Sergio Aguero diagnosed with heart arrhythmia, substituted for FC Barcelona


Sergio Aguero has been diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia.

Aguero was substituted off for FC Barcelona in their 1-1 draw vs. Leganes with chest discomfort. He held his chest as he was off the pitch and was taken to a hospital.

While he reportedly suffered chest pain and dizziness, tests were done on him at the hospital where it was determined he has a heart arrhythmia. According to Vero Brunati, he was taken to the Hospital de Barcelona.

He is expected to miss Barcelona’s Champions League match against Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday.


  1. The term ‘arrythmia’ is a very general one, arrythmias come in all forms, some are controllable with medications while others may require more invasive measures and in Kun’s case we have no idea what type of an arrythmia he suffered from, so for now we have to just wait and see.

    • Depends on what type of arythmia it is. Sometimes, you can have arythmia because of substance abuse such as cocaine, in that case, no worries if the drug is discontinued. But if the disease is actually caused by heart conditions, then will likely end his career. There are a few examples of footballers playing with heart rhythm controlling devices but I wouldn’t count on it.
      Sorry for kun. Wish for his quick recovery

    • I know that Bayern Munich player Coman had a heart surgery a couple of months ago for an irregular heart beat and is now playing again. So it depends. Let’s not get worried before anything is known for sure. It is said that Kun is concerned but remaining calm

      • Well, I remember Evander Holyfield once had heart disease (non-compliant left ventricle) and was told by his doctor to retire, but he went to beat Tyson few years later. So I agree, we should wait and see before panicking.

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