Joaquin Correa scores twice for Inter in 2-0 win vs. Udinese


Joaquin Correa scored twice for Inter in their 2-0 win vs. Udinese.

Correa started the match in place of Lautaro Martinez as he scored both goals. The 27 year old received the ball in midfield as he dribbled into the penalty area and a right footed effort gave Inter the 1-0 lead.

The Argentine scored his second goal and made it 2-0 as he received the ball on the edge of the penalty area, dribbled into the penalty area and scored. He has now scored four goals in seven league matches.


  1. Nuno has officially been sacked! Yeah!

    The next coach is rumored to be Antonio Conte. Surely a better one but another defensive minded one. All I know he likes to play 3 in the back. Hope Lo Celso will get the coach trust this time.

    • Conte is one of the best managers in the world. I say he is among the top tier manager along with the likes of Guardiola, Zidane, Klopp, Simeone, or Tuchel. In Juventus he won 3 scudetto and one Champions league. In Chelsea he also won the league. His last stop in Inter, he won another scudetto.

      Hotspur will get a top manager this time who once played for and coached Atalanta too. Cuti should be growing a lot under him. Now the last news I hear is Conte asks for more recruitments this January.

        • oh yeah as a player, my bad.

          Come on Emi Martinez. Come join Cuti. If we win the World Cup, Emi Martinez/Cuti value will be doubled. If they want to get him, better before the WC starts.

      • Honestly I would like to believe that some good/great manager would come in and turn ‘no growth spurs’ around but honestly when you happen to be the club equivalent of the English NT then sadly there is no hope in sight.
        As for Conte, well that wouldn’t be very wise because he and Levi would end up murdering each other before the end of the season and teams need stability.
        I would like to suggest Gallardo, who I am sure would have a Pochettino-like impact on the club but I really don’t want any more Argentines getting sucked into that black hole of a club. It’s gonna be interesting to see who Levi gets to replace that fool Nuno, and it ain’t gonna be easy cos Spurs had a hell of a hard time trying to get a manager to come in the summer and had to settle for their, what, 4th or 5th choice Nuno?

      • If Conte does come then it’s good for our players. But he would want to spend a lot which the Spurs chairman Daniel Levy does not usually do.

        If Levy agrees to spend, then yeah!

    • Actually currently Hotspur don’t have the right players for Conte’s tactic of 3-5-2. In 3-5-2, you need at least 2 world class center backs. Cuti is one. Others like Dier, Sanchez, Tanganga, Rodon are average. They need to buy a new one here.

      Then they need attacking wing backs ala Hakimi. Emerson is more of a defensive minded right back. It is strange because normally Brazil produce world class attacking minded wing backs. They have the 2 strikers upfront in Kane and Son, though.

      I read that Conte is about to accept the job after being promised that the Spurs would buy new players in January.

    • Funny that when spurs finally get a good coach they still get one with negative football! Well to be fair Conte would probably be good for them, but there are doubts about what he would do with center backs. If Gallardo is going to go to Europe I would choose Barcelona for him, not that I care much for Barcelona after how they treated Messi but he would restore their glory and become a legend, plus give them back their beautiful style of play. I am surprised how little people in Europe know about Gallardo, I have heard him mentioned as a passing thought for the Barcelona job even though he is in the top 5 managers in the world in my opinion and much better to restore their glory than Xavi. But I have no problem with that, better for him to stay at River and only leave if it is for becoming Argentina coach haha.

  2. Man both Cuti and Emi Martinez teams suck lol. Hotspur has a really bad manager. Villa spent their £100 billion money on a couple of nobodies and now they pay the price.

    • Buendia looks good whenever he has the ball at his feet but that isn’t often because he’s isolated. It seems the coach still doesn’t know how to use him.

      • It’s the Vila players are so dumb. Half of the time Emi was running in space but they rather shot instead of passing to him. They did find him once from that he created a goal. Specially cash made me scream today

        • Yeah there were multiple moments where I could not believe they weren’t passing to him, he was close to them and open and didn’t receive the ball. odd

  3. J. Correa is in top form this season he started the season brilliantly then got injured then it take him 2-4 matches to get his mojo back now he seems to be firing again

    • I like them all. A Correa may have more skill, Nico a nuisance to opposing teams and always in goal-scoring opportunities, J. Correa is fast and has proven to be quite clinical.
      Then we have the luxury of Ocampos (if he shows form – we saw what he did to Brazil) and Lamela.

      • We have Ocampos, the Correas, ADM, Messi, Nico G Dybala, Buendia Lamela Papu for LW or RW. Thats 10 players who are either constantly world class or have been for a good bit of time. No other team right now probably has this privilege.

      • Luxury it is indeed as it allways been the case with Arg players from different era to another, but it is such a joy to see those name’s u mentioned and others too forming a proper NT for Arg by Scaloni and his crew !

        Specially after Tata did not get payed and also did not bring that many new one’s around as he sticked to pretty much to what Sabella left to him, though he did bring properly Lamela, Pastore, Banega, Lanzini etc…but luck was not on Arg’s side either as things went bad, because there was no money in AFA’s coffin and then he left and Arg had to go through BAUZA and then Sampaoli was brought in too Late also and things did not work with him either as everyone was expecting Lo Celso to play in WC 2018, but instead the team went on to mutiny mode or nevermind whatever happened did happen and things were looking so bad for Arg until Scaloni came and brought in lot’s new players who should have been there allready at least around the NT for back up or at least some friendliess etc…

        And as things had been so bad that most us who had been waiting for 28 year’s had sort of adapted to Arg’s never ending missery as it allmost seamed liked the whole team had sort of accept it too, maybe…?

        And lot’s critics towards Scaloni was raised as usual when someone new appointed by AFA in charge, but good bless his workrate and his crew and for all those players they have brought in to Arg’s NT as even the greatest of all time is as happy as ever and with DIEGO smiling down from heaven and shining on to our beloved Albiceleste things are finally starting to work and honestly offcourse i have only one team to support as it been since 1978 til’ now and i do want them to win the WC, but if they do not i will not be that sad as i was before the famous Copa victory from Maracana !

        Until Arg keep on playing Arg style football which for me is defending well and also to be able to attack more than well to put ball’s in to opponent’s net, well i do not care if they are own goals or great goals scored by Arg as offcourse i do wish so, but for me personally the overall performance on the field is what count’s most as unfortunatly we do also know that teams superior to others do not necessaryly win as football is not allways fare like other things too in the world and people will not allways get their justice as they should offcourse, but we are living in crooked world with so much of unjustice around that only thing which brings me joy besides my family and friends is ARG !

        Like it is keeping me alive so in other words some might be addicted to drugs or something else as for me it has been allways ARG and that is how it will also end up !

        Looking for to some players like Alvarez who will hopefully bring me and my kids and the reat of the world more joy and bliss in the future !

        This is the only way if ARG want’s to be competing on highest level as also with other things the world should regonize the fact that the kids of future generations are the one’s that the world should give their whole support as it will pay back as granted !

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