Angel Di Maria scores, Lionel Messi 3 assists for PSG in 3-1 win vs. Saint-Etienne


Angel Di Maria scored as Lionel Messi assisted the three goals for PSG in their 3-1 win vs. Saint-Etienne.

Di Maria continued his great form this season aa he acored for the second match in a row in the league. It was Saint-Etienne who scored first but they were also down to 10 men after being red carded.

Lionel Messi got his first assist of the match. It was a PSG free kick as he sent in a cross which found Marquinhos who headed the ball to draw PSG level.

Messi would skip around one defender and play an outside of the foot pass to Di Maria who placed the ball into the corner of the goal to give PSG the 2-1 lead. Messi would also have the third assist.

The Argentine would cross the ball into the penalty area and Marquinhos, like the first goal, would head the ball and score.


  1. well, i believe on this site Messi’s 7th ballon is not something to
    be that much excited about.

    we all know that Leo is best player in the history. all these awards
    are not that meaningful anymore. he is just the best one.
    and we all here know that.

    so yeah, congrats to Leo. but Copa was WAY more important.

    • The Argentina superstar has once again been named the best player on the planet..

      Congrats Leo, you deserve it.. Ruling European & south American football more than a decade.

      More than playing class football, Messi’s consistency & Professionalism keep him better than other players

    • It is still very exciting. We won’t be seeing a face of our player for long, once Messi is gone. No matter how much we know, the recognition is always important. This award is an outcome of the Copa america win, not to be compared against each other.

  2. Balon d’or is happening right now… Lewandowski won best striker so far.. messi has on his glittering tux… gio reyna rank 8th best young player.. we could have convinced him to play for us…

    • Emi Martinez wasn’t in top 5 for best goalie.. but Ederson was.. maybe he won premiere league.. but EMI won copa.. so I don’t know y.. cr7 rank 6th.. not in top 5

      • If Emi was playing at any other club, he would be there. We like it or not, the brand matters. You need to play at top clubs and top tournaments.

        For me Emi is a top 5 GK. Hope he holds the form for long.

  3. I believe Messi’s situation at PSG will get better from what I saw yesterday. What was really missing in PSG is the quality of getting the ball out of the defense from their defenders and midfielders. That’s why you have feeling that the ball never arrived at Messi or in a very bad condition and the team was cut into 2. Now PSG has Ramos back, Di Maria in the starting 11 and probably Paredes soon, there should be much more fluidity and the team will be much more compact, like yesterday. That should allow to put Messi in a good condition.

    On the other hand, upset for Papu, he was one of the best playmakers in Europe when he played for Atalanta, now his current coach is destroying his end of career by using him as a winger, stuck to the line. I think FC Sevilla should play much better than that with the players they have.

  4. Yes, it was an average match from Messi as per his own standards but the assist to setup Dimaria’s goal was nothing but spectacular. Had anybody else done that Espn pundits would be labeling it assist of the week.

    Unquestionably, ever since that Venezuela match Leo hasn’t been able to produce his usual best. He has been clearly playing with injury and has been avoiding any kind of tackles resulting in constant loss of possession, but he seems to be gradually recovering now. Once he is fully fit he will be back to his clinical best, currently he is still missing quite a few number of chances (21 shots to score his first ligue 1 goal). Mbappe has also been missing a lot of very good chances but since he receives 70% of the final ball , he tends to score atleast once and avoids criticism. Neymar on the other hand has been totally out of form!

    We all know the more ball Messi receives the more chances he will create for the team but due to brain dead PSG’s midfielders & defenders tendency or call it a habit to look for Neymar and Mbappe, Leo has been receiving uncommonly low number of passes. Horrible thing to say but Neymar’s injury might just be blessing in disguise for both PSG and Messi. Now imbecile PSG midfielders and incompetent defenders will be forced to look for Messi more. With Neymar gone for atleast 3 months, could also be 6 months depending on how bad was the injury, Pochettino will be able to field an extra midfield player to help the team to keep posession and defend. I prefer he plays Parades regularly as he undeniably has been performing better than his overrated team mates. I am also glad that Messi is feeling the heat of criticism from his haters asking to retire as he completely shaved his horrendous beard and looked like a 25 year old again!!

    • I wasn’t fan of Neymar but I have to say he has really adjusted his behavior and his playing style significantly in order to help his club. For example he played almost as a central midfielder and accepted to defend, tried to combine with Messi for putting him in the shooting position, ..etc. But seems nothing really works despite his professionalism. Now without him, I think Di Maria will be automatically in the starting 11 and Mbappe probably has more room on the left. I am not PSG expert but will probably put a guy like Wijnaldum as defensive false 9 so that Messi can stay in his position of 10. In any case, Di Maria’s playing time shouldn’t depend on Neymar, in this team, he’s important for the transition. Ultimately he should be always used as central midfielder who plays on the right from time to time like yesterday.

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