Lionel Messi with muscle discomfort, could miss PSG match


Lionel Messi has a muscle discomfort and could miss PSG’s league match against Lille.

Messi has been rumored to have been suffered from minor knocks and injuries since the start of the season. He did not take part in PSG’s training on Thursday ahead of their league match against Lille on Friday.

Mauricio Pochettino, the PSG coach, held a press conference where he was asked about Lionel Messi. With both Messi and Kylian Mbappe missing from the PSG training, Pochettino was asked if Messi would play further up the pitch and not out on the right, where he has mostly played for them. Pochettino mentioned that Messi can play up front but he also mentioned that there are other players who can play up front instead with Mbappe possibly out.

Pochettino also spoke about Messi’s absence from training. Here is what he had to say:

“In terms of Leo Messi, he has been training very well since the match against Marseille. This morning, he had a small muscle problem, as a precaution, he trained individually. We will assess him and see if he can be involved.”


  1. Throughout the years Messi hardly missed games in the NT because of injuries. Remarkable really.

    Wonder if it stays that way in the more physical French league. Hopefully he hits his form soon now the critics are sharping their pencils after 4 league games without goals or assists.

  2. I think all the small injuries and associated dip in form or not getting into top gear is because of lack of pre-season.

    I still think the top form is coming. I would like the idea if he hits top gear in the second half of the season.

  3. “Pochettino was asked if Messi would play further up the pitch and not out on the right, where he has mostly played for them. ”

    Last match it kind of looked like Messi, Mbappe and Neymar were taking turns on who would play at centre attacking position. Most of the time it was Mbappe but in the second half , Neymar moved to the no-9 position for a while and for the last 20mins or so Messi was moved to the centre forward position and then during the dying mins he had to drop deep again to collect the ball. Poch seems to be trying to rotate them during the match, however it clearly hasn’t worked so far.

    One of the main reasons why Messi was not able to score regularly under Sabella was because he had to often drop deep to collect the ball due inadequate provision of good passes from our ultra defensive midfield of Masch and Biglia. If you guys have paid attention, lately Messi has started to drop deep for PSG, as they simply haven’t been able to provide sufficient passes to Leo for him to stick around the opponent’s box. On top of that lack of proper and competent defensive midfielder is putting the defense under immense pressure and they are caught out of position often when opposition counter attacks. With bunch of attacking players on the bench and three stars who can’t be benched whatsoever Poch has failed to create that balance in the field. If PSG really want to win UCL then they need to make the best use of Messi, they will need to ensure every PSG’s attack goes through the GOAT. He will then supply you a good number of chances every match. Other option is, they could simply field two defensive mids, play double pivot and let the front three take care of the attack, which will mean remaining attacking players and CMs, will have limited playing time. But with so many egoistical players , I doubt Poch will be able to do any of that.

    • Di Maria’s injury in middle of WC 2014 proof to be costly, so did Aguero’s injury . Sabella’s team would blitzkrieg oppponents on counter when we have fully fit Di Maria and Aguero.

      Just watch the qualifier, even Messi first goal against Nigeria came from Masche long ball for Di Maria and his shot hit the post. The goal against Switzerland was another Sabella’s trademark where we intercepted opponent in midfield and Messi and Di Maria would sprint forward together. Its no coincidence that we stopped scoring once Di Maria’s gone. Even that winning goal against Belgium involved Messi and Di Maria.

      Messi actually equalled Batigol 12 goals in calendar year record during Sabella’s time.

  4. Everytime I watch a Pochettino’s match(Tottenham in the past and PSG now), I am so happy that he declined the offer of the national team coach job. He doesn’t know how to manage ego and his tactics are too conservative and simplistic: send the ball to Messi for playing 1 touch with Mbappe or send the ball directly to Mbappe and expect him to dribble 2-3 guys. When I compared Messi’s performance with the national team to his club performance, he’s a total different player too. Similar thing for Lo Celso, he is not shit at all with the national team but he can never play at his best level with his club and now he has very limited playing time. De Paul, one of the world class central midfielders, was used at 50% of his potential by Simeone.

    I am tired with the coaches like Pochettino, Simeone and Nuno, that kind of football is obsolete or finished.

    • Unfortunately when he was subbed off he got mad and the world seemingly exploded. Even though he could use rest here and there he won’t get it and if he does fans will get mad/offended by it (I think that rest could be most critical for him during NT tournaments)

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