Paulo Dybala named Player of the Month for Juventus


Paulo Dybala has been named the Player of the Month for Juventus.

Dybala wins the award following a good month of October where he missed the first two matches due to injury. Dybala had one goal and one assist in three league matches.

He has been selected by Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni for the November World Cup qualifiers.


  1. @ el_principe

    [As for Aston Villa. Man sorry. But Emi Martinez needs to leave the team……..Hope Emi goes to the Spurs really. It is perfect timing because at the end of this season, Lloris contract will be expired and at 35, it is unlikely for the Spurs to renew his captain contract.]

    I have no doubt that you’re an Argentina fan because you’ve been coming to these forums for years but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why you’re so gung ho about Argentine players going to a ***t fest club like no growth spurs. Honestly, you’ve seen how badly Argentine players have done in that club (Celso, Lamela, Foyth) and you’ve also seen how much better they do when they leave (Lamela and Foyth) or when they play for the NT (Celso), so why for the love of all that is white and blue would you want an Argentine player to go that cul de sac of a club?
    You think Emi should leave Aston Villa and I totally agree, but you honestly think him going to no growth Spurs is much better? Sure Conte will sort this club out and make them better…..for a wee while and say he buys Emi and all is good with the world….for a wee while but then you honestly think Conte is gonna stay? Conte and Levi at the same club? I won’t be terribly surprised if he doesn’t see out this season and then we’re back to square one.

    Quote: [Buendia? Still not good at all. If you don’t like me saying this, go watch Aston Villa yourself. You will have to be completely biased fans to say that he plays good for Aston Villa.]

    100% disagree, Buendia is pure class, definite world class potential and yes I’ve been watching Aston Villa (as painful as it was) and for the last 3 games Emi has done nothing but improve, infact his performance in their last game (especially the 2nd half when he was moved to the right wing) was absolutely fantastic. Their coach is garbage (luckily he’s gone and good riddance) and I think a half competent coach can get this team going because they have good players like Emi, Douglas Luiz and ofcourse a world class GK like Dibu.

    • Aston Villa is too bad for one of the best goalies in the world. Why Spurs? Because it is a perfect timing and it is realistic. The Spurs really want him to replace Lloris and he is their number 1 target. Secondly, if he plays with Cuti week in and week out, it would do better for our national team.

      Everyone agrees that Emi has to move to a bigger club but where? De Gea’s MU career should be over soon. That is a possibility. City and Liverpool are in love with their Brazilian goalies. No chance. Chelsea’s goalie also made the list of FIFA best goalies. No chance. Madrid Courtouis, Oblak, and Ter Stegen quite impossible to replace. PSG have 2 world class goalies. Bayern has a legendary goalie.

      So maybe only Spurs, MU, and some Italian giants like Juventus, or Milan or Napoli are good for Emi.

      As for Buendia well I disagree. He is improving lately? yes I agree. Did he improve so much that Scaloni makes a mistake of not calling him up. NO, Scaloni is doing the right thing. Buendia is not among the group of “good players that Scaloni should have called up” such as Benitez, Rulli, Senesi, or Simeone. He is NOT there yet. Is he a world class potential. Again I disagree. As much as he improves, I don’t see him a world class player as his ceiling. I mean I am not sure if he is good enough to be a key midfielder of a big team like De Paul for example.

      Don’t worry once he gets to that point, I will not be hesitant to announce it. But at this point the Scottish nobody, Mcginn looks better than him.

      • Quote:
        [Aston Villa is too bad for one of the best goalies in the world. Why Spurs? Because it is a perfect timing and it is realistic. The Spurs really want him to replace Lloris and he is their number 1 target. Secondly, if he plays with Cuti week in and week out, it would do better for our national team.]

        Spurs is NOT a big club but is -possibly- the most overrated club in history, and apart from poch’s few years of tenure the club was, is and will always be a total mess, not to mention that history has shown it’s a burial ground for Argentines and I am willing to bet my very life that Conte won’t last long there.
        It doesn’t matter if Dibu and Cuti play together if they happen to play together in a mess of a club where their confidence will be shot to s***. As I said before, Conte won’t last and the second he leaves the club will go back to it’s ever painful mediocrity leaving Argentina’s best GK and defender in oblivion.

        Dibu is a world class GK, that’s well established but just because Liverpool and Mancity don’t need him doesn’t mean he has to be satisfied with leftovers. You already mentioned Napoli and Milan, both are excellent clubs that seem to be growing, you can also add Inter to that list, especially with Handovic getting on with age and don’t forget that Musso was lined up to replace him sooner or later, so why not Dibu?

        Regarding Buendia, I never said that he should be called up because frankly his best position (RW/RFW) is already occupied by Messi, Maria, A.Correa and possibly J.Alvarez, in other words he’s not needed, not at the moment atleast. Emi is improving in his new found enganche role but Argentina doesn’t use one at the moment and from what I’ve seen I’m not so sure he would do well in the midfield as a b-2-b back up to De Paul or Celso (I think Papu and Nico Dominguez are better options in those roles).
        Speaking of De Paul, remember that De Paul was an abject failure at Valencia and nobody and I mean NOBODY thought he’d reach the heights that he has. Also, De Paul at 21yrs (the age where Emi made everyone take notice in his 1st year at the premier league) was nowhere near as explosive as Emi so let’s not give up on Buendia just yet, I think his ceiling is quite high but you don’t agree and we’ll just have to agree to disagree and just watch this space.

  2. Very excited for the “Derbi Sevillano”. Pezzella, Rodriguez, Lamela, Acuna, Montiel, Ocampos are all starting. Papu on the bench. Definitely a Mundo Albiceleste top choice

  3. This season I watch all Hotspur and Aston Villa games. Yes ALL.

    Hotspur just finished 0-0 against Everton. Finally Cuti got a clean sheet. Conte seems to like Cuti a lot. After shitty refereeing in which Cuti got sent off on Thursday, Cuti played good today. He had some heated moments with Brazilian Richarlison, whom he totally shut down. Lo Celso came as a sub and almost scored. His long distance shot ala Messi hit the post.

    So far Conte used the exact same line up as the Thursday one which means Lo Celso still coming as a sub. Hojbjerg and Skipp continues to start in his 3-4-3 along with 2 wing backs in Reguilon and Emerson. If Conte keeps playing 3-4-3 it will be tough for him to start as Hojbjerg and Skipp are close to untouchable. If 3-5-2 then yes Lo Celso has a good chance to start.

    As for Aston Villa. Man sorry. But Emi Martinez needs to leave the team. The team is 10 times shittier than the Spurs. Poor summer windows when they had ÂŁ100 million and bought a couple of nobodies costed them a lot. Hope Emi goes to the Spurs really. It is perfect timing because at the end of this season, Lloris contract will be expired and at 35, it is unlikely for the Spurs to renew his captain contract.

    Buendia? Still not good at all. If you don’t like me saying this, go watch Aston Villa yourself. You will have to be completely biased fans to say that he plays good for Aston Villa.

      • Sorry dude, u are one of the most biased fans on this forum I can ever think of along with that Outlaw dude.

        I am neutral on everyone. I give reports as they actually are. I never say Emi and Cuti always play good for Villa and Spurs. If they play good or bad I will say it here as I watch all their games.

      • Just like your buddy, who is all time worst Argentina league scouts I can ever think of, u are obsessed with a bunch of mediocre players and try to tell us that they are better than they actually are.

        And when I counter you saying that they are mediocre, u get mad. If they are that good, where are the offers from the European teams?

        I am not against them at all, but I don’t like when someone is mediocre, we people here overestimate them. That’s mostly English fans doing that. For them the young Owen, Theo Walcott, Rooney, Rashford, or a bunch of others were/are world beaters.

        • You re lack of knowledge about the game mate cuse you expect every Argentine player to be like messi which impossible, angry for what mate? It’s just change opinions about football players maybe you the one angry at me cuse my argument is legit unlike you who obsessed for certain players
          mediocre players, if lich martinez, lmq , nico gonzalez and emi Buendia are mediocre then definitely something wrong with you
          Scouting I don’t Scouts any player and I don’t even watch Argentina league so you got that one wrong buddy. I just love Argentina nt. BTW I’m balance when it’s comes football opinion I don’t have obsession towards any player, I’m not who think.

          • Nico Gonzales is fine, pretty good. He deserves the call up and sometimes to start for Argentina. Licha Martinez is good, definitely better than Pezzella or LM Quarta. But LM Quarta and Buendia are average. Their performance for their clubs do not help the case that they deserve to start for Argentina. LM Quarta only 4th among central defender rotations or even fifth among Scaloni’s pecking orders. Buendia does not even make the squad. It is very fair that they are where they are. Their performances week in and week out and their true ability suggest that.

            But I agree Licha should be at least the main back up or Cuti and Otamendi above Pezzella. He is very good.

            If you are telling me all those 4 deserve to start for Scaloni. I disagree, the first 2 yes they are pretty good, the last 2 no at all. If you are telling me I know nothing about Argentina futbol? I disagree.

            Just because I follow the Spurs and Villa closely do not mean I know only Emi, Buendia, Cuti and Lo Celso. I follow only Spurs and Aston Villa because Emi and Cuti are the revelations for Argentina and were the key attributes, along with Messi when they won the cup. Other teams I do not follow closely, mostly just watch the highlight or recorded full matches. I don’t even follow PSG or Sevilla closely.

            And sorry your argument is never legit and you are never balanced. I know who are balanced and legit around here and u are not one of them. That is for sure. If you want to be legit and balanced, watch Aston Villa games a couple and come back here and tell me.

          • Look I don’t hate any players like how much u and outlaw always hate Di Maria. I had really high expectation on Buendia. I thought he would be a revelation and that Aston Villa got a steal when they got him. But he has not been good at all. You can watch the games, read what the news said, go to Villa forum, and check out Aston Villa current position (16th), and look at his numbers. All are against him being “a good signing”. Why would Scaloni Axed him if he was that good anyway?

            I know he is still adapting. I would be happy if he can be better because unlike you I do not hate any player. I am just saying the reality. In fact England second division quality is super low. I would say lower than MLS or Argentina league for sure. If Enzo Perez can still look super good in the local league, he would look even better in England second division. It is that low.

          • Well let’s talk about emi Buendia first
            Just remind you that Aston Villa bought him nearly 40 million pounds, does that seems to you average,
            Look every player need time to settle thier new club and there is no difference to emi Buendia
            He played 9 league games 1 goal and I assist It’s too early for you to call him average and probably you’re Making yourself look naive. Let’s give him half season at least than we can make judgement based his performance.
            LMQ is just good defender in my book probably better than German pezzella, viola bought him 15 million euro that is al lot of money from club like fiorentina to pay unproven player from Argentina.
            The reason been legends Samuel and Passarella recommended to viola to get him , Beginning of this season he wasn’t first choice for Italiano fiorentina coach igor and Nastasić were competing with him but he beats both of them
            That is what call challenge and he deserves credit for that. Yes I agree lich martinez better than him.
            Yes I’m balance and legit if I been honest with you,
            You can have your opinion and respect that,Just like you I don’t watch every game but I have deep knowledge when it comes to the beautiful game.

        • I don’t know this outlow guy you keep talking about Probably you try to remind me that you have been here very long time which fine , I became active in this forum right after 2018 world Cup before that I used visit more often and i see some familiar names who still active which I used read thier comments.Look mate I got nothing against you, I was trying to have my opinion and it’s cool we don’t agree each other plus I don’t think I’m superior or inferior to anyone in here having said that I’m very confident.I don’t hate any particular player like you keep mention di maria, who got nothing to do with our discussion but again is ok if you insist Just live with it.

    • thank you Sir

      finally someone with the same opinion on Buendia.. He was pretty decent in that shitty second tier English league but I never got the hype about that guy…
      And by the way it’s the best covered spot in the World Argentinas right side…

      About Cuti and Lo Celso. Hell yeah Cuti plays awesome anf I do admit I’m, since the beginning, a real fanboy of Lo Celso. I think he is one of the best midfielder right now…

    • I slightly disagree. Yes both Spurs and Aston Villa are playing horribly (I haven’t seen all games but from what I’ve seen it is pretty bad). Look at how many goals Villa have conceded with Emi as keeper. Imagine if they had someone else. But I still believe that Aston Villa can be a pretty decent team with a better coach, in fact today they sacked Smith. Again I have not watched every game but from what I’ve seen the issue is not Buendia’s form itself but a tactical issue, they don’t know how to use him and he is adjusting from being Messi at Norwich to being a squad player. He looked good every time I’ve seen him get the ball at his feet. I wouldn’t really say we need him badly in the Argentina team, we have so many great players in his position. But I still think he is class and can be a great back up for us. If things don’t get better maybe he should go to Italy or something

      • Today when Lo Celso came, the Spurs changed from 3-4-3 to 3-5-2 as he was replacing Moura and mostly be the number 10 instead of right wing (Moura’s position). Lo Celso did well.

    • Emi Martinez will never leave Villa infact he asked for contract extension. Aston villa with a better coach will be a decent team and I really hope he never leaves for Spurs.
      Unless Conte makes a complete overhaul , it’s too early to expect everything will be fine.
      I saw reports that including lo celso and some other mids, Conte is expected to sell them for next season. This is good for celso and may be he will go back to Betis or Barcelona in laliga and finally play at his full potential.

  4. C’MON international play, I’m pumped and can’t wait, Brazil, I hope we kick their faces in and for the crowd to make them feel as if they’re on a desolate island with danger everywhere they look!!!

  5. Aston villa have Sacked Dean smith who is bang average in my opinion, he couldn’t get best out of his team what was a decent team with some good players like emi Buendia

  6. Well done Dyabal! Yes I agree with Dfox1942, he has to take the mantle now. He need to start leading the team. There is no one else to be the main protagonist after Messi.

  7. Dele ali will be starting ahead of lo celso regularly unless he does something overwhelming to impress conte. The thing for lo celso is to leave Totthenam in january transfer window.

    • How did you come to that conclusion? Is it something Conte said?

      So far Conte used 3-4-3 and in that system Dele Ali does not fit. If he switches to his preferred 3-5-2 then Kane and Son will likely start upfront, still no place for Dele Ali.

      I think Lo Celso has a much higher chance of starting under Conte than Dele. Also, rather than Dele, Lo Celso is probably competing with Skipp and Ndombele for a midfield role.

        • I see. Dele is a second striker, attacking midfielder type of player though, so still not sure if he is a direct competition to Lo Celso. Is he actually more talented than Lo Celso? Not a chance in my opinion.

          Anyway, the next 2 months Lo Celso would likely be given some minutes to prove himself and if not perhaps he would move on in January. Mourinho was also skeptical of him initially but then started heaping praises on Lo Celso once he saw him in play.

  8. Its time for the kid to step-up, he’s 27 already and just be himself because nobody will ever fill Messi’s shoes.
    BTW, any news on Luka Romero?

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