Lionel Messi on winning Copa America with Argentina, World Cup, FC Barcelona, PSG


Lionel Messi spoke about winning the Copa America with Argentina, FC Barcelona, the Ballon d’Or and the Champions League.

Messi leaving FC Barcelona was the biggest news in the last transfer window. Spending his entire European club career with them was what he and every Barcelona fan were dreaming about. However, before leaving the club, Messi would win the Copa America with Argentina. Speaking in an an interview with SPORT, here is what he had to say:

“It was good to get that thorn out after several painful finals, after a lot of questioning towards me and the previous group that was with Argentina. With the new people in our group at Argentina, it was clear that we would keep trying until the last tournament. We all wanted to win something.”

“I fell a lot of times but I always decided to get up and try again. It happened many times with Barcelona and more with Argentina. It was a message to my children and the young boys who follow me, who are fighting for their dreams.

“It was important to win a title with the national team, to live it with the people of Argentina was very important, because it was the first time there was an audience after the Cup.”

In regards to the World Cup and if he is excited:

“I’m so excited to do great things. We came from winning the Copa America after suffering for a long time, staying very close to each other for a long time without being able to win anything.

“Argentina is not one of the big candidates because there are better teams. We are on the right track, the dynamics are good and the environment as well, winning also helps a lot and that will make us grow more.”

On retirement after the World Cup:

“No, I don’t think so. After what happened to me, I live day by day, year by year. I do not know what will happen during or after the World Cup, I don’t think about it. Everything will happen in due time.”

Regarding a return to FC Barcelona:

“Yes, I’ve always said that. If the possibility is there, I would like to go back to support in any way I can because it’s the club I love. I would like to see the club be good, to continue to grow and remain one of the best in the world.

“I’d love to be a technical secretary at some point. I don’t know if it’s going to be at Barcelona or not.

“Returning to Barça after my contract at PSG? What is almost confirmed, is that we will live in Barcelona again and that our life will be there. It’s what my wife wants and what I want.”

He also spoke about possibly playing for free:

“No one from the club asked me to play for free. I had cut my salary in half and was in a position to help the club more. Laporta’s words did hurt me. It raised doubts which I didn’t deserve.”

About possibly winning the Ballon d’Or:

“The truth is, I don’t think about it. The biggest prize was what I achieved with the national team. We struggled and fought so hard for that, it was the ultimate goal. If the Ballon d’Or comes, it would be crazy but if not, no problem. If it doesn’t happen, I have already achieved one of my great goals. I am very happy with what happened and now everything that needs to happen is happening.”

Joining PSG:

“I decided to come to PSG because of winning possibilities, because they have a great team. I want to continue to grow as a player, to win the Champions League after so many years of trying. That is why I decided to come here.

“Paris is betting on its desire to win the Champions League for a long time. In recent seasons, they’ve been very close. We are one of the candidates, although we are not the only ones. Like I said in my farewell with Barça, until the last moment I play I will try to win the Champions League.

We’re one of the candidates to win the Champions League, but we’re not the only ones. Everyone talks about Paris because of the players, but there are other clubs such as City, Bayern, Liverpool, Atletico and Chelsea, they also have the ability to win it. The Champions League depends on many circumstances, the best may not win.

“On a sporting level, I feel like I haven’t started, because I go to play for the national team every month and that’s what makes it difficult. I’m still getting used to things but little by little I am entering the atmosphere of the club.”

And on if he is still happy playing football:

“Yes of course! If not, I wouldn’t be competing at this point, looking for new goals and new challenges. I enjoy what I love the most and the more trophies I win the more fun it is. I always enjoy every moment.”

The differences between Ligue 1 and La Liga:

“The French League is a more physical league, there are strong and fast players. In Spain, all the clubs try to play a lot and can steal the ball from if you don’t press well. The biggest difference is on the physical level, it changes a lot.”


  1. […] Lionel Messi spoke about winning the Copa America with Argentina, FC Barcelona, the Ballon d’Or and the Champions League. Messi leaving FC Barcelona was the biggest news in the last transfer window. Spending his entire European club career with them was what he and every Barcelona fan were dreaming about. However, before leaving the club, Messi would win the Copa America with Argentina. Speaking in an an interview with SPORT, here is what he had to say: “It was good to get that […] Lionel Messi on winning Copa America with Argentina, World Cup, FC Barcelona, PSG … […]

  2. News updates:

    Scaloni will prepare the list for the upcoming fixtures soon.

    Those who are a bit injured: Messi, Di Maria, Paredes, Nico Gonzales (covid), Montiel, Papu Gomez. I expect all of them to still be called though.

    Sergio Aguero will be out for the next 3 months at least. I think he is done. Too bad.

  3. Alvarez is now linked with Fiorentina. I would prefer this transfer over AC Milan, Inter Milan, Aston Villa, Bayer Leverkusen and even Ajax. Vlahovic, who has an incredible goalscoring record, could pretty realistically end up leaving soon (between this winter transfer window or next summer), so we could see Alvarez getting many minutes or even starting games from the beginning. I think there is less competition than in the other teams if Vlahovic leaves for a place and he could play consistently with Gonzalez which is a huge boost.
    Also look at this play from Alvarez yesterday:

  4. I think Argentina needs to only fear a few teams in this cup:
    many think that they are on a downward spiral. But mark my words, once the wc begins, this team will show that they are always favorites. Their physical-ness, their discipline, and most dangerous for Argentina is their ability to get under the skin if the opposing team.
    Their team is stacked. Every position is good. Yes we can complain that most of their team is north african, but they play for France. Many people in this blog hate Brazil, I also dislike them but not as much as I hate France.
    Very fast, very young, and have a team that doesn’t have much to lose as not too many are favoring them
    And of course the Armani team. They can be beat, as they showed last month, but I think they are the best in the world at the moment.
    If I was a gambling man I would say that this cup may be set for Brazil, as they have a great defense. And as the last three cups show, defenses win trophies. They are always favored and I think they have enough this time around.

    • I agree I think Germany can be dangerous especially under Hansi Flick (although let’s not forget about stuff like losing to North Macedonia or Spain by 6 goals). In my opinion France are beatable because they are not coached well. I think I would like to beat Germany in the final to get revenge once and for all.

    • Very good post. A good way to think is, if we are getting in a match we have to think and do an honest assessment of ourselves. Ask yourselve

      1. This is a game we should win (>50% chance) – put the names of the countries.
      2. Don’t know, not sure (50-50) – put names of countries.
      3. We might lose this game (<50% chance) – put names of countries.

      For me, some examples (one can always debate) based on our current form
      1. Mexico, Swiss, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, African & asian countries etc.
      2. England, Holland, Belgium, Portugal
      3. Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy

      • I agree with 1, 2 and 3.
        The only team I may take out if 1 and place into the 2nd category is Denmark… They seem to be invincible at the moment, and they have a rich futbol history

    • The truth is, major tournament will always be unpredictable. Nobody thinks Switzerland could pushed Argentina to extra time in 2014, they also drew Brazil in WC 2018 and eliminated France in recent Euro. Nobody expect S Korea and Mexico would beat Germany in WC 2018…. and Germany had a perfect 10 out of 10 record in their qualifying campaign.

      Spain and Portugal only registered 1 win in recent WC and Uruguay performed better than those teams even though Uruguay has always been overlooked by media. Who would have thought a very average team like Russia could eliminated Spain?

      Like Sabella once said, every match is like a final and that how it should be treated.

      Our team simply needs to click and peak at the right time which is in middle of tournament while having a players who’s not injury prone is also crucial. This is why Kun should be eliminated completely from the equation (nothing against him as a player). Lets hope the rules will allows at least 28 players this time rather than 23.

      ADM on other hand will remain a useful weapon against attacking sides that leaves plenty of space at the back, or against tired legs in second half. The way Scaloni puts in ADM during Copa was brilliant, sometimes as a late sub , sometimes he started. He clearly studied opponent strategy carefully and making changes accordingly.

    • Speaking of Brazil, they’re always heavily favored , like in WC 2006, 2010 and 2014, even 2018 and that didnt end well for them. The time they’re not favored was in 2002 and they won it. Noticed that everytime Brazil conceided first, they never answered back.

      WC 2006 Brazil vs France = 0-1
      WC 2010 Brazil vs Netherlands = 1-2 (Netherlands turned it around)
      WC 2014 Brazil vs Germany = 1-7
      WC 2014 Brazil vs Netherlands = 0-3
      Copa 2016 Brazil vs Peru = 0-1 (eliminated at group stage)
      WC 2018 Brazil vs Belgium = 1-2
      2021 Brazil vs Argentina = 0-1

      In comparison, France was able to turned it around when Argentina led 2-1. Argentina turned it around against Mexico in 2006. Italy turned it around against England in recent Euro. When you gives Brazil the lead, they’d play with confidence but if you hit them first, they’re usually in tatters.

  5. Fucking transfer window is injustice to our young talents, rodrygo scored 17 goals in 80 games for santos a €45 million transfer to Real Madrid😐
    Alverez scorez more goals from fewer matches no one picking 😌

    • Per sofascore Rodrygo had 25 goal involvements for Santos, with Alvarez having double. And the fee being talked about for Alvarez is 20-25 million. If we want to use the Rodrygo scale Alvarez should be giving us 60 million minimum, but of course that won’t happen, hes not Brazilian. If River negotiated well we might be able to squeeze 30 million out of someone but I don’t think anyone will be willing to pay more

      • But as per wiki its how its is, watever i want Alverz to move europe and dominate there and he needs to reprsent the youth of our new gen. And he want to proove the world that the young argentina talents are as good as brazil.
        In future then there wont be a case for a Argentine 21 year old with 50+ goal cant have buyer for 25m and brazil 18 year old with with 20 goaps have buyer for 40milion time for our youth to stand up

        • You are right in every front. Your frustration is right and so is the assessment.

          We have to be objective and not fanboys. We love our players, off course, we don’t need explanation for that. In last 10 years the biggest star we have produced is Lautaro. There is not much evidence for top clubs to pay top dollars. Then one guy comes and breaks the barrier and then everyone thinks they need to get the next big thing and starts paying top money.

          We need to produce players who are automatic choices in Real Madrid, Man City, Chelsea, Bayern, Liverpool, Man U, Barca, Juve etc. making differences in BIG games, deciding BIG games. Not playing in Mallorca, Alaves, Elche or Aston Villa or Verona. They cannot pay top money. Sorry. Facts.

          Coming to NT, its different. We are developing a very good collective team. I have hopes there. Not talking star players, but a team.

          • > In last 10 years the biggest star we have produced is Lautaro.

            What are you talking about, man? we have the likes of legend Rogelio Funes Mori to represent us….oh wait.

    • There are several reasons for that:

      1. Real Madrid’s director of football/transfers is Brazilian, which often means the team will be “teaming” with Brazilians. An example of that is when Abidal was at Barcelona hence why there were so many french players there (didn’t work out so well), or Jeninho at Lyon, hence 4 or 5 Brazilians are in the team right now.

      2. Economy. Argentina is bankrupt while Brazil’s economy is strong (at least 3X stronger than that of Argentina’s) hence why a player that costs 45 mil at Brazil would cost 15 (if even that) mill in Argentina.

      3. Brazilian clubs are doing much better at copa lib, which is where most big european clubs monitor S.A.

      4. Because of Argentina’s poor economy most clubs have a weird, complicated system where a player can have partial ownerships by more than one club and the player’s agent, hence if a european team wants to buy an Argentine they have to negotiate with several parties, which is a huge headache.

  6. I don’t think many teams are better than Argentina. Like the euro of this summer, the world cup 2022 has no obvious big candidate.

    Big teams like France, Belgium, England and Portugal have talented players but they still cannot play well together with poor coaching plus their leaders getting old.

    I don’t think Italy can create another surprise again, the strikers quite limited and CB got old. Spain can go far if and only if Luis Enrique stays but poor finishing and too predictable.

    With or without Neymar, Brazil still have solid defense and some talented new players but never tested in the top competition.

    Maybe Germany is the biggest threat with their new playing style but no player able to change a match. The Netherland team play similar football style but in some positions the players don’t have the level and the players on the bench are very limited.

    Argentina has world class players in some positions but in other positions the players do not play consistently well.

  7. GOAT. Winning WC would be awesome. On PSG, POCH is wrong manager. They need winning mentality Manager, not PR guy who is darling to Media. COUGH COUGH He didnt win anything with Spurs.

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