonderful interview:

    Tottenham new boy Cristian Romero worships Lionel Messi like a ‘god’, idolised Barcelona icons, befriended Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus and learned from Italy legends Georgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci.

    In a parallel universe, Cristian Romero is draped in red and blue, running over to his best mate Lionel Messi to celebrate yet another Barcelona goal.

    After all, that’s what Messi wanted. Romero, Tottenham’s most expensive defender of all time as of last summer, even said so himself.

    There’s a neighbouring world where the former Juventus man is wearing different colour stripes, succeeding legendary centre-backs Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci in Turin.

    But their loss is Tottenham’s gain. For around £42million, they became Romero’s unlikely and hugely-fortunate suitors, after the Argentine established himself as arguably Serie A’s brightest defender last season.

    And the 23-year-old, affectionately known as Cuti among his peers, is pretty happy where he ended up, too.

    Speaking exclusively to, Romero says: “I feel really good. I’m really happy to take this next step in my career, it’s something I’m really looking forward to.

    “When you’re offered the chance to play in the Premier League, it’s not something you need to think twice about.

    “It’s a real test of where I am and, of course, with every change you need that settling in period. But I think that’s already under way and I’m really happy to be here.”

    We’re not saying Romero’s decision to join Spurs had much to do with Messi’s dramatic Camp Nou exit, we’ll leave that to Marca.

    But the Catalans’ inability to capture Romero, an exceptional player for whom all roads should’ve led to Barca, quite perfectly sums up their demise.

    Like many South American eyes, Romero’s were drawn to the Camp Nou as he dreamt of becoming a footballer in Argentina, watching Messi and co. set Spain alight.

    “Growing up in Argentina, playing youth football at the different clubs, that really makes you strong and means you have to grow up a lot,” Romero says.

    “I’m really happy to have done that and got where I am today. I’m happy when I look back on my past.

    Romero only has five Argentina caps but he has already played a major part in the nation’s first major trophy victory in over 20 years.

    “In terms of the players I really idolised back then, [Javier] Mascherano and [Carles] Puyol were two who I really watched a lot when they were playing for Barcelona.”

    Despite Romero’s age, the former Juventus and Atalanta defender has not only watched the game’s greats, he’s played alongside a bunch of them as well.

    But none more so than Messi. The Spurs centre-back actually helped the legendary Argentine win his first major international trophy last summer, starring as the Albiceleste triumphed in the Copa America.

    Romero doesn’t need to tell us how amazing Messi is. Having befriended his hero, the Tottenham new boy instead offers a fascinating insight into the man behind the talent.

    “Messi is not just a great player, he is an absolute god in football,” Romero adds.

    “And I think it’s not just me saying that. Anyone who knows football, who knows Messi, will say the same thing.

    “To have the opportunity to play with him is amazing, but also to share a dressing room with him is just incredible.

    “We all know what a great guy he is as a footballer, of course. But as a person, he is someone I admire so much.

    “He is very humble and really that’s what stays with me the most.

    “As a footballer, we know about his talents, but he is a great guy too.”

    Romero finds himself in that exclusive club, alongside the likes of Angel Di Maria and Paulo Dybala, of players lucky enough to play with both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    As a defender, however, the Argentine probably learned the most from two other greats of the game: Italy veterans Bonucci and Chiellini.

    While Romero never played a league match for Juve, loaned out to Genoa and then Atalanta, he made the most of his brief time with the Old Lady.

    “It’s true that I only got to train with Juventus and then I was playing with Atalanta,” he continues.

    “But while I was there at Juve, I had the opportunity to come across such great champions like Bonucci and Chiellini.

    “A real point of reference for a centre-back like myself, in particular Chiellini was someone I spoke with a lot and I’ve always admired him as being one of the best defenders in the world and having been so for such a long time.

    “So, of course, I learned so much from him and having the opportunity to speak with him and just pick his brains about how he sees football.”

    Romero will be reunited with one of his former Juventus teammates when Tottenham welcome Manchester United to north London this Saturday – live on talkSPORT.

    And the Spurs defender might just have the inside track on Ronaldo…

    “He is one of the best players in the world and it’s great to have that opportunity to play against players like that,” Romero says.

    “I also had the chance to play alongside him in training at Juve and speak with him. He’s a great guy as well and just someone I admire so much as a footballer.

    “I’m someone who always wants to play against the best teams with the best players.

    “To come up against the best is what we’re here for. I just hope on the weekend everything goes well for us.”

    A softly-spoken character off the field, but a ferocious competitor on it: expect that diplomatic respect put to one side on Saturday.

    You can listen to live and exclusive talkSPORT commentary of Tottenham vs Manchester Untited from 5:30pm on Saturday, October 30.

    • Playing in EPL with Spurs is better than CL with Atalanta. In Serie A, only few teams have good forwards. In EPL, you face quality forwards every week. Even west ham will through you Antonio who is very difficult physically. You have Daka, Vardy, Watkins, Raphinha, Ings outside of big teams who can challenge your game. At CL group stage, you meet Keiv, Brugge, Young boys who are not better than let’s say clubs like leister or villa. It was a good decision to join Spurs. Problem is Spurs has a manager with outdated ideas.

      • He was just voted the MOM for the first time in his Spurs career. The fans just get crazy about him. They think he is the best signing in 5 years since Son Heung Min.

        Honestly Cuti has been good but not at his Atalanta/Argentina level yet. He will get even better for sure with time. The fans will be even more excited for sure when he shows his true color.

  2. So Xavi it is. Glad Ghallardo didn’t go. After so many years, Ghallardo is finally doing a little good for the NT with Alvarez now a regular and he is also giving chances to Simon and Fernandez. Hope he continues for a while at River.

  3. This is a good highlight for anyone trying to understand corners and marking schemes and how smallest indiscipline from just one defender can break defense.

    You can see Valencia sitting in a 2 zone type of setup (more like a 2.5) with two defenders at the top of the six yard box near GK and another in the near half space to prevent a short corner. Maybe you can consider the near defender a bit overkill as betis player at top of box is already man marked for short corner. But they are conservative to make sure to take away the angle. The rest of the 6 valencia defenders are in man marking with 6 betis players in the top of the box.

    Betis are sitting in a 2-2-2 in the box. Basically at three different levels with pezella and william carvalho near top of box at highest level. Sitting in different levels like this allow to isolate each man marker better.

    Just before Fekir begins his run up carvalho and pezella do a simple ‘cross’, meaning they cross paths to draw out the markers with carvalho going far from near and pezella coming near from far. The timing of this is critical – right before fakir runs up so he can see. This simple maneuver loses pezella’s marker, who instead of sticking to his simple job tries to guess the corner by going early into the 6 yard box following carvalho. At the 4 sec mark you can see fakir has already seen pezella free and of course someone of his quality drops the ball at perfect height for a great pezella header.

    Sometimes as a defender you try to ‘guess’ the ball – take risk to make a big play, but sometimes that small indiscipline can bite you. Betis is of course well rehearsed professional team and they can take advantage of this opening wit the timing of their sequence.

  4. E s p n reporting that Chelsea is in talks to bring Mauro Icardi from PSG as he has a fallout with Messi? Does anyone know of other reports of a fallout?

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