Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 3-2 win vs. Napoli


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 3-2 win vs. Napoli.

Martinez scored the third goal off a great counter attack started by Joaquin Correa. It was Correa who ran towards the Napoli back line as he played a pass into Lautaro and his right footed effort make it 3-2 for Inter.

The Argentine now has six goals this season.


  1. 🔎 FOCUS

    Lisandro Martinez 🇦🇷 🆚 RKC Waalwijk

    ⏱️ 90 Minutes played
    💥 1 Total Shots
    👌88 Touches
    🤾‍♂️ 65 Accurate Passes (92.0%)
    ⚔️ 7 (1) Ground duels won
    💫 7(5) Long ball
    🚨 10 Recoveries
    🚀 3 Clearances
    ❌ 3 Interception
    🤺 3
    4 (4) Tackles

    ⭐ 8.4 Statistical rating

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  2. The one thing Lautaro needs to add to his game is shooting power. His goal against Napoli is Bati goal like, but Bati used to shoot that way 10 times harder than Lautaro’s with the same accuracy. If he adds power to his shooting, he can be one of the world best.

      • Agreed, anyhow comparison between any player is not really necessary needed at all and not that important as comparing current player/invidual Person to the previous one which is more accurate and also more proper, but i do understand the hype around mostly created by media to compare different players to each other which in my oppinion is also just nonsense as it is more proper and maybe a bit more correct to say instead that this player reminds me of that player etc…as i been very lucky and feel great privilidge to have seen different great players around Arg NT for the last 43 year’s…as everyone i do have my favorite players from different era’s of Arg NT, but i would not dare to compare them directly, maybe i see some reminding me of some one from the past etc.,., but what matters most is the present crop of Arg NT and how they will develop hopefully even more better than they allready are as i’m super exicited and very proud of every player who have been selected by Scaloni and his amazing Staff/Crew…we are all living exciting time’s with a very crazy WC coming up more less a year from now played in very strange time of calendar year as i think that WC never ever been played at november/december etc.,,please correct if i’m wrong as i might very well be…?

        Anyway anyone is free to Express themselfs as they please so i’m not against anyone comparing different players, but personally i rather concentrate on each players own atributes and how they will develop their own career’s etc…

        But, i also preciate constant update’s of Arg’s players as i’m only mostly intrested in Arg players and if maybe one day they will hopefully come to play for Arg NT or if they are allready players of our beloved Albiceleste !

        Just keep on posting everyone as i like to read different post’s from most of the members here which i did for so long before i started to write my long boring post’s etc…, LOL !

  3. Lautaro does tend to miss important chances once in a while but so does other strikers. If you look at other strikers or forwards in world football, they also seem to miss a lot. The new sensation Vinicios Junior missed sitters against us, Mbappe , Halaand miss every now and then and even the genius Messi has been lately missing a lot. It seems like folks want Lautaro to score consistently like Benzema or Lewandoski. Those two have been playing at that position for their respective clubs for over a decade now. Would I prefer someone more clinical over Lautaro, Sure!! But do we have anyone who is better than him in overall skills and qualities , absolutely NO!! Icardi used to be one of the clinical strikers of the world when at Inter but now not only he is not getting any playing time whatsoever, he doesn’t seem to capitalize on the chances he gets. If Icardi would to replace Lautaro in the national team he would only see 50% of the ball Lautaro touches and his style of play would put tremendous pressure on the team. If Icardi would to be picked for the national team, he would only be a backup to Lautaro. Our other strikers Alario, J.Correa and even Simione don’t even come close to his quality. Let’s see how long Simione can maintain his form. Alvarez seemed quite raw and inexperienced against a world class defense , he has a long way to go before he can replace Lautaro. Like it or not right now we don’t have a striker better than el-toro in the national team.

    • I fully agree with you. I am still not a fan of Lautaro . I expected more from him ONLY because I want this team to be champion. If my expectation was to reach to the QF or Semis , I would have been over the moon with his current form. But , sadly he is our best available options at the moment. Hope he continues to improve every game…

  4. masterclass of coaching of Inzaghi who put Lautaro and Correa together in attack. They didn’t play so often together but really winning tactics this time, they press both with intensity, lot of good combination, Lautaro did his jobs, Correa may not make good choice all the time but delivered assists and very good in his first touch. Dzeko still good but closed to his end of career, he is valuable if inter plays more with the wingers and use long ball. But if Inter plays more compact with high pressing and fast transition, the pair Lautaro-Correa is definitely better.

      • Don’t worry, I think in UCL Inzaghi will use those 2 in attack because the counter pressing from them is really impressive. Haven’t seen a player like Koulibaly struggling so much since long time.

      • Agreed that they both seem to get a long quite good at Inter lead by Inzaghi as we have not yet seen those 2 playing too much together on the pitch for Arg or Arg playing with kind of 2 forwards as there has not yet been so much of need to do that from Scaloni and his staff as Arg been quite offently the team scoring first and not trailing at leat like they used to in past history of certain coaches like Bauza for example, LOL ! Ok, the AFA did also their job in Bauza’s story as usual business from AFA or at least used to be at some point etc…, but, never Mind those things from the past as myself has to learn also how to get rid of those past moments, but i quess that isoart of life etc.,,so now finally again Champion’s has healed my wounded emotions very well and anyhow everything is allways a possibility as also an opportunity at same time So as long as we live better to enjoy every moment of our beloved Albiceleste if they are playing good football on the pitch, but Still has to loose, well i will accept it with being sad offcourse, but at same time like before starts a new project at least for myself to wait until to Arg has again chance to maybe win something so it has been the last 43 year’s and so it will be for me…

    • I think some people underestimate how important pressing is in the game today. Icardi and Aguero are indeed better finishers than Lautaro, but even if they were all healthy and ignoring the off the pitch stuff, they wouldn’t start. Icardi doesn’t do much in general but Aguero is older. Older players press less. Younger players are able to press a lot more. An example is Suarez right now. While he was so important in winning Atleti the league and came with crucial goals, you may notice that when he comes on the pitch for them they actually look worse. It’s because of his age, he can’t press anymore and provide that extra energy and force. I wonder if that is part of why Uruguay are doing badly, two old strikers up front. Good thing is that Lautaro and Alvarez are both great at pressing, they have the energy they need for it and the ability

  5. Inter Vice – President and Argentina legend Javier Zanetti spoke about Lautaro recently:

    “When we signed Lautaro, our thoughts were on the future: everything he is doing at Inter and Argentina was in our ideas and hopes. He improves every year, and I’m happy with this. He is a player with hunger and that is growing”.

    The Argentinian Diego Milito, former player of Inter de Milan, among others, assured that his compatriot Lautaro Martinez, a forward for the Interista team, “is extraordinary” and he loves his “scoring nose.”

    “He is extraordinary and he is showing it. I like his ability to be inside the area, his scoring nose,” Milito said in an interview in the paper version of the Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’.

    Another Argentina legend Gabriel Batistuta on Lautaro: “I like Lautaro: he is fast, smart and knows how to score”.

    • Do not talk about Inter there is a reason why they have not been in CL even semifinal spot for a decade or may be more. Every club member praises their signing do not be childish.

      • Kevin, I am curious. Who do you seriously think is good enough to replace Lautaro that a) fits the system, b) does not have the capability to destroy the locker room’s togetherness and image of the team, and c) is not in the emergency room every other day? Please tell me who actually exists on this planet that makes it worth it to switch out the top scorer of the Scaloni era that has played numerous games in the team and has chemistry with everyone? Who? If we suddenly had a Haaland or Lukaku come to existence, sure, maybe then switching out Lautaro would have more benefits than negatives. But who? I myself have been slightly critical of Lautaro in the past, but I recognize that the smartest move would be to find a solid back up to him, just switching him out every other day like it’s a video game does not work in real life

        • I am not against Lautaro I think he should be back up and other player should be given chances like Alario,Icardi,Avila, G. Simmione,Aguero there are many options.
          Even injured Lautaro was playing in Qualifiers I do not understand this stubborness.Not a single No. 9 was given proper chance till now by Scaloni almost more than a year. C. Romero adapted quickly so other should be given chance.

        • Olive, completely agree with you as much as i don’t want Lautaro to be our NT no 9 who scores once in a month for his clubs and missed 10 chances to score one simple goal in NT.
          But the truth is we don’t have his replacement as Aguero is over, Giovanni Simeone can not be trusted yet, Alario is injury prone, Icardi is a bench warmer at Psg , Joaquin is not a striker, Alvarez is too raw to be trusted at big stage then who?
          Right now only thing we can do is to hope that Lautaro improves to be more productive in the penalty box.

      • What ! Wake up ! Seriously Inter has been allways as very respected team at Club level and Specially in Italy, but not only there ! This current Chinese ownership and their policies do not have anything to do with the real Values of what Inter reprents and what it will alkways be and mean for many from Argentina as great players of Arg has been there allready for so long and that was allready long before Zanetti retired etc…

    • Lautaro has higher scoring ratio with Argentina than Saviola, Tevez, Lopez, Delgado, Lavezzi, Higuain, Aguero, Tucu, Dybala, Caniggia, Valdano, and even Kempes. Dont believe me? Check those players stats. If thats not good enough, than pay big sum of $$ to make Batistuta came out from retirement

      Also Lautaro won 7 penalties which all converted Messi (5) & Paredes (2).

      But maybe some people here wants Buendia to replace him or maybe Foyth cause he could dribble near the touchlines.

      Last time I checked, Lautaro only 1 goal behind Messi and 2 goals behind Neymar in qualifier. Good luck trying to find new forward that could reach 17 goals at senior team by the age of 24.

      • I agree, additionally his unselfish running generated lot of space for his team and created many expected goals indirectly. Most importantly he is the 1st defender for the NT and Inter. Lot of fans here ignore how important the pressing is in the modern football. Among all the legends you mentioned, I think he could have paired well with a fast striker/winger like Caniggia or Claudio Lopez, like what has been demonstrated last night.

      • Yes, thank you so much ! And i think we do not need to discuss about who will replace Lautaro upfront as those stats u put up caught me seriously very impressive indeed as i do remember every name of every player u mentioned who indeed were all great !

        Let’s instead hope to get that needed back up which i think there is one Person more than anyone else who actually wishes for that more than others and i’m pretty sure that Person is Lautaro” El toro” himself ! As it will TaKe heavy burden from his back and let him breathe a bit more steady and comfortably…etc.

  6. Good to see them back in form. Lautaro is 1 goal away from reaching 100 goals mark in his career. (82 for Inter, 17 for Argentina)

    Julian just scored again and has reached 20 goals this season in all competition.

    • Julian Alvarez can’t stop scoring. It is almost unreal. If there are only 23 players for the World Cup and the last option being Alvarez or Dybala or one of the Correa’s. I would take him. He completely deserves it.

          • I meant players that play for top 5 European teams. We should at least see Alvarez for 90+ minutes for NT before making statements. I think he is a talent for the future too, but we can’t judge based on the Argentine league. How many went to Europe and flopped? Alvarez looks to be one of a kind but let’s not forget

            Centurion, Lucas Vietto… I will just stop here and not mention those that can’t leave Russian League

          • Wisdom, I don’t think Alvarez is going to flop like the players you mentioned. A) luckily he isn’t a centurion, some people will know what I mean, and b) he isn’t going to the Russian league or anything like that. I can assure you.

            But I am confused on jumbling together all of the players from the local league. Where else do you expect Argentinians to come from? The only players that haven’t played in Argentina at first or second division are Messi, Buendía, Emi Martinez, Icardi, and Soule that are in the national team, near the level, or will be. Every other player that is in the national team or around that level came from the local league. If we base our opinions on Centurion that would show up to training drunk or threaten to shoot people, the players that went to the Russian league, or the people that just simply flopped on an individual level, then we are looking at trusting only 5 percent of our team. Nobody flops because they came from Argentina, some just fail individually. Players in Europe flop all the time when moving between leagues. It’s unfortunate but normal

      • if the list is 23, I would take 4 strikers, Leo and Di Maria both should be selected as attacking midfielder and leave 4 spots in attack. I would go for Lautaro, Joaquin Correa, Julian Alvarez and Dybala.

        • Yes as being the topic recently i also think Arg should try to fit as many as possible goal scoring strikers even some may not score that many as wanted, but Still at WC depth is needed and at the moment i see and feel that the most depth needed for Arg is upfront unfortunatly….

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