Mauricio Pochettino states Leandro Paredes might not travel with Argentina team


Mauricio Pochettino has stated that Leandro Paredes might not travel with the Argentina national team.

Pochettino spoke at a press conference where he stated that Paredes, who is injured and has been called-up to the Argentina national team, might not be joining the group. Here is what he had to say regarding Paredes:

“I don’t think Paredes will be able to travel with the Argentina national team.”

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni included Paredes while initial reports stated that Paredes would be back after the international matches.


  1. In the Dutch media was a weird statistic.

    If Messi plays with Argentina and Barcelona the team scores more goals on average than without him.

    In PSG it is the opposite. Without Messi they score more goals than with him on the pitch.

    Who would have thought that 4 months ago?

  2. Lmq had solid game vs juve , some guys in here thinks he is average but that’s no true, to me he is good defender still to reach his peak. To back my statement this violanews’ rating to lmq
    “FOURTH 7: It often comes out on the gusts of Chiesa and McKennie, closing with a rush on both sides of the field. Dybala runs away often on long throws and also forces him to very deep diagonals. Warned, he was warned and will miss the match against Milan. It didn’t take him, he was on a positive streak of continuity, but that doesn’t taint the rating on another substantial test in the center of the rear. Amazing at times on Dybala, he gives the idea of ​​being one of the few defenders to be able to keep up with him in the short term. Lead the defense in the absence of Milenkovic in the final, when it is in the evening there is none for anyone.”

    • “MARTINEZ FOURTH 7.5 It jumps between Dybala, Morata and Chiesa. Simply perfect for any occasion. Recover, anticipate, intervene. Even ball and chain is always careful and precise. Warned for a very normal foul not from yellow that will make him miss Milan”

      Actually this is fair rating one him

      • For me LM Quarta does not have the toughness to be a good center back. His technique, passing, defense is OK but is not tough/strong enough. I don’t think he will attract a lot of attention of the big clubs. Last summer for example, no one really interested in signing him. I don’t think LM Quarta ceiling is too high. Yes he can still get better but will not be world class or anything close to that.

        His partner, though, Milenkovic draws a lot of interest from European clubs. And for me Milenkovic also is average.

  3. I watched the psg-Leipzig, when the psg team was in trouble and couldn’t even touch the ball for a few minutes, there was discussion between di maria, neymar and marqinhos on pressing and players positions. Usually the coach is always supposed to involve in that kind of discussion but not at psg. If tmw Paredes say he will make the trip, this coach cannot say anything.

    I start to feel bad for Pochettino but clearly he does not do his job and that’s why the players have no respect for him.

  4. But he also confirmed in the same interview that Messi will sit out of tomorrows PSG match so that he can be fit to fly out on Sunday to play the national qualifiers … Which is good news of course

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