Lionel Messi wins record 7th Ballon d’Or, thanks Argentina team mates


Lionel Messi won a record 7th Ballon d’Or on Monday.

Messi continues to break records, this time breaking one of his own. The Argentine won his and all time record 7th Ballon d’Or as he edged out Robert Lewandowski to the award.

It was Luis Suarez who presented him with the award as the two friends hugged it out om stage. Messi won the Copa del Rey with FC Barcelona while also winning the Pichichi, the award given to La Liga’s highest goalscorer that season. With the Argentina national team, Messi won the Copa America while also being the top goal scorer and the best player of the Copa America. Here is what he said during his speech:

“Today I’m here in Paris. I am very happy, really, very happy, I really want to continue to fight and reach new objectives. I don’t know how many more years but I am really enjoying myself. I thank my team-mates at Barça, Paris & Argentina”.

He also mentioned Robert Lewandowski:

“Robert, you deserve your Ballon D’Or. Last year, everyone was in agreement to say that you were the big winner of this award.”

The Argentine also thanked the Argentina national team:

“I especially want to thank the squad and the coaching staff of the Argentina national team. I was able to achieve the dream I wanted so much. In the end, it happened and this award is in large part of what we did at the Copa America. This is part of them.”


  1. These but hurt Europeans and CR7 supporters have been crying for over a decade now!! Look at the list of winners of laliga since 2006, Barcelona has won it 9 times and ended up as runners-up 5 times. In 2006 Messi was already a starter at Barcelona!! Champions league and World cup requires some sort of luck factor but when it comes to leagues pure consistency can only get you 9 la-ligas in 15 yrs!! The only people who dislike and hate Messi are Cr7 supporters and these European fanatics! Rest of the world has a different perspective! They see a player who have been playing a level above rest of world class players for over a decade but has been extremely unlucky! Had it not been for our imbecile managers and their inept decision makings , Argentina and Messi could have 2 to 3 world cups! If Goals wins you the award then why didn’t Messi win it in 2017 and 2018!! In case of Jorginio , he was part of a team that won the Champions league and Euro, could his team win those titles without him, absolutely. Could the Barca team with all the washed-up an overrated players compete with the two Madrid teams without Messi for 4 seasons straight, definitely no! Could Argentina win the Copa without Messi hello NO!!

    These pundits and haters have a memory of gold-fish. Once Messi is fully fit and starts to play like his usual self, he will silent all of his critics! With Neymar gone for at least 3 months, they say its 8 weeks but for that kind of injury to fully heal and be match fit it takes 3 to 6 months! Messi will not only receive more passes , he will be the center of every PSG attack and we all know what Messi can do when he leads the attack!!

        • If Mo Salah continues what he has been doing in recent weeks with amazing dribbles and goals, he will be a contender for sure. His moves are looking like Messi is his prime. Great stuff to watch.

  2. Man when I saw Lewa second place and got only 33 votes behind Messi, I am like. Ok Europe still want their hero to be there. Thanks God Europe only have 45 countries otherwise he would be the most undeserved ballon d’or of all time. I mean so little achievement and a failure in Euro 2020 (FIRST round exit and bottom of the group)? Seriously?? Last year I agree Lewa would have won Ballon D’or as he won a lot, but NOT in 2021.

    For me it is just a political thing to me. Europe just want to have at least one representation there that be the best or challenges the best.

    Seriously man, if Bayern had no Lewandowski, they would have won the league EASILY and whoever their 9 would have been, would still look really good as Bayern themselves are a superb team with or without Lewandowski.

    Barca without Messi? Argentina without Messi? They are nowhere near the best.

    • I can’t believe Lewa was just 33 points short of Messi either! Like I said earlier, if CR7 had Lewa’s stats this time, he would have won it over Messi.

      Messi would have won in 2014, and maybe even more that I can’t remember them all.

      • I am not a fan of CR7 at all but I do agree that he’s the second best in Messi’s era. If we put CR7 in Bayern as number 9; he would have scored 70 goals every season.

        If we would have put Lewa in Juventus, Juventus wouldn’t have made the CL last year. I mean let alone Messi, Lewa is not even in CR7 league.

        • You cant hide behind the fact that Poland is a “weak” team. Come on Poland is not Liechtenstein or San Marino. Being a super star if you fail to bring your team go really far in an important tournament like Euro, that means you are a BIG failure.

          Think about CR7 this year. Why does he finish only 6th? Because of Portugal poor performance in Euro, that’s all. Had Portugal won the tournament, he would have challenged Messi for Ballon d’or for sure.

          Then Lewandowski, everyone says he plays for a weak country. But actually not weak, it is above average among all European teams. So if in 3 Euro games, their record was 1 draw and 2 losses. And finished bottom of the group, what makes the voters think that he deserved to be only 33 votes shorts of Messi’s?

          Where is his impact on the whole team? Modric Croatia was also not that strong. Croatia was only a dark horse, was not even considered one of the favorites, but look at his impact in WC 2018.

  3. On his 5th Ballon d’Or here in Mundo we had a quiz about how many more Ballon d’Or he is gonna win? My prediction was 3 and till now he got 2 …so please please Messi win the WC and make my prediction true!!!

  4. 7 , now thats a horror number for CR & Brazil.

    Congrats Leo! Winning Copa America in Brazil beating Brazil in final was already bigger but this one just icing on the cake.

  5. This man, much younger to me, have given me so much joy! Brought smiles in the face, in good times, in tough times! I have seen many great players, but no one created magic so consistently and for so long.

    You deserve it all LEO!! Go and get the WC!! The world owes you one.

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