AS Roma interested in signing Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord


AS Roma are interested in signing Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord.

Marcos Senesi is reportedly wanted by the Serie A club on loan with an option to buy for €20 million. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Roma want to bring in the 24 year old defender, who has a contract with Feyenoord until 2023. With fitness issues to Chris Smalling and Kumbulla’s poor run of performances, the Argentine could be an option.

Senesi signed with Feyenoord back in 2019 from San Lorenzo.


  1. It looks like Scaloni is satisfied with ball possession and he does not want end product that is why he is using Lautaro Martinez and J. Correa in no. 9 position. He does not want competition for his favorite players like Lautaro Martinez, Armani, LMQ and other.
    He never gave Alario a genuine chance when he was healthy and fit.He used Acuna in midfield that was drastic mistake, Lo celso needed more than a year to get into playing eleven.
    No.9 main role is finishing just like goalkeeper ‘s main role is shot stopping.Either Alario or Icardi should be choosen for that no. 9 role. Scaloni need to rectify his mistakes Lautaro Martinez looks completely lost against solid defence. Messi and Di Maria do not have powerful feet then who gonna core goals Messi is best creator he should be given best no. 9 who can score who has power in his feet.

    • There is a bit of a contradiction in your statement. You ask for a pure no 9 but then state that Lautaro is lost against solid defense seemingly because he is not a pure no 9. But pure no 9 needs service into the box to finish the chances that others created for him. As they say, a number 9 is only as good as the service he gets. I partially agree with you on J.Correa but Lautaro is a modern striker and as long as he is in good shape we should be fine. We do need a back-up though, whether it’s Alario or Simeone. Ain’t going to be Icardi though.

      • If Lautaro is modern striker why he can not create or shot for himself,never saw him making one two with other player. Messi will provide ball for that no. 9 we have best creator do not worry about supply we have De Paul ,Paredes,Messi, Lo celso even C. Romero provides supply just need solid no. 9.

        • Lautaro has created goals by himself in the past, he sometimes intercepts the ball very deep in the opponents half and he did have one-twos with Messi and other players. He is often inconsistent and that’s what hinders him but apart from him we don’t have other options for a no 9 right who is better. When in-form Lautaro can be devastating. Messi praises him a lot.

          • Messi praised Emi Martinez do not say Messi praised Lautaro or he may have praised out of professional courtesy.There are many player playing at the calibre of Lautaro.

          • Exactly, you are proving my point. Messi praised Emi Martinez deservingly, because he is outstanding. Likewise he praised Lautaro because his performances warranted that, not simply out of courtesy, this is silly and you know it.

            Anyhow, I think Lautaro will prove you wrong eventually…

          • Against average defence Lautaro is good because Argentina is good team. But against solid defence Lautaro looks like a child

  2. in 3412, here are the teams that we can have:

    team A: emi martinez-romero, otamendi, lisandro martinez-molina, paredes, de paul, acuna-messi-lautaro, Julian alvarez

    team B: musso-foyth, palomino, senesi-montiel, lo celso, guido, tagliafico-di maria-dybala, joaquin correa

    team c: Walter benitez or Rulli-medina, pezzella, lmq-bustos, Palacios, nico Dominguez, Ocampos-buendia-angel correa, nico Gonzalez

  3. Lot of noise on Julian Alvarez. I hope he does not land in Russia or USA. Any news from our River fans here?

    On the topic of friendlies, they are must before the world cup. Play mix of African, Asian and European teams. Easy and semi-tough ones. And in today’s world we cannot remain a mystery.

    • In River plate we have other priority now. winning the championship and the elections next month. After that exist the big issue for us which is the remain Gallardo as our coach from next year and after. So right now the selling of Alvarez is far down in our priority list.
      Yesterday was exist rumors that Real madrid have his eyes on Alvarez but personally i don t give attention in this kind of rumors.

      As about the friendly games subject there will not exist any because there is not exist time in calendar. So we are speaking here empty.
      This world cup because it take place November and not June as usual that change everything about the national teams preparation etc.
      This world cup will be different than what we used to have in past.
      the circle November/players/clubs/national teams/confederations/fifa make things different this time.

    • I myself am also not sure what the situation is, if the offers are formal or even real, or if he will leave this January or next June. I have heard Ajax, Aston Villa, Juventus, Fiorentina, Bayer Leverkusen, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid. Of course some might be false but some are very real. What I will say is for people to stop worrying about him going to the Mls or Russia or anything weird. Before this season started in August, Orlando City came with a formal offer for 10 million I believe. He rejected it with the reasoning that if he were to leave River he would want to go to Europe to develop and grow his career. He is smart and it is likely that he will try to go to a top five league, in a club where he will get minutes, and maybe even in a club with compatriots. So don’t worry about any bad career moves

  4. Senesi is way better than Pezella and LM Quarta by far. How Scaloni and staff don’t see tha? It is mind boggling.

    The coach needs to pick players according to their club form. Subsequently, there will be strong competition for places. Yes this squad won the Copa America. But he can’t have the team set in stone forever it will create complacency like in 2002 or just like with Tata would never gave opportunities to up coming and rising players like Dybala, Icardi, Acuna etc

  5. A move to serie a would be great, but I still can’t help but wish that he would go to Sevilla to maybe replace Kounde and play with our other players

  6. Regarding the friendlies before the world cup thing, my opinion lies in the middle of everyone else’s. Let’s take ourselves back to the qualifiers before Copa. We were awful. No chemistry, little ideas, painful to watch. Then look at these last 4 months. That is the difference between a team that has been able to play together consistently and a team that has not played together in 6 months and barely over almost two years. Imagine if we will just stop playing games together when the qualifiers end. If we play remotely like we did right before Copa in the group stage of the world cup we may even get knocked out. Some people’s responses to this are different, some people want to play against France, Germany, England, etc and some people like Cox want us to remain a mystery to these top teams. I am in the middle of this. I think we absolutely need to do friendlies, but not against South American teams unless it’s Brazil. We’ve already been playing them for two years. I pretty much have the starting 11 of teams like Bolivia memorized in my head at this point. We need to play against teams that have the profile of what we will face in the world cup — and that does not necessarily mean France or Germany. How about we play against teams that are good enough to be in the world cup but are not in the world cup? A) we won’t reveal ourselves to the big dogs and B) we will get much needed practice against teams with profiles and difficulty like what we will face. Italy and Portugal are in the playoffs. If they get knocked out, then absolutely we should play them. They have world class players and would be a great experience before the world cup. I am sure few people are keeping up with Africa’s qualifiers, but the other day I was pretty shocked to see that the Ivory coast is out of the world cup. Here are some of their players: Nicolas Pepe, Kessie, Jeremie Boga, Haller, Zaha, Aurier, Bailly, Sangare, Cornet, Kossounou, and Amad Diallo. That’s a great high level option to play against to get practice against an African team with a physical profile. Other European teams that might not go to the world cup but still could be decent options are Scotland, Turkey, Austria, Norway, and Poland. Like many people are saying, friendlies don’t necessarily mean anything as results can be completely different in official tournaments, but they absolutely matter. It would be wise for us to play friendlies against these types of teams to give the team the experience against these opponents, to keep building chemistry and stay in form, and heck, use it to experiment a little or try out players that haven’t gotten much playing time.

    • CIV is not the only one, Senegal has great players but the team doesn’t play well together. I think the African qualifiers is the toughest one, all the teams are so closed.

    • Well put, I found that in 2002 everyone knew what we were all about and they knew how to play us and knock us out. This year our team is gritty and tough to play against but we shouldn’t give anyone a taste of our game until it matters. I love this team because we are hard nosed and grind out wins. Historically we have always excelled when we play like that. Italia 90 and Brazil 14 are perfect examples of us playing defensive and hard to break down and marching to the final through 1-0 or penalty shoot out wins. Defense wins titles, 2002 and 2006 were offensive juggernauts and we got nowhere. Scaloni (A Defender) built this team from the back first and it has paid off. Now that I see the offence starting to take some shape with a year to go before the WC I have high hopes for a good tournament run.

    • want to have friendlies against any African nation , becoz they are our 100% sure opponent in World cup group,,,,,
      Also friendly against top five European league nations- Spain,England, Germany ,Italy, France etc..

      if not possible then atleast play against Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark,Netherland like teams

    • > Imagine if we will just stop playing games together when the qualifiers end.

      If we play remotely like we did in the past 2 abysmal games, the inevitable matchup against Nigeria or Mexico, they will finally get their revenge. Truly remarkable that were unbeaten for long but at this point, i care most about consistency and progression, yet every other game were reminded that we can truly play like garbage. Were too hot and cold. No reason why we should have played so awful past 2 games, we wont get that chance in the world cup.

      > mystery vs experience

      I’m leaning right. If experience = benefit but diminished mystery = disadvantage, i’d bet the net amount is still positive.

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