Angel Di Maria scores, assists for PSG in 2-1 win vs. Lille


Angel Di Maria scored and assisted for PSG in their 2-1 win vs. Lille.

Di Maria got his second goal and third assist in the league this season as he ensured that PSG would not draw or lose. It was Lille leading 1-0 until Di Maria received the ball and chipped it into the penalty area to Marquinhos who scored.

With the score at 1-1, Neymar would receive the ball inside the Lille penalty area and would pass it to Di Maria as he would score and give PSG the win. 


  1. Attention! Gio Simeone keeps scoring!

    If Cholito keeps this form, then he might appear on Scaloni’s radar again, especially if Alario does not improve.

    • Wow. Woke up and looked at the score and was shocked. One game four goals and now he’s doing it again? Out of nowhere too, he’s been quiet for a whole year at Cagliari and is now morphing into Van Nistleroy haha

  2. Messi clearly needs to take some time off to heal . Looking how he has been struggling with his fitness since the start of the season , I am okay if he needs to miss the upcoming two qualifiers. He needs to take extra care of his body until the world cup otherwise he will end up like Aguero in 2014 , a mere spectator. He should accept the fact that he is injured and resting for at least month will only heal his injuries. A month away from football will not only help cure his injuries , it will also light up the fire inside him to regain his form. I don’t agree that he is getting older and should not play the whole 90mins. Messi only makes few short burst of runs during the game and he doesn’t need to press like his teammates. He doesn’t need to run like Bolt to create those passes, assists or goals. The only reason he is being dispossessed a lot and has been missing goal scoring chances lately is that , he is injured, thats all!!! When you have flu or fever you won’t be able to do the daily chores as easily as you do when you are healthy and fit!!

  3. As for Di Maria. Sorry dudes, gotta disagree with y’all haters.

    I am not saying he always plays good for us, no. There are moments that he played below average for us but he is one lf those “no no no no yeah yes yes yes yessss” players. That is his style. He would make a lot of bad passes with such style but he also would create make more assists than any players. He is the complete opposite of a player who always plays it safe with 90% plus passing accuracy or something like that. That is not his style.

    But for me he is a brilliant player. His performance in Copa America justified my words, either as a sub or a starter he played like the was the MOM in every match.

    I just think there are too many haters of him here. And those haters just eat their own shit when he scored THAT goal (u know what I mean).

    As for his career as a futboller, honestly, if any of our young winger would turn out to be half as good as Di Maria is, I would be extremely happy. His career has been nothing but spectacular. Not many Argentine attackers/midfielders have better career than him.

    Oh lemme remind you this simple fact. There is only ONE Argentine other than Messi in the last 10 or 15 years that had been selected into Fifa team of the year, that is Di Maria in 2015. That says a lot. No there is no Riquelme or Aimar or Ayala or Veron or Aguero or Tevez ever there.

    U guys can keep attacking him. I will still defend him. And I know I will have the last laugh.

    • Don’t you think “hater” is overstating your case a bit? Also, if you paid attention, the comments are more nuanced than just hate, people notice BOTH his POSITIVE and NEGATIVE aspects.

  4. Alario lost his form since injuries, so my centre forward pecking order 1. Lautaro 2. Aguero if regains his form back, still world class abilities, perfect supersub material then come a lot of versatile names who can play there too Joaquin Correa, Julian Alvarez and Dybala, but not waste a pure CF spot in the squad. Imo no place for Alario, Icardi or Simeone.

  5. Regarding DiMaria – he is one of the most underrated & overrated players. It’s an oxymoron and makes no sense I know. However, that is what we’ve seen in the last 8 years or so. He can be a world-beater and he has proven that in PSG, RM in BIG GAMES (including finals), and for the NT in BIG GAMES. Someone on here once said that DiMaria will have 1-2 bad games, but he will be on fire in the third game for the NT. It’s so true. However, do we have the luxury of letting this happen in next year’s World Cup where there are 7 games? I’m happy he scored in the final, but I believe his role as a super-sub put fire in his bones when he was given the chance to start that game.

    Over the years he got too comfortable knowing that his place on the team was secured regardless of how he played. Players like Lamela, Icardi, Diego Milito, Pastore, L Martinez, Dybala were never given the chance to play at least 3 consecutive games for a full 90 minutes. Heck, even Lavezzi had to be almost 30 yrs. old before he finally played and we still subbed him at half-time of WC14! Also, Lavezzi was the star (he was our Messi) during Copa America Centurio before he broke his arm.

    In conclusion: Criticism of DiMaria was justified as all those players I mentioned would not get call-ups after even one bad first half, whereas DiMaria did in fact often play as a “chicken-with-his-head-cut-off” with worthless crosses, and countless loss of possession. I believe that he should still be a super-sub and that even at this moment Lamela, Nico Gonzalez, A Correa, Ocampos should rotate or start in his place – better yet, whoever is IN FORM.

    Keep praying for our beloved NT and the coach to continue to strive to make the best decision because we cannot waste another World because of bad choices.

  6. i observe about Messi argues inside here as has to do about Psg and his perform.
    generally i don t care about that subject because i am not Messi fan or Psg fan. i am Argentina national team fan and here is my opinion.
    for me exist some FACTS that like or not is FACTS.

    1.Messi is the best football player in the world. even if he is flop with Psg or not.
    Even if he win golden ball or not this year. there is not any issue about that for any reason.
    4 or 6 months bad perform can t delete or make conclusion about hall career. Only 1 idiot can believe something else.

    2.Messi is 34 years old. that means he can t play as he was playing 10 or 5 or 2 years before. it is NORMAL. it is HUMAN NATURE. Only 1 idiot can believe something else.

    3.Messi is perfect with national team. in every single game we play he is if not the best he is 100% inside the best of our team. Only 1 blind can t see it.

    MOTIVE is the key word for me. he have HUGE desire and he looks completely happy being with the national team. this is what make me crazy happy to see.for that I LOVE HIM.
    So if Messi don t have the same motive or desire to play in club level anymore or in his current club because of one or other reason I DON T GIVE A DAMN.

    ANYHOW he is the best player in the world and that is something i don t negotiate with anybody. that is something will not change my mind even if he will never score again with Psg.
    from 2006 i know who is Messi. i don t wait any idiot in 2021 to tell me who is Messi.
    there is nothing to negotiate about him with anybody in 2021.

    • Vey true! Plus, we don’t seem to be as depended on Messi now, we have good passers of the ball in De Paul and Lo Celso and good crossers in Molina and Acuna so Messi does not have be doing it all anymore.

  7. No Di Maria did not play well. He is a headless chicken. He is too old for the national team. He is a member of the oldies generation loser. He is just one of the “friends” club. He lost too many balls. His crossing is horrible. He should be benched for the national team. He would lose his starting spot in PSG. He is selfish, trying to be Messi. His goal against France in the WC was a pure luck.

    That’s what I read about Di Maria in the last 1-8 years here. Yes HERE!

    Oh and…. Sosa, Mati Vargas, Gaitan, Meza, Pity Martinez, and a bunch of bla bla bla are better than him.

    Eat that shit Di maria haters.

    • Some of those things were fair about Di Maria back then, especially when played on the left wing. So there’s that. Are you saying he always played well?

      I am glad he silenced his critics though with good performances, particularly his priceless goal vs Brazil.

    • I Won’t say hate but I’m one of those who disliked di maria based his performances for the nt.
      I still believe di maria isn’t performing well for the nt accept that priceless goal Vs Brazil which made me to forgave him forget all the frustration about him for last 11 years, the other day you said nico gonzalez his final pass wasn’t good , what about di maria vs peru when he played left side, how was his contributions in final third.
      Did he play any better than nico? And the other things is it’s something new di maria assist or score goals for psg?
      As far as know no one hates di maria accept he made arg nt fans more annoying upto that goal Vs Brazil in copa final.

    • Most of us here were (and still are) critical of Maria at times and you know what I personally make no apologies what so ever for it because those criticisms were warranted at the time. He doesn’t play well on the left side, he can be a headless chicken, he does try to be messi when Lio is not around and he does have the tendency to loss the ball….all were (and sometimes still are) fair criticisms that don’t spring out of malice like you’re implying.
      I still maintain that Maria shouldn’t be starting unless he’s playing on the right and against attacking teams that leave large spaces because we’ve seen Fideo struggle against compact teams that stay deep. I actually think that Maria is the ideal supersub that you bring in the last 20 or so minutes when the opposing defense is tired and allows space for someone of Maria’s skill set to take advantage of.

  8. Marcos Senesi ⬇️

    “I have never spoken with Lionel Scaloni, I have spoken with Walter Samuel, who told me that they saw me well and they are following me, I had improved a lot and that the opportunity would come. I just have to work and wait for the call-up.”

    “I feel very ready to move up to national team, I’ve been doing really well and have the confidence to fight for my place.”

    “Every time when qualifiers come I look forward to being there, I know the opportunity will come and I will try to make the most of it, I’m sure of that. The decision is not mine but I hope I will have the opportunity to show myself before the World Cup.”

  9. Check out La Ligas Defending from the Front Stats – Successful presses and tackles per 90. Freak Lamela in same position like Messi’s old La Liga scatter charts. Ocampos great too, up there with Lamela. I dont think theres a better player than Lamela to sub GLC or RDP.

    • Really interesting stat. Lamela has been class since joining Sevilla, really good transfer. Wonder what could have been if it had been 2-3 years earlier. He so far is staying fit and hope it stays like that. Ocampos also scored a last minute goal but had it ruled out by Var in a controversial handball decision. Shame they didn’t win. If he keeps playing like this I see no way how he can’t be considered at a level for playing in the NT, who we switch him for is another matter though. Perhaps with Nico out for covid there will be more room for one of Lamela or Buendia, sure they aren’t like for like replacements positionally to him but I can’t think of any other new player we could call up who is.

      • Yes, those 2 are current subs since Lamela isn’t even called up. I seriously have doubts that they’re better than Coco. If form means anything, Scaloni should give him a shot. For A Correa, i think he’s competing with Ocampos, ADM, and Nico.

  10. Messi is not a flop at Psg. He tried to play much simpler than at Barca and didn’t keep the ball much. The difference between his club and his NT performance comes from the pressing of the team. Pochettino is funny guy he said, during the conference, Messi can be right winger and 10 no problemo. But the fact is Messi is already 34yo, he cannot make the same run of 30m by dribbling 3-4 guys. He need a collective which defend on the opponents side so he can combine with his team mates. Pochettino is asking Messi to do the impossible things. It’s like a NBA coach ask michel Jordan to play NBA again because he “used to” be the monster.

    I really prefer someone honest and said publicly I fucked it up than Pochettino, never his fault with the most non sense arguments. I am tired of this guy. he is destroying Paredes, Di Maria and Messi’s football

  11. The 1st half was really shit, everyone was static, Fortunately the 2nd half was getting better but to be fair the opponent was weak. I think they won 6-7 games in the last minutes during this season. it’s very hard to describe this club: no pressing, no tactics, no enthusiasm, lot of gap between the lines, can be behind the score by 1 or 2 goals but can always come back in the last minutes, totally relied on the individual actions. I call that kind of football the district football. if I offend some Pochettino fans here I am sorry but that’s really the fact that I saw. I haven’t seen a supposed top European team playing at this level so far. Even in the past, Cuper and Simeone played very depressive football but at least those guys have conviction on their tactics and their players executed their idea.

  12. ADM already switch on his saiyan mode, without Messi, no doubt he’ll start in both games and he knows it lol

    He should have had at least 2 assists. Too bad Icardi is busy with his IG.
    Poch seems to only win games relying on individual brilliance from his players.

    How’s PSG 10 poinst ahead at the top despite playing like crap?

    • Speaking of Icardi apparently he and W are BACK TOGETHER. What?? It was probably all a show to make money, and based on the amount of attention their social media posts and drama caused them I’m sure they made a lot of it. Just craziness

  13. Messi’s transfer to P$G has been a complete disaster so far, As it was a forced transfer he isn’t motivated enough to play for parisians which will ultimately affect his form and fitness, What player Neymar has become since joining psg as he never looked enthusiastic to play there money was the only reason for his move.

    • You keep harping on the same thing over and over and over and over again, what is your point EXACTLY that’s what I and everybody else in here who read your comments are dying to know????
      Messi should have what in your opinion? Stayed At Barcelona even though they couldn’t pay him HALF his salary from previous year?
      What, play for FREE if La Liga’s president allowed that to happen according to that Idiot Laporta suggested?
      and even if that was the case, why the hell would he play for free, the best player in the world and possibly the BEST EVER playing for a club who HE had made BILLIONS FOR.

      PLEASE TELL US, get that stone outta your shoe and tell us and maybe you’ll stop bringing that crap up again and again

      • Right, and the only other club that had serious chances of getting him was Man City which is another oil money club, so don’t really understand what the point is

        • La liga is rated higher than Ligue 1 and Messi has won it 10 times while competing against strong Real madrid and Atletico sides , even Sevilla… so him winning ligue 1 will only extend his legacy by few milimeters. Messi could miss the next 2 CL group games and they most likely still going to qualify to next round.

      • @dfox1942 Cool down man he can say what ever he wants to say he is actually right.messi is not that much motivated to play for psg. Pocettino is playing worse because messi doesn’t press it is obvious they improved dramatically in the second half

  14. Di Maria played well and properly represented the Albicelete with his passing hustle and finally scoring.
    There is nothing wrong with Messi aside from the following:
    Few knocks here and there that either HE or PSG hurries to get back on the pitch.
    Not fully comfortable playing because of the many toes he could step on.
    Messi needs to get going and once he does, everything will fall into place BUT when will that happen when things keep stopping and going.
    The team is poorly run.
    Funny how this works because Messi now is much more comfortable playing for ARGENTINA than PSG and that is what we ALWAYS wanted.

    • Messi will be fine, his issue at the moment is fitness, which will come with time and proper recovery.
      He got away with it with Argentina in the last few games because the team is playing well. French league is quick and physical, he needs to be fitter. No need to panic, Messi will soon run the league.

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