Alejandro Papu Gomez called up to Argentina national team squad


Alejandro Papu Gomez has been called up to the Argentina national team.

Papu Gomez was not initially selected for the November World Cup qualifying matches due to injury. Gomez had missed a few matches for Sevilla and Lionel Scaloni did not include him in the team for the matches against Uruguay and Brazil this week.

However, the official Argentina account has tweeted that he has been called up to the team. Here are the players selected for the two matches:

Franco Armani (River Plate)
Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Juan Musso (Atalanta)
Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
German Pezzella (Real Betis)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)
Marcos Acuna (Sevilla)
Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis)
Leandro Paredes (PSG)
Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)
Enzo Fernandez (River Plate)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur)
Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)
Alejandro Papu Gomez (Sevilla)
Angel Di Maria (PSG)
Lionel Messi (PSG)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
Julian Alvarez (River Plate)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina)
Joaquin Correa (Inter)
Thiago Almada (Velez)
Santiago Simon (River Plate)
Exequiel Zeballos (Boca Juniors)
Cristian Medina (Boca Juniors)
Matias Soule (Juventus)
Gaston Avila (Rosario)
Federico Gomes Gerth (Tigre)


  1. I do not understand bringing in injured players. I hope this doesn’t become a trend as we don’t need players to feel secure regarding their selection and we don’t want to make the mistake in the World Cup as we did in 2014. Too many injured players were called.

    Bring Ocampos, Lamela, Buendia, Senesi. Heck, let’s see it Pastore can Riquelme in a CAM and string together some passes with these youngsters. Try something new before the WC. Experiment like the Germans do.

    • The idea is to build personal relationships in the team and also even if they dont play, they are there for all the training and team tactical talks. Its important for players to play, even if light training, to build chemistry and to cement the style of play.

      Paredes and Papu are essentially guaranteed a spot in the team, they arent displacing other players being called up. Also, Scaloni DID call up a ton of youth anyways.

  2. Off late Lautaro Martinez is not in great form. Even in the Milan derby he was off target. That might be of concern for Argentina because besides Messi the team depends on him a lot. May be Simeone could have been given a chance. He has scored against Juventus and Napoli, the two biggies in Seria-A. A Correa should be given more pitch time, at least, against Uruguay. We should have a team without Messi against Uruguay so that Messi can get a few more days to heal his injury before the Brazil match. Messi can be on the reserve against Uruguay, though.

    • I think enzo Fernandez is here to stay if u see the list he is listed in the middle with everyone not like the other new youngsters. He might play a few minutes. What a player Alvarez is he has to star in one of the two games

  3. By the way, did anybody notice, Lisandro Martinez is listed among the midfielders on AFA’s list. Scaloni sees him as a back-up to Guido in this round of games while Paredes is injured. Lisandro has not played in that position for a while but I think he might do a decent job.

  4. Gio simeone needs to be called up next qualifiers if he keeps his form , 7 goals last 4 matches with a total of 9 goals and 2 assists . He’s seria A top scorer

  5. Interesting game between Sevilla and Betis. Rodriguez was not playing badly although he did make several fouls in the first half, however I do not think the last yellow was the one he should have been sent off for. And what an amazing thing to see, two Argentinian full backs performing together and so well in a European club. Acuna was beyond solid with several decent crosses and scored a missile. Montiel also played a great game, and could have easily had two assists if the chances weren’t miraculously saved or butchered. In the end he still created the Bellerin own goal. Ocampos was very involved and made a couple of great passes and crosses in some decent attacks but unfortunately messed up 2 big chances. As usual he was a nuisance for the defenders. Lamela was the most quiet of all Argentinians but by no means played badly, he was pretty closed off though and I think part of the Betis plan was to prevent him from shooting from distance. I did not pay much attention to Pezzella but in the second half he made a great tackle to cut a Sevilla runner. Sevilla could have scored 2-3 more and I am not very impressed by “Rafa Mir”, his level is more of a back up striker. Would be nice to see them buy an Argentinian striker (Alario, Alvarez, Simeone maybe?) and Senesi if Kounde leaves.

    • Man our fullbacks were running rampant in that game. I feel bad for Montiel, those chance he created should have been goals. Seville now the most Argentine futbol city in Europe.

    • Overrated? I’m not so sure, he is highly talented. He has had some great games for Sevilla so far but Tottenham overall destroyed his career, if you compare people’s reactions to him at Sevilla, Roma, and River and apply them to a Tottenham Lamela yes he is overrated but that’s not what’s happening. But as far as I know nobody was asking for him to be in the NT when he was at Tottenham, at least since I’ve been reading comments here.

      • I agree, lamela is immensely talented, more so than many currently in the NT. Injuries really destroyed his career.. but if he continues to stay fit, he is a good age right now. He should not be discounted. He is very flexible and can play most roles in midfield.

  6. Our attackers form is not bright, Lautaro bad, Messi bad and injured, Di Maria and Correas ok, Nico injured, Dybala and Alvarez are good only, but they will play minimal. In next two matches imo we will score 1 or maximum 2 combined.

    • The good thing is most of our players now perform better for the seleccion than for their clubs including key players.

      With Papu being included now there all Copa America players but Aguero and Marchesin are all included. I mean 1 year prior to the World Cup and the level of confidence Scaloni has to the ex Copa America players are 100% pretty much.

    • Dybala and Alvarez good ONLY? Seriously? Dybala’s been fantastic in a not so fantastic Juve and Alvarez is on fire, although it’s only in the primera and the standards are lower but still impressive non the less.
      Lautaro blows hot and cold, it’s always been like that for him but when it comes to the NT he tends to bring it. J.Correa is still a model of inconsistency and I honestly don’t think his presence in the NT brings a heck of a lot and if it was up to me I’d take Ocampos who is a different kind of player I grant you but he’s a player that brings something to the table. On the other hand the other Correa continues to be Atleti’s most productive player because if he’s not scoring, he’s assisting.
      All in all, Argnetina’s attacking side is looking solid and these 2 WCQ games will be a great test for the boys especially if Lio doesn’t play.

      • Argentina has so many attackers that there’s always bound to be someone playing well. I too agree that Dybala has been not only fantastic but insane recently. If you look on sofascore in many games Juve as a team is completely average but Dybala usually plays outstandingly well no matter how his team is, a level above everyone else. If anyone has watched his games or highlights recently you may have noticed how many times he’s hit the bar, and you may have also noticed how often he shoots. It’s kind of like something that Messi did last season, Barcelona were bad and halfway through he learned the team’s weaknesses and just began shooting, shooting, shooting constantly to dig them out of a hole. Dybala seems to be doing that now and before yesterday’s game I checked stats online and Dybala had the most shots per 90 out of any player in the top five leagues (now it went down to 4.34 after yesterdays game which puts him at fifth place). My point is basically this, Dybala is in great form and is extremely involved in the game when he plays. I am sure that he can very successfully fill in for Messi’s injuries either as a starter or on the bench. Another interesting stat is that J Correa and Simeone are #1 and 2 in the top five leagues for goals per shot. Both of them have scored a goal every other shot they make (they are also very high for goals minus expected goals) which might hint to luck but if sustained over a longer period of time hints to really good finishing and form. Correa has had choppy minutes for Inter so we will see what happens with him, but Simeone has been impressive.

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