Jose Luis Palomino scores for Atalanta in 3-3 draw vs. Young Boys


Jose Luis Palomino scored for Atalanta in their 3-3 draw vs. Young Boys.

Palomino scored Atalanta’s second goal in their 3-3 draw. With the score at 1-1, a cross was sent into the penalty area and the ball would fall to Palomino who was on the edge of the penalty area and his strike would beat the goalkeeper and give Atalanta the 2-1 lead.


  1. As far as I know Poch doesn’t have much say on who to buy, it’s Leolardo who decided it. If so, it’s hard to blame Poch here, he couldn’t get defenders he want.

    Except Marquinhos, the rest seems really poor.

  2. PSG was already poor in defending due to 3 forwards not contributing in defense (even though MNM were pressing whenever possible today) and most importantly zero chemistry between their Midfield and defense but their attack was also looking quite mediocre today!! Last match against Nantes after Neymar was subbed, Messi became the go-to man and all of a sudden PSG started to create chances out of nowhere. The more ball Messi sees, the more chances he will create. Neymar and Mbappe should come to terms that when it comes to creating chances there is no one better than Leo, so PSG’s midfield should always look for Messi and Messi only. Whenever Leo receives less passes he seems to drift further down the midfield and today he spent a lot of the time in his own half looking for the ball.

    In the 2nd half today, don’t have the exact timestamp but PSG was counter attacking City, and both Mbappe and Messi were available to pass but Neymar chose Mbappe who wasted the chance and was dispossessed. Messi is half fit , is receiving only 50% of the ball he is used to receiving and still making things happen in the field. If Poch wants this team to improve then will have to stand up to the players and make Messi the pivot of the team. He also seems to be under tremendous pressure from the upper management to keep Mbappe happy and that is why he wants to get the fcuk outta there. The reason Leonardo and PSG is looking to bring in Zidane is , they think he might be able to persuade Mbappe to stay at PSG but it doesn’t seem like he will stick with his current club next season. If the present situation continues then PSG should be knocked out in the 2nd round, they don’t have the midfield and defense to proceed any further than the round of 16. PSG’s defense reminds me of Argentina’s fragile defense of 2018!!

  3. Psg defence seems to be worst than Barca. Everytime opponent enters the final third, they had no idea what to do. City was able to put very simple cross that shaved their goaline multiple times.

    Marquinhos almost gets an own goal and having poor marking against G Jesus. Messi should have had second assist but Neymar had poor finishing.

    Paredes was great , Di Maria looked isolated on the right with nobody to connect. I could see Bayern thrashing them with defence like that.

    • What a poor analyze. Marquinhos save a defense all the time. The defender are alwas alone because Messi, Mbappe and Neymar dont help in defense… What do you expect from them ? All the time exposed!

      Dont blame the defense tonight. The problem is the midfield and the offense

        • Do you know football ? A striker have to make some pressing and help his defense like the defender try to help the offense … Football is not 2 team : one to defende, one to attack … City, Bayern or Chelsea dont have supestars but they are the best team because the players plays all together.

          Yeah the MSN stopped to doing defensive works after 2015… It’s why they never won a Champion’s League again

    • Football is a team sport. If you attack and defend as a team, with spirit and pressing you can win and play well.

      PSG is not a Football Team. I dont know if the problem is the Qatar, Pochetino of the players, probably all have their responsability but this team will go anywhere

    • Mbappe always plays alone, he always stays far away from Messi and tries to takes defenders on his own. MSN used to play close to each other doing short passing play.

      Also , Neymar already losing alot of his pace and he’s not even 30 yet. Few years ago, he’d scored that chance from Messi’s pass easily.

    • He was playing well at the beginning but after that the game has gone mostly in City’s favor which means the ball is not reaching the front three much

    • maybe it’s time to understand than Messi is not injury anymore but is a 34y old guy who look physicaly totaly done.

      His physical condition is terrible. Not help by no training camp and travel in Argentina with 90 minutes at every match …. Not the best way to be fit.

      Actually he just cant play at this level of intensity because he have no intensity in his game anymore. We will wait until january but im very worry

    • Licha Martinez is amazing..! He deserves to be in first eleven. He has the defensive skills as well as ball playing ability . He should be our DM instead of Parades/ Rodrigue.

  4. It has been decided that the Italy – Argentina game will be played in Wembley in England. Not sure how I feel about that, it would have been nice for it to be in a stadium where Maradona played

  5. Two good games for our boys

    Lautaro with Inter. A must win game. Good chance to wrap up round of 16 today
    Messi against Man City. Hope he keeps up his form against Pep teams.

    On the topic of Icardi below. More non-sense drama came out today. With all taken into account, its better to keep him away from the team. But we do need some firepower upfront. For me Lautaro is undisputed number 1. Scaloni likes running forwards, hence Correa. Wish we could move Messi further up, no one is more clinical than him. I don’t see anyone breaking through.

  6. solid performance of otamendi in this 3 men defense 👏, barca under xavi is a different team, very amazed by busquets who becomes the busquets of the national team. when you have a regista and if you put him in good condition, you can really have the control of the game, that is what Scaloni need to do with Paredes

  7. soumya

    in your post when you speak with my friend Olive yesterday i was mentioned.
    So who am i? i am an Argentinian River plate fan from Cordoba that from May of 2018 i start be here post occationally my opinions. you was insult my friend Olive because he post his opinion to you in the time YOU ask people their opinion about Icardi among your other questions.
    So my friend Olive answer to you so don t speak rude to him why he speak.

    Secondly i am SICK and TIRED about Icardi saga anymore that is why i will not say much more. it is not your fault that you don t follow what is happening in Argentina. you don t have to of course BUT Olive or me we don t have the time to write A BOOK to you about your question about Icardi for you understand. Simple question that need A BOOK as answer.
    so here is A SMALL summary to answer to you WHY Icardi is out. some of the reasons.
    1.He and his wife/manager insult big the national team coach and players in year 2018 when we was strugle to qualify for world cup. (it was everywhere in media of the can find). That caused incredible problems inside and outside national team locker room.

    2.His manager have big influence in local media and friends that will make her favor to promote her husband. that have big danger to create several problems between the national team players relations (which is not the best anyway since Maxi lopez saga). very easyly can be damaged the chemistry and balance of our team again inside locker room.

    3.Icardi is not in level of form that can make Scaloni think to RISK all the up i wrote for a striker with uncertain results.

    4.Icardi s character is very unbalanced and this is something everybody know in coaching staff and in AFA. His personal life drama that every time brake up sooner or later is always big concern. (he is very often in media worldwide not for footballreasons but for wrong reasons).

    5.Recently he “met” with an actress in a hotel in Paris and start again the saga in media bla bla bla bla.
    As Icardi admit to his psg teammates she was just a friend and they didn t have sex.
    well nobody really cares exept his wife if he did what he did in hotel with the actress but guess what? few days after Icardi s “friend” send a video in 4 national team players mobiles with her doing….things !!! the bad luck for Icardi and rest of our national team players was that this video was seen from wives of players in their mobiles and one of them send it to Icardi wife as evidence !!!
    Icardi s wife of course is not a woman that keep her mouth closed and…….the rest is known.

    so yes after all this and much more I REALLY WONDER. why Icardi is still out from national team?
    Olive my friend did you see? i said i will not write so much but my small answer is like a book ha ha ha
    and imagine that this is just a summary from a part i know about Icardi s saga !!!
    imagine if i want to write all of what i remember or know about his saga ha ha
    Man i can write a book ha ha

      • ha ha God bless you yes 🙂 🙂 🙂

        man now that you say i am thinking that if i had keep all the newspapers and magazines that happened to read about Icardi and his wife all this years sure now i could write that book ha ha ha
        i could earn something from that at least he he
        Imagine that i could have material from 2001 till our days !!!
        in 2001 it was when Maxi Lopez promoted from our River plate young team to our senior team and it was the beginning to the majority of River plate fans like me that we learn for him. it was the beginning of saga to me ha ha !!!

    • Scaloni not picking Icardi seems to be strictly due to footballing reasons. He simply doesn’t fit the style of Scaloni’s strategy and also his lack of playing time at PSG and form isn’t helping his case. However, you can’t deny the fact that we also need a backup to Lautaro and right now non of the available options have impressed so far when it comes to goal scoring.

      • everything is connected to football. when it was the last time you read something good for Icardi about football?
        Personally i read for his life mess mostly than football reasons.

        • His prime was his 1st 6 months with PSG under Tuchel, he tried to play outside the box and combine with others, he also made lot of defensive efforts, a really new Icardi but after this 6 months he lost his motivation on the pitch and was not even in the list for the final 8 of UCL. As of now, no big club will be interested in him and smaller clubs cannot afford his salary.

    • After this I am done talking about Icardi. If people still do not realize then it is worthless. In order to explain everything it really does take a book. Cox, I think you should be good script writer for an Icardi saga show. Since he is not focused on football much anymore he would be successful on reality tv haha.

      As you know tomorrow is River – Racing. For some reason I had a dream that we could not score a goal and lost in the last minute and woke up thinking we lost the whole league. Either way it’s almost impossible for us not to become campeones. I hope it happens tomorrow though. Forgive me for not knowing, but will the trophy for this come out on the last match day or tomorrow if we win?

  8. Rulli is one of the most inconsistent Argentine players ever. He is talented, no doubt about that but his lapses and bad decision making might cost him being relegated to the bench.

    Foyth is Foyth, can be a rock defensively when focused, I think he can be especially good as right CB in a back 3 but you never know what sort of brain fart to expect from him at any given moment. Never convinced me as a RB though, in that position he plays like a DM with a great passing range but no verticality and ability to stick to the byline, provide width, overlap and cross, they way Molina and Montiel are capable of.

    Also, Otamendi was immense vs Barcelona, a vintage performance.

    • Since Foyth’s departure to Villarreal his decision making has improved. To improve decision making one needs game time

  9. Rulli is not a NT material. He doesn’t have the balls, when he faced Cristiano as he conceeded two error prone goals from CR over the two legs, which were easily savable if he was a WC keeper.
    Maybe he’s good in saving some shots, but horrible in decision making. He acted like a clown when there was heavy press from ManUtd.

    On the other hand, Sergio Romero is getting himself back to his usual self. I hope he has a redemption season.

  10. https: // www. youtube. com/watch?v=p38At-VpPys

    Icardi doesn’t seem to mind training with his albiceleste homies!!

    **Delete the spaces in the url.

  11. A lot of fuss going around with Poch – he should do this and not do this lab lab la. Poch should do what he is planning to do. Let him live his life wherever he wants to.

  12. Ocampos with another excellent performance. Man of the match by whoscored.
    Last 5 games, he scored 3, and assisted 2. Clearly he’s back to his best.

    • Honestly I think he may even exceed his best and go beyond what he’s done before. Hope he maintains this form and he’s definitely making a case to get back into Scaloni’s plans. Really good improvement after an average 20/21 season.

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