Lionel Messi comments on Argentina, Copa America, World Cup


Lionel Messi commented on Argentina, winning the Copa America and the World Cup.

Messi spoke about the Argentina national team in an interview published on Tuesday. Speaking with Marca, here is what he had to say about 2021 with the Argentina national team:

“It was spectacular and incredible at the national level. I was able to achieve one of the goals that had cost me so much, which was the Copa America, because I had been very close several times but had not achieved it. We ended up accomplishing our goal of qualifying for the World Cup in a brilliant way. And now we want to go for more.”

He was also asked about what Argentina can achieve at the World Cup:

“We are doing very well now. Having won the Copa America helps a lot because the team works differently and is more confident. But we know that we still have a long way to go to be among the favourites. We will try to arrive in the best possible way to continue competing as we are doing in each game.”

In addition, Messi was asked if he would agree from now on an Argentina against Spain final at the World Cup:

“Obviously. With Spain or whoever. I would like to be in another final and achieve another goal. The enthusiasm and the dream is always there.”

During the interview, Messi would also discuss PSG and FC Barcelona.


  1. Actually foyth did really good against Christiano. But he has to improve on his concentration. Otherwise scalony will not take him as Molina’s back up. Molina is doing very good. He is currently number one choice for right back. Montial and Foyth both have almost one year left to impress Scalony.

    • Foyth was good in match one on one against Foyth you got no chance. Watch match again see the stats. Foyth should come to NT either as RB or CB even back up.

    • I know you are poking fun at Kevin but why Foyth making a silly mistake is a good thing. There is no doubt that he is an excellent talent but he needs to mature.

  2. Villareal should have won. They played better. Foyth was really good defensively but showed his bad side again with nearly assisting Ronaldo for a second and losing the ball unnecessarily which led to the second goal. Don’t know what he was trying to do. Rulli with some suspect positioning

    • What you people always blame foyth..He had excellent game. Losing ball in midfield area and that makes 2/3 pass to convert goal its not foyth fault. He always wins Against ranaldo, sancez etc
      Actually its ruli who is super error prone and he is the culprit who gift goal to Ronaldo

      • Well yeah, he’s really good at winning personal duels. But again he nearly assisted Ronaldo and while the ball loss was high up the field and can’t fully be blamed on him, it was unnecessary. His issue is not a matter of ability or talent it’s about decision making

  3. Why so much hate towards Poch all the time? Is this mundo PSG or mundo Albiceleste? Do we really care so much about PSG that we are going to call him a loser? I always look at everything in Europe through the lens of “can this help Argentina”. I don’t care about his tactics, philosophy, teams, or anything. But I do really appreciate that Poch seems to have been the only manager willing to buy Argentinian talent and grow them. More so than Bielsa, Simeone, etc. Of course in the long run it failed with Lo Celso and Foyth (because its spurs, simply put) but you can see that he loves working with Argentinians. Like we all know, having Argentinians playing together in the same clubs in Europe is extremely beneficial. People are simultaneously saying that Poch sucks for a club like PSG and should leave while calling him a loser if he does leave. If anything, we should be happy for Poch to leave PSG and go somewhere where he has a say in transfers and can build a squad in his favor. I’m not a Poch superfan and I won’t defend him forever, but do people think it’s fair to form an opinion on him based on coaching two polar opposite clubs? We drool over Mourinho and put him in our list of greats, did he win anything at spurs either? We love German tacticians yet wasn’t Tuchel sacked from PSG? The issue is the clubs Poch has been at not the managers. As someone who has seen several headlines, articles, and statements over the last two years I will say that Leonardo is the problem. I won’t recite everything he has said but if PSG want to grow as a club they need to get rid of him. Poch had to manage average players at Spurs and huge egos at PSG. No wonder he wants to leave, imagine being in a club where the sporting director thinks he is the coach and the superstar players have direct contact to the presidency. Is the answer Man United? Not sure about that, I would like to see him at Spain maybe. But we shouldn’t ridicule him for leaving, let’s be happy for him to find a club where he has a say in transfers and can get Argentinians playing together and export them from South America. That’s all I care about. And if we want Messi to win the UCL, why do we get mad at Poch for leaving and say they won’t win anything under him?

  4. Off topic, i don’t know if anyone noticed Napoli’s jersey against Inter. It had Diego on it! Although i don’t support any other team than my passion, my beloved Argentina, i respect Napoli a lot because they know how to appreciate and give credit when its due!

    They changed the stadium’s name to “estadio Diego Armando Maradona” and now, they continue to show their love to the greatest legend with this jersey! A very nice kit and jesture!

    • I noticed it a couple of days ago when they played Inter. Really nice to see them respect Diego like that. I am not sure though if it is a temporary kit or for the whole season, either way it’s a wonderful gesture

  5. Foyth against Cristiano.
    Already Foyth fooled Ronaldo..and CR fallen down. Good skill from Foyth.
    We will see today…what Foyth can do against Cristiano.

  6. I want to ask 3 questions to the people of this Forum :
    1)Joaquin Correra and Ocampos both are similar kind of player. Whom should Scaloni choose in qualifier?
    2)Why Icardi is not picked? Is this because of personal Scandal? Or any other reason?
    3)Don’t we have any better mid fielder than lo celso? My be he is creative but not a good in defense. Dont we need a box to box midfielder instead of lo celso? Some how I believe lo celso is over rated and we have better player in this position.

    • Ocampus and correa is the same to me.. both are very talented… hard choice to pick… icardi is personal scandal.. and buienda to me is more creative than lo celso..

    • I really don’t know why Icardi is still a topic on this site. Do people not read our comments explaining everything? It’s like our words go through deaf ears. Cox will write a long post explaining what Icardi has done and the next post you see is someone crying about how dumb Scaloni is to not have Icardi or something. Maybe you haven’t seen these comments so this will be the last time I’ll explain it.

      There are two reasons Icardi does not fit. A) is that he is a walking soap opera that destroys everything around him and B) he does not fit the Scaloni system. I don’t know which reason is the most important one for Scaloni’s decision but for sure the second reason backs him up even more.

      A) Icardi has a bad personal history. But that is not the main reason. People will tell you “we need to stop focussing on his wife” but that is ignoring everything else. Nobody cares about his wife. It’s the drama that comes with him and his wife. Look at the drama one month ago. Explain to me how even Icardi NOT being in the national team STILL managed to create rumors about De Paul being with the same woman Icardi has an affair with. De Paul had to deny them. By letting Icardi into the locker room you are also letting his wife into the locker room. She has him on a leash. Soon you will see drama in the media or online related to his wife and who knows what. We have a right knit locker room meanwhile European teams are having issues in their’s. Let’s take advantage of that, not bring in a poison that will bring us down. And it’s not just that. When Icardi was actually in the team, his wife started to make statements to the press complaining about the team and Sampaoli. Do we need that? No.

      And if that’s not enough for you, here is reason B) he does not fit Scaloni’s system. Scaloni wants a high pressing striker that can contribute to the game. Icardi is static and gets like ten touches per game. The only way he would work is at the end of games when we are sending in crosses or balls into the box when we desperately need a goal. Then he can finish for you. But is it worth bringing all of that drama only for a hypothetical situation at the 75th-80th minute? We score most of our goals in the first half. The second he plays as a starter we will suddenly play worse as a team, and then all of the people that were complaining during the Copa America will crawl out of their holes and call Scaloni an idiot for how we are playing.

      Whatever is the main reason for Scaloni, I don’t know. Maybe he cares more about the drama or maybe he cares more about the tactical side. But having both problems makes him completely unappealing. We should be able to understand that if Scaloni does not call him up, it’s for a REASON. He knows Icardi exists. He works with the players and we don’t

      • What do you mean by our comments?Are you an individual or a group of person? Why are you asking for so much of attention? Why should some follow your comments seriously? Strange person you are. Who is cox? Who asked you to comment. If you don’t like Icardi thats your problem. Who told you Icardi does not fit in scaloni’s system?

        • When I say our comments I am referring to other people that have also explained the issue with Icardi. Clearly you haven’t seen other comments in the past because you don’t know who I am referring to, you must be new. I am confused why you are getting offended at me commenting and saying “who asked me to comment”. Not sure if you remember but you asked a question. And I answered. Nobody “told” me Icardi doesn’t fit Scaloni’s system. He just doesn’t. It’s called watching games and knowing how player tactics work. Alario provides more in build up than Icardi.

          • No. I don’t agree with you. When did you see Alario performing well for Argentina. He is injured most of the time. Icardi plays for psg for a reason and Alario plays for a mid table club. Watch more and talk less.

          • Maybe you start watching games after Alario got injured and stop playing for Argentina.
            Again “watch more and talk less unless you have something meaningful to say”

    • Soumya

      I only comment about your last point. Do we have a better option for GLC? No we don’t.!.!
      If Lo Celso plays bad Argentina plays bad, we’ve seen that in the last games. We also so in a lot of Games that Lo Celso should’ve more assists then he has. He is leading in NT for assists in WCQ btw..
      And now Buendia again. No. First of all he can not play CM. He is a right winger! And also he is not mire creative then Lo Celso. Since joining Aston Villa he didn’t perform at all…

      • I never mentioned buendia but i believe there is better cm than GLC. Until and unless new player will get chance how we will able to know who is better. I have no doubt about de paul, paredes,guido. But i have doubt about lo celso. GLC is a good player but can’t defend well.

  7. I like Messi’s recent communications after the WC qualification. He seems to be in peace with himself. Most of the international players between 25-29 yo are ready and the new generation very promising too, Scaloni modernized the team with this high pressing/counter pressing. Argentina becomes a serious contender for the world cup again. There is still a lot to improve like testing 3412, finding a way to play both Messi and Dybala, ..etc.

  8. If Poch moves from PSG, it shows he has loser mentality and was lucky to get a job at Spurs as that were their standards. How can you run away from coaching Messi and Co and be able to challenge for UCL season after season to Man United. He was always a loser and glad he is not coaching Arg. NT.

    • Yes and agree ! Poch should stay at PSG and proved that he is the right choice PSG and coaching the super star. Not every successful coach can have chance to coach Messi, Neymar,Mbappe , Ramos, Angel Di Maria, Donarumma, Wijnaldum and Navas , not even dare to have a dream to have a complete team in each line. It’s a blessing for Poche and once in a life oppurtunity. His main focus is only to win the UCL

      It’s really stupid to leave the mega super star team and join the sinking ship and to start over again. I really don’t understand, Beside Paris is more comfortable and luxury to live than Manchester

      • Poch is a manager who challenge for title but will never win. United might be looking for that and if they get top four and shows that United is challenging for the title(never won it), Poch will have media on his side and have to never win anything and keep the job. While at PSG, Poch is at pressure to win big and he wont get constant baby sitting from Media hence he is trying to leave PSG. However i see difficult for United to get top four with City, liverpool and Chelsea locked spot and Conte might challenge last spot.

    • yes and no, in that kind of team, you need to manage ego, you have to follow the decisions made by the management on the players transfer and you need to play high quality football and win titles with the players that they chose. Pochettino has never been a great tactician, he has never won any title and he’s not comfortable for managing the stars, he’s more like a decent mentor for young players at Southampton and early Tottenham. His football style is more result-oriented and never been beautiful to watch. I think if he leaves for Man United, it’ll be a win-win for psg and him. But I agree with you that few people on this earth will leave Messi, Mbappe and Marquinhos for coaching Fred, Maguire and Wan-Bissaka.

      • agree. Poch is not great tactician(Mourniho, simeone, Pep) or winnner(zidane). These kind of managers are suited at mid table teams as you rightly pointed out.

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