Former Argentina, Inter, Sunderland player Ricky Alvarez retires at 33 years old


Ricky Alvarez has decided to retire from football.

Alvarez, still only 33 years old, will retire from football at the end of this season. Currently with childhood club Velez Sarsfield, he was part of the Argentina national team squad which made the final of the 2014 World Cup. He was substituted in for Lionel Messi where he played 18 minutes.

A career full of injuries, he joined Inter from Velez where he spent four years at the club, one of which was at Sunderland on loan. After that he would go to Sampdoria before joing Atlas and going back to Velez.

He now joins Martin Demichelis, Ezequiel Garay, Hugo Campagnaro, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Maxi Rodriguez, Jose Maria Basanta, Pablo Zabaleta, Fernando Gago, Javier Mascherano and Augusto Fernandez as retired players from that 2014 Argentina team.


  1. Lewandowski won best attacker during Balon d’ Or.
    But there was no prize for best defender or midfielder.
    That is just weird.

    • Because it was a consolation prize because they were not giving balondor to Lewandowski so they created best striker award and also created best goalkeeper award

  2. Messi will sure showoff his latest addition to his trophy cabinet before the game starts tomorrow at the Parc des princes ………………….a scene we witnessed so many times in the past but this one is SPECIAL because its directly related to what he accomplished with the NT.
    We all know what is said about “opinions” they are like ………..and everyone got one!
    All the Christina lovers expected what?? for her to win it? LOL or hoping anybody but that DAMN Messi hehehe
    I’m looking forward to watching Messi play without Neymar tomorrow and forward and he will show us more highlights to come.

  3. ESPN FC keeps proving they’re harsh on Argentinians… In their top 100 yearly list, Emi is the 9th goalkeeper. Romero didnt even make the list for top10 cbs. RDP isnt even there.

    • To be honest, espn doesn’t care about futbol. They don’t even cover it. Never a great source for futbol which is why they took down the comment sections years ago as writers were constantly criticized. About a year and a half ago, I sent them a message because they never updated the French Ligue 1 on their website. They still had Ibrahimovic in PSG as the top scorer. They updated it within an hour after my message. It’s sad really.

      When you hear their commentators, it’s as if they grabbed random people who don’t know about the sport to comment. The ones that played for US are biased and have a fixation on English Premiere. Really US culture has a crush on English culture. From coverage of queen/so-called royal family, to actors, news media, etc. England is still the master of USA in the shadows.

    • First of all I really can’t understand y give ESN so much attention, if you don’t agree with their opinions or if their opinions annoy u so much then stop watching them, life is 2 short.
      Second thing is that they’re not harsh on Argentines, Lauren’s favorite player is messi, Nickel and Hutchinson consider Maradona the best of all time, while Dan Harris was defending Messi’s win yesterday…..oh and Zabaleta is one of the pundits.

  4. Jose perkerman will be Valenzuela manager and he will take currently Argentina under 20 coach Fernando batista with him as assistant… mascherano will be favourite to be new under 20 arg coach.


  5. F*****g Haters and English Press and Ronaldo’s Ass lickers , they really Piss me off

    They are so snobby towards Copa and Messi

    They are super Bitter

  6. In final 2014, instead of Gago, he should have entered the field in second half. We needed someone who could hold and progress the ball. And Lavezzi should have not been taken off.

    Argentina lost the final due to bad substitutions from Sabella. Germany had total control after those subs and our attacking threat was non existent.

  7. CONGRATS Boss of Bosses and as ridiculous as it might seem, Messi could have had “NINE” Ballon d’ORs by now if not more had it not been for the 3 ARG finals lost and Barcelona’s squandering of their opportunity due to lack of proper coaching and serious mismanagement of their assets and players!!!

    And Of course Messi can’t be in the limelight and not annoy her majesty ……..the following was from ESPN

    ” Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo has slammed Ballon d’Or organiser and editor-in-chief of France Football Pascal Ferre, saying that Ferre “lied” about his rivalry with Lionel Messi and used Ronaldo’s name to “promote his publication.”

    Ferre told the New York Times last week that Ronaldo’s only career ambition was to win more awards than Messi.

    The Portugal international has five awards while Messi has six and is favourite to win the 2021 edition.

    “Ronaldo has only one ambition, and that is to retire with more Ballons d’Or than Messi,” Ferre said. “I know that because he has told me.”
    Who doesn’t know about HER obsession by trying to up Messi on everything football and yet failed miserably.

    • .

      Imagine Argentina fell into playoff spot.. Messi would be roundly criticized! CR couldnt help Portugal in last 2 crucial games , no league title, no CL, no Euro, nothing but scoring a multiple penalties in Euro. He deserves the 6th spot. It should have been lower though.

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