Giovanni Simeone scores twice for Verona in 2-1 win vs. Juventus


Giovanni Simeone scored twice for Verona in their 2-1 win vs. Juventus.

Simeone made it six goals in his last three matches as he scored both goals for Verona in their win. A shot inside the penalty area was initially saved by the goalkeeper but the ball fell to Simeone who scored the open net from the rebound.

The 26 year old scored a second, a great strike from outside of the penalty area which curled into the top corner to give Verona the 2-0 lead. He managed four goals against Lazio and played only 24 minutes against Udinese but scored two against Juventus as he has now managed eight goals this season.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to name his squad for the November matches in the next few days as Simeone is making a case to be included.


  1. Good news! (At least for Cuti and Lo Celso fans)

    Nuno will be sacked today. Ryan Mason, will be the interim coach at least until January. The real targets of replacements are: Conceicao (Porto current coach), Fonseca (ex Roma coach), Conte (ex Chelsea coach). Out of all of them, Conceicao to me is the best one. Conte is good but too defensive minded.

    Ryan Mason is an English man, I hope he won’t reactivate all the English players in the Spurs as almost all of them are shitty.

    • Ryan Mason was using lo celso more than English boys when he replaced Mourinho besides lo celso is thier best midfielder despite Unfair criticism from deluded spurs fans.

    • If he can consistently score then he will make a strong case of being the direct sub to Lautaro. On top of that he is 6.1 feet tall and can press.

  2. Lisandro Martinez vs Heracles:

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    • 86 correct passes out of 88 🤩.
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  3. Simeone Jr isn’t half bad but unfortunately he’s never shown consistency, he goes through patches, sometimes he’s lewandowsky and sometimes he’s Emil Hesky. With that being said I actually liked him in the games that he played for the NT because on his day he can quite prolific and he always brings the grit that made his dad such a legend.
    For now, I say we take a ‘wait and see’ approach with Gio Sim, if he continues to make an impact regularly throughout the season then I say give him a call up because Alario is a bench warmer and doesn’t deserve a call up while Kun’s injuries (hope nothing comes out of his chest pain) makes him very unlikely for WC22. As for Icardi, well…..he’s Icardi and controversy isn’t something that the team ever needs so that leaves Lautaro and Paulo as the no.9s and yes I am well aware that Dybala isn’t a 9 but he most certainly can play as one and despite Juve’s troubles, La Joya is doing quite well and look really motivated but I hope he gets those injuries of his under control and stays healthy.

    • Out of all our forwards, he is the most similar to Lautaro. Tactically he fits right in with his tenacity. Super important to give freedom to Messi and Fideo.. although if I had to pick one right now, it be inform Alvarez.

    • Exactly! J.Correa had a great start to the season and then he got injured then lost his form. Today he has scored a brace. Before bringing back Simione to replace Alario , it better to wait and see if he can regularly get his name on the score sheet. As of right now Scaloni’s striker pecking order is Lautaro, J.Correa, Alvarez!

    • LOL! Hilarious, it’s like he’s speaking my thoughts. Not only am I sad that Cuti and Gio are stuck in this dead end club but I am also worried because if this non sense continues, Argentina will lose 2 of it’s most important players.
      One (possible) positive here is that Cuti hasn’t actually signed with those losers yet and is infact on loan, so there maybe a chance that his deal doesn’t fall through.

    • I think Nuno losing the dressing room already. Next week at Everton. If they lost, he will be gone for sure. He can even be gone before that. I hope the next coach will trust Cuti and Lo Celso even more. Nuno problem is he is a defensive coach. The Spurs fans were promised an attacking coach. They were tired of Mourinho’s like coach. It just does not match.

      I read somewhere that Harry Kane disagrees with how the Spurs play. That’s to answer why one of the best forwards in the world has scored only 1 goal so far. Nuno decision to play double DM Skipp and Hojbjerb. The offense suffered heavily because of that.

      Anyway there is a silver lining to this. Cuti has got to be better when facing world class forwards like CR7. He lost his concentratiion once, his team paid the price. Happy that it happened for the Spurs, not Argentina. Hope he learns from this lesson.

  4. He is scoring againat top sides topclass goals we need someone after messi, aguero to score 25+ goals every season. He is 26 already but i hope he can be our lewnedoski

  5. When I saw Gio Simeone for the first time playing for Argentina u20 in the South American tournament, I thought he would end up better than Icardi one day. He was a pure poacher, with good goal instinct.

    His development had stalled, like Gaich’s case. Glad that he starts scoring again now. He is still 26, there is a little room to grow. I hope he is one of those late bloomers. But for me playing good in 2-3 games is too early to judge. If he keeps scoring for a couple more months, then we’re talking.

    • Gaich case is very sad he is way way better than playimg in second division of spain.
      He could comeback to argentina for better. He just need some spot light if he get a call up from scaloni he will get that

  6. Just a coincidence that Kidulthood, RomanceKing, and Kevin make the KKK of mundo (nothing to do with the real KKK though).

    I have nothing against kid. He sometimes pushes his ideas to others but I used to enjoy his alternate opinions. The other two members are just obsessive to handle. We all have our own faults and limitations. If they continue to contribute respectfully to this forum, why not?

    I guess the reason kid comes back to this forum again and again is that deep inside he is still an Argentina fan. Even if he doesn’t content as often, I strongly believe that he regularly visits this blog. Let’s shake hands than shunning each other.

  7. On a sidenote, isnt it time Scaloni incorporated Licha in the play? Otamendi will turn 34 next year and might just lose form right during the WC. Nothing wrong with making Licha a regular sub or a rotation player….

  8. Please don’t argue a lot guys, I found Roman King and Kid are entertaining. Don’t act as you’re big brothers, and ask people out of this forum. Their opinions are different from yours but I don’t think they’re that bad people.

    Previously this forum had a guy named Gonzalo who seemed very knowledgeable but always made a post of one A-4 page, calling for Di Maria out of the national team. And he seemed to be very welcome here.

    • My friend, thanks for your opinion but Romance KING always went on about Icardi and his wife, and Kid just showed again what he is about. Most people want to just comment here in peace. Those two do not. If people just exchange opinions respectfully, nobody is going to have a problem with that. In real life I have no idea how there are, most people are complex creatures with a lot of nuance and shades in their daily life, but their obnoxious behavior here on this blog is not welcome and myself and a bunch of others will not stop pointing that out.

    • I hear what you are trying to say but I also wouldn’t say that “Romance King” had “opinions”, in fact I doubt his head had much of anything going on in it. Kidulthood and Kevin are much better because at least they will talk about football and have arguments to their ideas.

    • Where is Gonzalo btw. I remember right after 2018 catastrophe he started tell us about all the young talents with good potential. I decided to take a break from mundo soon after 2018 disaster. Did mundo toxicity forced him to quit this blog also?

      • Messi was injured for 2 months back in Dec-Jan 2013-2014, didnt reach peak form again until after WC 2014. For Messi it could be just the current injury in which he keeps forcing himself to play before he actually recovered , plus playing too many games throughout this year. The WC qualifier and and Copa America alone has added 10+ games for him, and he decided to play all of them without getting subbed.

        As for Aguero, to me he’s done when it comes to international football. I’m glad he at least played few games and got the Copa title.

        The problem with Messi is that he’s so competitive that he’d always wants to play full minutes even when still carrying an injury.

    • “Barcelona confirm that Sergio Aguero has been admitted to hospital for a cardiac exam after he experienced chest discomfort during their game against Alaves.”

      dammit. so far this sounds precautionary, nothing serious.

      • Still not a good sign to have that kind of symptom but hopefully everything’s ok. At least he’s taken to hospital before anything happen. I remember Antonio Puerta who managed to recovered at dressing room only to fainted again.

      • Yeah I was very concerned when I saw him grabbing his chest without seeing him get any contact from another player. I hope it isn’t serious because heart problems can pretty much end careers, look at how Eriksen hasn’t played since the incident and there is doubts on if he will ever play again (I know this is not near the seriousness of what happened to Eriksen but it is something to consider). It also makes me feel really bad for him since you can tell he’s put a lot of effort into getting back into good shape during his prolonged injury, and it looks like he’s longing to come back for good. Hope they identify the problem and take preventative measures for anything else that could happen. I still contend that he isn’t “finished” — when he’s on the pitch he will score goals and if he gets a run of games he will score many more. He just keeps on having so many setbacks at the wrong times.

        • Chest problem can also caused by too much weight lifting such as overweight bench press.. at least thats from my own experience. Let just hope it wont led into any serious condition.

  9. Dybala had a good game too. Was unlucky not to score. Juventus are a shambles right now but Dybala is playing well after his return. He looked very hungry vs Hellas Verona.

  10. Better than alario… 2nd in serie A with 8 goals in 10 games … his quality goals the last few games has opened my eyes …
    But not called up just yet… must maintain this form to be considered Lautaro’s back up and move ahead of Joaquin Correa and a healthy Kun Aguero.

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