Emiliano Martinez of Aston Villa training alone in Argentina, family emergency


Emiliano Martinez is training alone in Argentina following a family emergency.

Martinez flew out to Argentina as his father underwent surgery. The Argentine posted a picture of himself along with his father on his Instagram.

He is training alone in Ezeiza where the Argentina national team train for their matches. He posted a picture on Instagram where he wrote the following:

“Thank you very much to the AFA and Chiqui Tapia for helping me in everything in these difficult days.”

His club Aston Villa play West Ham on Sunday and Martinez is a doubt.


  1. People talking about Messi. There’s nothing wrong with Messi. He only needs Zidane as a manager to teach him to listen to his aging body, play regista style (Riquelme/Zidane like), and learn how to rest. No more 90+ minutes 2-3 games a week (regular stupid games).
    He only needs to play meaningful games. Who cares about Balon D’Or? Been there, done that. Focus on important champions league games and finals. At this point, he doesn’t need to play all qualifiers and needs to rest during the final game of the World Cup group stage. Messi version 2010-2012 was the most elite version of Messi we’ll ever see and he will not dribble players the same way, except for moments of brilliance because class is permanent. At his age, there will be temporary dips in form, which will still be better than everyone after top 5.

    All he needs is one World Cup title to his name and he will solidify his greatness. Enjoy and respect everything he has accomplished because every year that passes is an aging Messi. I remember my favorite player in basketball Kobe aging. He still scored 60 points on his final game and many thought he should still play. So this doesn’t mean that Messi can’t score 30+ goals still, or that he doesn’t have a hattrick in his pocket, or won’t dribble 8 players again. It’s just that he won’t do it as often – and we don’t need him to. Nothing else to prove. Preserve yourself and win the WORLD CUP!

    There was a saying by the former AFA president that Argentina would win the World Cup when Maradona is dead! He said it out of anger and bitterness, but this made Maradona angry to the point he said that he would not attend 2014 WC and NT made it to the finals. Now Maradona is gone. Will this be a prophecy and will Maradona have a hand in it????? Stay tuned to the next episode…

  2. I dont know if Messi is injury or not … but his perf tonight …. I dont know what’s happening about him but he is a problem… Cant do nothing with the ball, his physicial capacity are not the one of a professional athlete and he dont help to defend.

    Actualy he is not a football player…it’s crazy

      • What wrong in your brain ?

        I analyse his actual level. To not admit his actual form is terribly weak it’s to just be a idiot and blind fan.

        Messi is totaly out of form. Every player on the field had a better stamina and speed than him. He look totaly out of his fitness normal form and because of it he is not good, look deconnected without impact and he miss what he never missed before like simple pass or big opportunitys. He lose every ball he touch and was a problem for his team against Lille.

        To be a fan of Messi is not to be a idiot who refuse to see Messi is in his worst condition. I really wish he will be better step by step during the season but right now, at 34 years old, without pre-season preparation, he is more a problem than a solution for the PSG. Not normal a player like him have 0 goal and 0 assist in a Farmer league like that. The Pochetino tactic is a fucking disgrace but we cant be blind about the actual form of Messi. He ll be never 20y old again, but he cant play like a grandpa neither.

      • Some of u are messi fans not Argentina’s I hate that kind of fans.a dimaria paredes Armani gets abused in this forum daily no one says nothing but one bad word about messi people question u whether u are an Argentina fan.

      • Against Bolivia (a really weak team) and against Uruguay (a old team) but he was very bad during his last international game too. We didnt see amazing game of Messi this season. Some goals but not amazing actions. His physical condition is really poor actually. Deserve a break and a real preparation … because he is not 20y old anymore

        • He was not very bad……he was just okay. And also many teams in the French league are just as good or worse than bolivia and uruguay……..also stop calling farmers league farmers are honorable people farmers are the reason you have strength to type ridiculous comments.

  3. Never seen Messi underperforming to this extent.
    Don’t know what’s the issue? I guess, it’s a mix of poor tactics and age factor, but majorly it’s due to the piss poor coaching by Poch.

    I think, Dybala should gear up now coz he would be fundamental, we don’t know how Messi will performing in the no. 10 role for 7 straight games. Messi should leave his habbit of dropping back now, coz he is aging and that would hinder his shooting powers.

    Anyways, Vamos Albiceleste and Vamos Messi

  4. This PSG reminds me of Bauza’s Argentina..lol!

    Random thoughts

    – Neymar is done I think. Like many other Brazilians, he is done. The guy is good with the ball but his head and body is leaving football.

    – Not sure what to determine of Messi. I have never seen him so poor for so long. I am not talking goal counts or assists, but how easily he is dispossessed, how most of his passes are going off. Fear the worst, is age finally catching up. I still feel its because of lack of pre-season and PSG not having any plan. Poch must go. He should go to Man Utd for 2 years and ruin CR7’s chances 😉

  5. PSG are pathetic, tipical broken team, Kehrer is not a right back, poor mans Foyth, three midfielders who can only defend and too one dimensional, ok at least Wijnaldum can run with the ball but thats all, absolute no creativity there. Danilo, Gueye, Wijnaldum cmon, this team need Paredes and Verratti so much. No modern midfielders who can dribble, run, defend, attack and playmaking, we are so lucky with De Paul and Lo Celso and others.

  6. Brazil squad for next qualifiers:
    -Alex Sandro
    -Renan Lodi

    No Vinicius Jr or Richarlison and apart from Neymar, Antony, and Raphinha (which won’t all play at the same time anyway) not scared of the attack

  7. Aston Villa star Emiliano Martinez touted as a potential replacement to Hugo Lloris at Tottenham Hotspur

    According to The Independent (h/t The Express), Aston Villa star Emiliano Martinez is leading a four-man shortlist made by Tottenham Hotspur as they seek a replacement for the outgoing Hugo Lloris.

    The French goalkeeper is in the final year of his contract at the North London club and terms over a new deal are yet to be agreed. If an agreement is not met between the 34-year-old and the club, a replacement would be needed at the start of next season.

    Spurs are thought to be already planning for this scenario and have devised a four-man shortlist to replace their club captain. Napoli’s Alex Meret and Real Sociedad’s Alex Remiro are potential options, while West Bromwich Albion shot-stopper Sam Johnstone will be eligible to talk to foreign clubs in January due to his contract issue at the Hawthorns.

    My dream… Cuti and Emi in one team.

    • Last game for Villa the Arsenal fans booed him and used those intolerable British chants against him, even though he was their player for a decade. So he may feel fine with going to Tottenham since otherwise I don’t think he’d want to go to Arsenal’s main rival

  8. The internet went crazy a couple of days ago about the so-called leaked list of Ballon d ‘or showing Messi coming 2nd to the Polish……….now that same French Magazine states that the list was FAKE and that they never did in the past or now a printout showing the results.
    Another list appeared yesterday showing Messi as the winner, 14 points ahead of Robert, Frenchy 3rd and the Monkey way down the list.

    • Lewa really deserved it last year and I wouldn’t have minded if he got it even ahead of Messi. But if Messi doesn’t win it this year then that is something else. All of the critics focus on Ligue 1 while ignoring the fact he scored against city and another champions league double. If Jorginho the Brazilian gets in the top three that would also be a disgrace

    • Messi last season:

      La liga = 30 goals + bunch of assists ( top scorer + top assister)
      CL = 5 goals + 2 assists in 7 games
      Copa del rey = 2 goals in final
      Copa America = 4 goals + 5 assists (top scorer top assister , golden ball)

      Messi since Copa ended :

      Ligue 1 = no goal
      CL = 3 goals in 3 games
      WC qualifier = 4 goals in 5 games

      Haters on Messi performance : only ligue 1 performance counts for Balon! Lol

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