Lionel Messi scores for PSG in 3-1 win vs. FC Nantes


Lionel Messi scored for PSG in their 3-1 win vs. FC Nantes.

Messi scored his first goal in the league for PSG from the esge of the penalty area. The Argentine received the ball and drifted towards goal, his left footed shot went into the bottom corner as he gave PSG the 3-1 lead.

He played a pass in for the second goal but his pass was deflected by an FC Nantes player and into the net which made it 2-1 for PSG. Leandro Paredes also startes the match and he bad an assist on the first goal.


  1. That was the best match Messi has played for PSG so far. Apart for that miss in the first half he was involved in a lot of buildups and also he wasn’t losing possession like earlier matches indicating he is getting his fitness back. Especially after Neymar was subbed, PSG players were only looking to pass the ball to Messi and when Leo becomes the central point through which every attack goes then assists and goals are inevitable.

    Most of the players gets subbed because their performance keeps dropping down during the course of a match. In Messi’s case it’s completely opposite, you never know when out of nowhere Leo will produce a flash of brilliance and change the entire outcome of the match and that is why he likes to play the whole match and Barca never subbed him. Subbing Leo in the 70-80th minute is complete useless as he knows when to run and when to conserve his energy. That goal today was vintage Messi and I am sure that will boost his confidence now. Players like Messi , Ibra and even Ronaldo have a mindset of a winner and they will never let old body get in the way of success.

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