Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla in 2-2 draw vs. Alaves


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 2-2 draw against Alaves.

Ocampos scored from inside the penalty area as Gonzalo Montiel sent in a cross which found Ocampos who drew Sevilla level. Both Ocampos and Montiel started the match with Marcos Acuña and Alejandro Papu Gomez being substituted on.

The Argentine has three goals and one assist in his last four matches.


  1. What a strike and finish from our no9, Lautaro. When in form, he is our undisputed striker. Also great assist by Joachim. We need Lautaro to be on form in WC. He should bd our starter. But I think we should have a reserve on the bench. At the moment, Gio Simeone looks really good. Lets see.

    • Yes. When Lautaro is in form he should be a starter for us no matter what. When he is out of form though it is very noticeable. Scaloni’s job should be not trying to replace Lautaro (that would not be intelligent, and probably would not work) but focus on finding a suitable back up for him, so that when Lautaro is out of form we have someone on the bench that is reliable and has good finishing. Right now, that is Correa, but Correa is not it. Correa is a great player but should not be a direct back up to Lautaro, he is not a number 9. He is a second striker that can also cut in from the left. For the World Cup it would be best for Lautaro to be a starter and have a good striker on the bench for if he is not playing well.

      • I think we have the best balance when we have Nico-Lautaro-Messi up front. I hope Lautaro gets back to his regular finishing form and Nico starts scoring but this trio works the best in our system. We looked more fluid and both Nico and Lautaro press a lot. This trio also brings the best out of Lo Celso and Paredes. RDP is always great. And I still think DiMaria is best when he is off the bench. We should also have a pure striker in the bench. I think Scaloni is almost done with his formula. Just need to finalise all the pieces of puzzle together now.

  2. Sergio Romero seems to be playing very well for Venezia since he joined them. I can’t believe he spent his career as man U 2nd and 3rd choice goalkeeper.

    Matias Vargas seems to be doing very well in the Turkish league. When I saw that he got a move to Turkey, I pretty much accepted that his career is over. But after checking in on him I found that he has 5 assists and 3 goals in 11 games, and tops the turkish league for key passes with an impressive 3.5 per game. I looked at some highlights and he seems extremely sharp and a complete level above what he was at Espanyol. I know it’s just the Turkish league but to go from being an Espanyol flop in the second division to playing so well in another team so suddenly is great. No idea why he was so poor in Spain but I recommend you check out some highlights because it’s a huge change

    • Aside from some mishaps here and there, Romero always came to play with heart and soul whenever he put on the sky-blue & white and his stellar performance in 2014 said it all.
      I remember a Brazilian telling me, “Romero was nothing special when he played for his club but was always on his game whenever he played for ARG”.

      • True, I know he is probably never going to play for us again but I will still miss him. I will never forget the emotions during those penalties against Holland. It’s funny, when you think of Romero you get a combination of great and horrible memories at the same time. Another player that should have deserved a trophy.

      • He’s one of those that plays better for NT than at club level. Cant explain that but his stats proof that.

        Argentina conceided only once at WC knockout stage in 2014, only conceided 3 goals in Copa 2015 and 2 goals in Copa 2016. Masche leadership at the back played huge role but Romero made lots of greats saves in each tournament.

        His main weaknesses is dealing with aerial threat. He always punch the ball , never have confidence to catch it

    • Stop licking Lautaro’s ass just because he scored a goal against average team.He can not shot or create for himself everyone knows against solid defence he is useless.Icardi and Alario would have been much better than him. They just need chance.

      • Speaking of licking ass, how is Foyth doing lately? He must be sore from all of your ass licking 🙂

        And also, Napoli are far from average, they are top of Serie A and Koulibaly is one the best defenders in the world, Di Lorenzo is a Euro winner with Italy and a starting RB for their NT too. As usual, you are not very well informed.

        “Everyone knows against solid defence he is useless” Who is everyone? I think you a lonely minority here, just FYI.

        Icardi is not getting a call-up, it’s very unlikely so it’s futile to bring him up. Alario I like and he may very well be Lautaro;s back-up.

        • Foyth is continuously doing great in Villarreal, LA liga is tougher than Serie A just do not be ass kisser of Lautaro,he should be a substitute not starter. Why Icardi is not getting called up, football can go any direction who thought Messi will leave Barça one day.
          Lautaro is very small he gets sandwiched against tough defendes.Argenti a will not play against Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia etc kind of team but against Brazil, France, Germany, Spain etc kind of team in WC.

      • Stop locking your own spit Kevin.

        Lautaro Serie A champ , Copa America champ. Enjoy your overrated European teams in play off.

        Isnt Portugal has bright prospect? isnt Italy best team in the world? why arent they qualify yet at this point? woopss

        How can they beat Argentina if they couldnt beat those minor European sides?

        • I just have to add, not because I am a Napoli fan, but I have to say that Napoli is one of the best clubs in the world today. They have budget issues yet somehow have a consistent team this year. So first off, peace to Napoli and to all my Sicilians who are always hospitable to Argentines.
          Second, foyth is ok, but Molina is our guy.
          Third, Icardi isn’t better than Lauturo. The only thing he can provide to our national team is height, and unnecessary drama. So no peace to Icardi.

  3. Glad to see that he’s doing well, I never agreed with Scaloni’s decision to leave him out, Lucas is fast, physical, tall (and good with headers), defensively disciplined and is a nuisance to defenders. He and Nico Gonzalez should compete for a left forward spot (when using 4-3-3) or a left/right midfield spot in a 4-4-2.

    • I agree. Ocampos is the kind of profile needed in the team. He should be in the mix. Looks like he is slowly coming back in form. When we started the journey with Scaloni he was the RDP type player. Making it difficult for opponents.

  4. But who will be our central forward for wc 2022?We need a world class forward. Lautaro martinez, Gio simeone is not world class. Icardi is not getting chance in psg. Tucu correra is not a proper CF.

    Currently Scaloni have a set team which already qualified for the wc. Now time to give chance to new players. Some players should get chance.
    3)Icardi (May be because we are lacking talented CF)
    4)agustin almendra(kind of player we need in MF)

  5. Good to see our guys doing well at Sevilla. There’s seems to be conflicting report about Aguero retirement as Barca and Xavi denies it.

    So it seems that Aguero basically still needs 3 months to be properly tested.

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