Argentina ranked 5 in FIFA rankings, would be seeded for World Cup


Argentina are ranked 5 in the FIFA rankings which would mean they could be a seeded team at the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni’s team went up one ranking from 6 to 5 in the FIFA rankings, overtaking Italy. A 1-0 win against Uruguay and a 0-0 draw against Brazil in the November World Cup qualifiers have given Argentina the points in the rankings.

With eight seeded teams at the World Cup and one of them being hosts Qatar, it’s the top 7 teams in the FIFA rankings which would be seeded teams. Along with Argentina and Qatar are Belgium, Brazil, France, England, Italy and Spain who would be ranked. This would mean Argentina would not be in the same group as any of those teams in Qatar.

The draw for the FIFA World Cup takes place on April 1 and Argentina still have four World Cup qualifying matches remaining.


    • They’re already toothless last season even though Messi hit almost 40 goals in all competition. It sucks what happened to Kun since he managed to scored against Real Madrid and I thought he’s just about to take off with Barca, but now its all crash landed.

  1. Chile change their stadium for the next game to be in elevation, obviously to gain an advantage. When I thought I couldn’t hate them any more

  2. There you go!! Messi golazo!!

    Watched the whole game. Even if he didn’t score, he has started dominating the game. The boss will dominate!! Soon!! The storm is coming!

    And Messi, Mbappe, Neymar will explode one day!!

  3. Messi still playing under injury, pretty obvious. No pace, stiff movement, no power shots, looking like Biglia. He got a lucky assist , a great throughball that deflected by defender to his own net.

    and then he hit a long range after running at walking pace lol

    He bailed 10 men PSG , but still need to get to 100% fitness.

      • He’s been very slow even when accelerating, not a good sign. Hopefully he’ll get back his short burst acceleration. This is only his second full 90 minutes games from him in few weeks.

        I still think Dybala would be crucial for us since he’s the only one capable of playing his role in national team. From what we’ve seen against Uruguay, he’s capable.

  4. I watched Villa vs Brighton. Villa won 2-0. Emi Martinez was excellent. He had 2 decent saves.
    Emi Buendia wad below average again and to make it worse, Villa played much better when he was substituted in the 65th minute or so. They scored 2 right away after he was substituted and almost scored the third one.

      • I give report as they actually are as someone who follows Spurs and Villa closely. If they play good, I will post here that they play good. I have nothing against Buendia. But Emi Martinez and Cuti Romero are the main reasons I follow these 2 clubs.

      • Engache

        I was not saying anything like that.. I just don’t get how many people here are obsessed with Buendia and for example don’t like Dybala. Dybala who is at the moment one of the best if not the best Argentine on Club Level. But most people in this forum are saying Dybala is not NT Matirial. But everyone is calling for Buendia.

        I have to admit I didn’t even know Buendia. But as a lot of people started praising him I started to follow Norwich. He was good at Norwich. But now Aston Villa and premier leauge he is not good at all..
        As principe said today he was not good at all. And that old substitute coming on for him assisted right away…

  5. I can partly agree with about Messi having a bad game. It’s only for his huge standards… If you go watch the Stats from today… Messi has in 45 mins already twice as much touches and passes. as CR7 in 90’ for ManU… I still think it was a bad choice for Messi to join PSG. But i also think he is going to settle down and have more great games to come… I mean he is still Messi the best to ever play the game…

    As log as he performs in NT I’m fine…

  6. Hey Guys with all due respect for you guys but please stop your obsession for Buendia. I have been watching a lot of games now from Aston Villa
    Buendia is not even close if being a substitute for Argentina right now… And as you guys mentioned he is a right winger… That is what we need the least… No other country has that many World Class players in that position…

    No more Buendia Talk please let’s focus on the guys we have

  7. Goal Ocampos, from a Montiel assist. Paredes assisted to Mbappe at PSG.

    Messi is having a poor game so far…

    Buendia playing is his Norwich position, RWF under Gerrard.

  8. Uruguayan FA have shortlisted Ghallardo as their no.1 candidate to lead their NT.
    Valentin Castellanos, who was the top scorer in MLS this season is a target for Anderlecht. Vincent Kompany is Anderlecht coach.
    Atlanta, Fiorentina and Cagliari also interested.

    • i don t think Gallardo want to go work there. if he suppose take one job as international coach that can be only for Argentina one day. Just same as Simeone. Gallardo will stay in River or will go to Europe on January.

  9. Sad to see Tabarez sacking. He is a real Gentleman and deserved a proper farewell. For next set of qualifiers Lanzini maybe tried in midfield. He deserve a chance.

  10. Whenever i see members say ‘our midfielders are average, or lack consistency’ i will point them to Liverpool (i hate Liv. by the way 🙂 ) – if Klopp can build a European champion team with really really average players such as Fabinho, J. Henderson, Keita, Thiago A., Matip and Milner (seriously?), Argentina can do so much better with Papu, Buendia, GLC, Parades, RDP, Palacios and Guido – oh yes of course…and do not forget youngsters such as Almada, Medina, Soulé, and attacking midfielders such as Dybala, DiMaria and even Licha. So next time you bash on our midfielders list, remember Liverpool and Croatia who got to WC 2018 final with just mid-field strength and some luck (yes we have better midfield squad depth than just Modric + Rakitic.)

    • Germany and Algeria have the potential to reach the semi finals, Portugal good luck to the Portuguese but seems very difficult for them even to qualify, despite all their great players, their coach cannot find a tactic to play well. Many other teams in the playoffs deserve more than them.

      • Yes till semifinal or final. i want beat them there. it will be something that i will never forget till i go to find DIEGO up there one day.
        the day of my lifetime. if can be with a Messi goal even better.

        After i can die in peace.

        • My Friend, things are settled now according facing England which is an opportunity and 1 possibility in WC depending on mosly to the ” DRAW ” i have a feeling that your wishes which i share with u will come true the way or another…

          Too bad though VAR is in use that MESSI’s chances to repeat ” THE HAND OF GOD ” will be most unlikely, but really looking forward MESSI repeating THE GREATEST GOAL OF HISTORY SCORED BY NOW AS GOD HIMSELF ( who became god that day allready ” EL DIEGO” as it will remain forever THE UNTOUCHABLE GOAL OF THE WHOLE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL !!! R.I.P EL DIEGO !!!

  11. At the beginning I was very critical to Scaloni because he was making too many changes and using too many players. Now I think that the coaching staff is doing an excellent job with the resources that they have. They took the team at the edge of the precipice and put it at the top of the continent and 5th in the world. I still have my preferences when it comes to player selection. I would put Dybala instead of DiMaria, I would test Licha more often and eventually play him as starter along side Cuti. I would change for a 4-3-2-1 with Dybala and Messi creating the chances behind Lautaro while Locelso is pulling the strings in the middle, I would test Papu more often for Locelso but he chooses to do things differently I respect that and I also congratulate them once more time. Great job guys….!!! VAMOS ARGENTINA

    • I agree with u as i would also use Licha more often as might be happening sooner than we think, thnx god Scaloni gave him 45 min against Brazil, though it might have just been because of Paredes not 100% to play 90 minutes…?

      Anyhow i’m also for Lautaro up front with Dybala and Messi just behind as different variations must be tested now in the last WCQ’s before the WC as i’m affraid there ain’t Gonna be much friendliess, though i hope there would be, but this WC arranged in Qatar at middle of all the Club football leagues is the most stupid thing ever happenning in WC’s history etc…so not really expecting much from this coming football as the Europeans leagues are allready starting not releasing players before this and that and starting allmost straight after this a biggest joke WC in history, LOL !

      Anyhow Lo Celso has to be used more centerally and more Upper field as i see RDP, PAREDES, LISANDRO the ones creating play from middle to forwards upfront as also Arg should also use Molina and Acuna even more when attacking, but with certain balance offcourse needed as Molina been getting better and better and Acuna has show’n allready at least 2 year’s what he is capable of doing with Sevilla sometimes creating allmost every single play through him asmajor factor etc…

      So i suggest and wish for something like this if theese players are fit, but Still for now i want Scaloni to give as much timefor players who have not yet played that much, maybe with even same formula as kind of 2 teams even u can’t sub every player if not is a friendly, though…, but to find more data and see how certain players can perform as i’m pretty sure they can if just used in proper way and, please not get me wrong as i’m saying ”proper way” as Scaloni has done allready tremendous job til’ now !

      So this my wish for coming game’s : ( as how hard i try not to play with PS, i just can’t avoide, LOL ! )


      Molina/Montiel or Foyth Cuti/(some one else than Pezzella) Licha/Otamendi (and one more, because i would love to see Licha as DM !) Acuna/Tagliafigo (and someone else too in case of injury’s etc…)

      RDP Paredes/Licha

      Lo Celso/Papu


      Dybala/A.Correa/Di Maria( as more of theese players covering and attacking from right with Molina/Montiel and even Foyth supporting)

      Lautaro/ J.Correa/Simeone/N.Dominguez/Alvarez ( as all theese players can cover for the left side as well and attack with from left with Acuna&CO.supporting)

      Or instead with back 3 of
      Foyth Cuti Licha
      Molina. Acuna. ( as wing back’s )
      RDP Paredes

      MESSI/Dybala/A.Correa. LoCelso/Papu/N.Gomez/J.Correa


      As ultra attacking



      LO CELSO


      WITH SUBS: Foyth for Molina. Ota for Licha. Papu for Lo Celso. Acuna to N.Gomez. Palacios/N.Dominquez for Paredes. A.Correa for RDP. Dybala for MESSI. Simeone or Alvarez/J.Correa/O.Campos for Lautaro.

      As i would like to see most of theese players fighting for starting eleven and bench too as i see them all for Qatar WC SQUAD as only question mark for me personally are Arg’s options upfront, but i quess that will be with those who are in form and fit by the time for Qatar WC, which Still i think is really badly timed as if it will be this year allready it would be a problem for Messi at least to get 109% though rest of Arg will benefit more likely from Copa winning boost…

      Well it is certainly fun to play this PS for of my own, LOL !

  12. 1998 Croatia, Japan and Jamaica.
    2002 England, Sweden and Nigeria.
    2006 Netherlands, Serbia and Ivory coast.
    2010 Greece, South korea and Nigeria.
    2014 Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria.
    2018 Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria.

    So from what i observe here from draw we had from the beginning of the current system of world cups (which will be and the last one because from 2026 everything change)
    So 90% we have 1 african team and usually 2 from Europe.
    never 2 from Europe and 1 from Asia.
    2 times 1 from Europe and 1 from Asia and 1 from Africa.

    So if i had to bet on something i think 2 from Europe and 1 from Africa will be the most possible.
    Since i mention Africa we play against Nigeria in 1994, 2002, 2010, 2014 and 2018 !!!
    Man Nigerians must be seeing us in their dreams !!!

    • My friend wr always draw Nigeria because they are always the best seed out of Africa. This year we won’t get Nigeria because they aren’t even top three in Africa at the moment. As proof you will see that they will draw us with Algeria, Senegal or Morocco, if they make it thru marchs African playoff.
      Also we always get an above average euro team that is undefeated in qualification such as Iceland in 18, Bosnia in 14, Greece in 10 and Serbia Montenegro in 06.
      I am very convinced that fifa does not like Argentina.

  13. Would have been great if we could have found an improved version of Nico,Paredes, Lautaro , and Correa before the WC kicks in. With these players our midfield is nothing close to a champion team may have, specially when you consider that Messi , Di Maria and Papu will become around 35 by then . I like Locelso but his poor adaptation and inconsistency concerns me.When I compare with the team of 2014 that reached to final, we are missing the quality of Lavezzi or Enzo.

    • I remember in 2014, Enzo, Biglia, Lavezzi were all bench players The first two barely played in the qualifiers leading up to Brazil (Which Argentina won easily). The team evolved throughout the tournament and changes were made just like in Copa 21. In Copa 21 DiMaria started on the bench…I can almost guarantee that if Argentina go far in Qatar that the line up you saw against Brazil will different than the one that is in a semi or final in Qatar. Teams develop all of the time. For all we know Messi could get injured in the first game and Dybala takes over for the rest of the tournament and shines. Fact is that Scaloni built a winner…Don’t worry about a players form a year before the tournament starts.

      • true, there could be some alpha players stepped up during critical moments, I may be over optimistic but I see that on Lisandro Martinez and Julian Alvarez. Scaloni should try the pair Messi Dybala in a 3412 with Messi or Dybala as 10 and the other as half 9 along with a striker. I think they can surprise the world.

    • Good words..! Hope all the wishes come true. I dont worry about defense. Acuna, Molina/Monitel , Romero , Ota, Licha ..they all are warriors..Dibu is phenomenal and probably the best GK we have seen in 30 years in Argentine shirt.If at least Locelso can play according to his potential, RDP will create plenty of chances for sure. RDP is great find for us , like Dibu..They will be much better than the Masche-Bigila pair. .I just hope our forwards do their part. I have faith in Scaloni..what he has done in short time is unbelievable..

  14. There is also the matter of the 3 points from Brazil and that should reflect more moving up since 1) its a qualifier which weighs more points and 2) Brazil is high ranked and more total points added, I say they bypass England into 4 next time around.

        • Then which top rank country England beat in recent years? They beat Germany in Euro and Germany currently is low ranked team.

          Maybe beating Ukraine gave them 400 points…

          • Theese 400 xtra points for England were actually awarded as sympathy trophy for instead football coming home went to ROME ! Otherwise country who used to rule the world by their bloody Empire and British East Indian Company would have gone bananas meaning trying gain maximum power at Uefa and FiFA which they allready have quite well in their pocket so folks please not be surprised if we would see England in Wc final only then god can help us preventing them to win as they are so desperate by even joining forces by the blody Saudi’s etc.,,

            hopefully Arg can be the saving star with guidance of Diego’s allmighty hand of god Arg should be crowned finally once more as WC Champions or at least Denying England at semi’s or quarters etc..,

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