Giovanni Simeone scores for Verona in 1-1 draw vs. Napoli


Giovanni Simeone scored for Verona in their 1-1 draw vs. Napoli.

Simeone continues to score as he now has three goals in his last two matches, nine goals in 10 matches for Verona. He gave Verona the 1-0 lead after a pass into the penalty area found the Argentine and he beat his marker to the ball and scored.

The 26 year old now leads Serie A with nine goals.


  1. If he can keep this up he can rival Dusan Vlahovic. He is only 3 years older than Dusan but Dusan is wanted by almost all European giants by just being a “one season wonder and a half” and is valued at €70-80 million euros.

    All Simeone needs to do is be consistent until the end of season. If he reaches 20 goals (Dusan number last season), then for sure his value will be 5 times more. I am glad he improves now. When I saw him first time I thought he was an Icardi with a good work rate.

    Anyway I notice that Scaloni is quite fair when calling up players, especially those who are not part of his Copa America squad. He usually calls up those who are in good form with their clubs. Maybe Senesi, Benitez, Rulli, and him are the only exception.

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