Angel Di Maria scores, Argentina with 1-0 win vs. Uruguay in World Cup qualifiers


Angel Di Maria with a great goal for Argentina in their 1-0 win vs. Uruguay in the World Cup qualifiers.

Di Maria scored early in the match and that was the goal that Argentina needed. Emiliano Martinez kept the score at 0-0 as Uruguay had a great chance from close range but Martinez with the save. Paulo Dybala won the ball in midfield and played a pass to Di Maria as he curled a shot from the edge of the inside of the penalty area into the side of the net which gave Argentina the 1-0 lead.

The rest of the first half saw Uruguay creating many chances with Argentina misplacing many passes.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni would make one change as Joaquin Correa was brought in for Paulo Dybala. Scaloni would make two more changes as Angel Correa was brought in for Angel Di Maria and Alejandro Papu Gomez for Lautero Martinez. Joaquin Correa had a great opportunity to score as Molina played a pass into the penalty area but Correa’s weak effort was saved.

Lionel Messi would play and was substituted in for Gio Lo Celso as he would play 15 minutes. Scaloni would bring in one more play as Exequiel Palacios replaced Rodrigo De Paul.


  1. Be happy about the 3 Points guys. We do have, as every other country, good games and sometimes bad games..

    But I don’t get it. Why the heck he took out Dybala.. Dybala had a decent game.. Give this man some playing time…

    Dibu is gonna be one of the best goalkeepers in the World Cup and Cuti one of the best if not the best Defender… And as much as I like LoCelso he didn’t perferm yesterday… When I remeber the home game against Uruguay that’s the GLC we wanna see…

    As some of you guys already said. I don’t know what it is that Paredes has but he was missing…

    Another good thing we won despite Messi not playing from the beginning. And this time Uru was much better then the last Match…

    Lautaro was poor in this Game. But we have to remember that he still is very young. But I’d like to see Dybala upfront or Alvarez

    • I dont know what you watched, but Dybala disappointed again. He started full of energy, did great winning back the ball and assisting DiMaria.. but after that, he committed dumb fouls, earned himself a yellow, and then completely disappeared from the game in attack and defense. The team could not transition from defense to offense, it was *his* job to be Messi and drop deep and receive the pass from Guido who was under immense pressure all game. And from Depaula and Locelso who where busy all game fighting 50 50s in mid. Dybala never stepped up as the 10 we needed. He hid behind Dimaria, which was Scalonis fault partly, fielding 3 wide players overlapping each other on the right (dybala, dimaria, molina). He was crowded out just as he was when Messi plays. Still.. he ghosted completely. He is not NT material, he lacks impact.

      Look at Papu, he has half the talent and is older, but the second he entered he was everywhere, receiving the ball in midfield, defending, constantly available for the 1.2 pass and even took on the defense and got good shot off. Papu is a NT player, every time he subs on, the team improves. Not so with Dybala. I like the kid, glad he is kn the bench, but he is not NT starter, he is a great club player who occilates between great and mediocre too often.

      • Thanks for the respond…

        I just say if we look at the recent for of Dybala at Juve he is doing great… And remember the Copa Final if someone was ghosted then it was Messi.. So he has a lot of times for NT… I don’t say Dybala is the next Messi but with his recent form he deserves to get 90min someday…

        To boost his confident it would be great to play a week opponent and let him do 90

        Messi is a gamechanger even if he doesn’t play his best, the whole team plays great because of his presence.

        Yesterday except for maybe Romero and Dibu everyone was worse then they ate usually…

        Let’s hope the best fir Brasil match vamooos

      • Dybala needs confidence from Scaloni. Scaloni needs to commit and let him play 90 minutes without threat of substitution. That would still not be a final answer, if he should start after Messi is gone. Dybala is in a tough situation because of timing.

  2. This Argentina team is not remotely close to WC contenders apart from Otamendi and E martinez everybody was poor, Uruguay would have and should have scored, dont forget that Uruguay team is in their worst form they just got smacked 5-0 by brazil. Scaloni should realise that his Copa winning team is not good enough to win WC some changes are needed.

    • Funny how you choose to compare it to WC contention when we play badly but don’t consider it when we play well. Last game against Uruguay some people considered it to be our best game in 10 years, not a peep from you

    • Wc is long way to go. Nobody except Argentina fans considering Argentina among favorites because this Argentina side is still weak in many positions. Bt if we don’t loose against Brazil then scaloni will have the luxury to try some new players and some new formations i still don’t trust Molina defensively and Lisandro Martinez should be integrated into the side need a proper replacement for dimaria and lautaro as there can be injuries, fatigue, suspension etc. Locelso is quite replaceable specially as he is not getting regular minutes at spurs match fitness and rhythm is vital

      • Scaloni’s reluctance to change may cost argentina in future looks like he doesnt work enough on integrating subs players into the team , they dont know their role perfectly.
        If Pezzella didnt get injured Romero would be on the bench and if Armani didnt get covid he would still be our GK.
        Papu, A correa, Buendia , Icardi, Lamela should be involved more , Lautaro, lo celso , nico these guys are not trustworthy they can have an off day against high pressing teams.

        • I don’t think we are weak. In contrast I think we are one of the teams to beat. I am sure by the World Cup, most smaller teams would park the bus against us.

          1. 27 games unbeaten
          2. Winning 12 of the last 13 games against VERY STRONG South American countries
          3. Conceding 0 goal in the last 5 games
          NO team in the world is hotter than Argentina now. Period.
          4. Some of the players are without doubt top 5 in their position in the world: Emi, Cuti, Di Maria, Messi, De Paul.
          6. Almost all players perform better for Argentina than for their clubs
          7. Beating Uruguay at their home is super difficult. They deserve a credit.
          8. The bench is capable to be super sub

          We are just as strong as the fantastic four era of Sabella a year prior to the World Cup.

          • Thank you! You saved me from saying pretty much the same thing. Scaloni is forming the starting team first, introducing subs as he experiments for the best options, not afraid of what all the idiots within opinion have to say. So far his record speaks volumes. Winning ugly is very key to WC victories, once we qualify, I couldn’t care less if we lost a game, as long as there was a purpose in that game. A positive state of team, unified with no egos causing problems is key, follow our greatest leader of all time, Messi, and we will be in it to win it.

    • Yes, because Argentina has to qualify playing against teams rated from 50 to 150 like most of the Euro countries. You don’t have a clue of what you are commenting on. Open your ears and eyes and learn.

  3. Emi Martinez is a wall Argentina is blessed to have him. Argentina now going to win every penalty shoot out. Against Brazil, Argentina will be tested.

  4. An unpopular thought :
    Lautaro Martinez can not coordinate with other players. Some times he is completely lost. He doesn’t read the game well. Never seen playing 1-2 touch with other players to build up the game. Can be easily marked.

  5. This game shows the following:
    1. Parades importance in the midfield (Not a worldbeater, but the best we have in his position. Although, I would like to see Martinez in DM like he did in Ajax in his 1st season).

    2. Icardi needs to be backup (Alario is always injured) or start 3 consecutive games for 90 minutes. Turo scores every other game but what if the other game is a knockout round??

    3. Bring back Ocampos to the fold. Bring Lamela, Buendia (he never even played for NT – so sad “in Donald Trump voice”).

    4. DiMaria is always (MVP) in IMPORTANT matches regardless of Messi, Ronaldo on the team. Just let him come from the bench all other games lol jk.

    5. Uruguay is finished. Winning against Uruguay, Chile, even Colombia is not a true indicator of the level of strength of our team as they all are much weaker. The decline started prior to the pandemic

    6. The style that won Copa will not win WC. The same players that played Copa may not be in-form for World Cup. This is the reason for Team A & Team B.

    7. Even through our weakness, the team finds a way to win. That is a sign of a championship-developing team. In the past, we found a way to lose or draw even the matches we expected to win. This does not negate #5 and/or #6.

    • Who gave you the title Wisdom? Actually you are a land of stupidity!
      Who is bundia? Argentina National team is not for players testing…First tell him to perform with his club then think about national team. We have so many great players in that position.
      And at the end..Argentina had defensively very solid game.

      • @JEWEL who gave you the title Jewel? Actually, you are a land of sh*t! lol You can disagree on opinions without exposing your own foolishness.

        That’s just my opinion and I made 7 of them. Yes, I would like to see Buendia as there was some hype about him on this forum and I would like to see him on an actual team that can Spanish style football – England is not for Argentine player skill set.

        Argentina defense made some penalty risky challenges in the box and was saved by the post. Other than that, it defensively sold, hence why I said in #7 “Even through our weakness, the team finds a way to win. That is a sign of a championship-developing team. In the past, we found a way to lose or draw even the matches we expected to win.”

    • So what is good indicator? The European qualifier is even more of a joke since most powerhouse sides are scattered in different group playing against country that you couldnt even find on world map.

      Switzerland beat France, Korea & Mexico beat Germany, so all we have to do is showing gritness when things get tough like we did today or in Copa against Colombia & Brazil, thats how you win tournament. Its that strong mentallity that makes the difference at major tournament.

      Its not based on who you’re playing against in previous months.

      • @ Rattlehead That is a good point about European qualifications. It is too easy for top-tier teams. However, the mid level Europeans teams are upgrading, whereas South America is downgrading.

        You have to admit that Chile, Uruguay, Colombia are not the teams of 2010-2016. There is a visual decline. I don’t even see them beating an England side at a WC. From 2009 to 2018 Uruguay was not a team we would want to face. Today, they are weak. Chile was always a nail-bitter. Today not even their dirty fouls and tactics can stop us. Perhaps, only Colombia is still a nuisance with players like Diaz.

        I think we are a strong team showing grit and finding a way to win. I just want assurances. I just can’t suffer another World Cup without us winning the glory. It sucks waiting 4 years bro 🙂

    • I mostly agree with you, I’ve always loved a Batistuta, Crespo as #9’s, but Icardi, as good as he is, has some negative sh-t following him. Not sure if the trade off with negative energy is worth his talent. I like Ocampos, Lamela?

  6. It’s great to see Argentina getting wins even against tough teams like Uruguay in Uruguay with Messi on the bench. Dybala has proven that he can take over the #10 when Messi retires. We will be in good hands with Dybala.

  7. 3 points is an excellent outcome on a day when defense was solidly tested & frankly Uruguay was wasteful upfront. But wishing to see Scaloni betting between 2 of Dimaria/ Dybala/ Papu for Brazil match & not start Messi. The backup to Lautaro remains a worry & i dont think J Correa is the solution. Inspite of a weak game,i am confident Guido will step up vs Brazil.

  8. Di Maria has know scored against all our toughest opponents Brazil, Uruguay, France, Germany, Chile, even Portugal.

    Still cant believe he missed 3 finals.

    3 points against Uruguay in away game, cant ask for more. Uruguay is giving all they got while we seems to contain with protecting early lead.

    Tucu has evolved into Higuain. Two easy 1 vs 1 chances which should have put the game to bed.

      • He’s also one of very few great players that somehow able to maintain his great acceleration. Maybe it has something to do with his slender / skinny physic. He’s still very light footed despite being in mid 30s.

  9. 3 points and that’s really all that matter sometimes.. lots of mispasses.. emi was superb… great steal by dybala and a gem by di Maria.. to Qatar here we come…

  10. Sensational goal to say the least and 3 points in the bag vs a tough opponent.
    Lets not jump all over Messi’s performance just yet until ALL THE FACTS ARE IN.
    He is starting no he’s not………… and vice versa
    Something is going on behind the scenes which I bet involves PSG.

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