Javier Mascherano to reportedly become new Argentina U20 coach


Javier Mascherano will reportedly become the new coach of the Argentina U20 team.

Mascherano is set to replace current Argentina U20 coach Fernando Batista. According to a report by Hernan Castillo, Batista will be joining Jose Pekerman as Pekerman will coach the Venezuelan national team. Mascherano would be his replacement.



  1. In my opinion we can’t compare Messi playing in Paris to his game in Barcelona or Argentina. Messi isn’t in a good form no need to deny that but additional to that he seems not being involved in the build up as much as he used to be in Barca or Argentina. Barcelonas game was always on his favor. Many times he is overlooked by his team mates and mbappe depending on his form and mood acts very selfish 😒

  2. The sooner they Get rid of Pochetino the Better

    The guy just can’t cut it

    He was out coached again

    If it wast Messi why would I bother with PSG

  3. Yes, Messi is not at 100%, but this PSG is looking like Bauza’s Argentina. There is no off the ball movement. There is a moment in 77 mins where there are 9 players in the Nice’s half and all static. Well now you cannot say it was because of MNM and lack of pressing. To be honest, I am getting a little bored and pissed with this pressing that the English have suddenly woken up to and started talking.

    Ramos will be critical. He can possibly break the lines like Pique did, or even earlier Rafa Marquez. But I am not sure if Poch has any idea.

  4. New very poor game for Leo …

    He miss a incredible situation. His shoot .. i never saw it before from him, he is so out of his normal level of confidence.

    But worst than that its always his physical condition. He cant run anymore even with the ball, he is so slow, cant dribble anymore, He cant make himself in good position because now defender are more fast than him… become old is a curse …

    • Messi was their best player today! How many through ball did he provide to the overrated PSG players? His pass to Mbappe which he missed , that was a sitter he missed! Messi only had one chance today and it was a quite difficult chance tbh! He had one/tenth of a sec to shoot! May be you should take a break from football!

      • Bro … you are a fan, we are a fan… but to lie to yourself is not a solution. If you tell me Messi was good tonight you are in another world.

        in 90 minutes Messi give a good pass to Mbappe (for a terrible fail) and … it’s all. We talk about Messi ! Messi ! Dont tell me what we see is a “good game” for Messi ! He cant even dribble, he is slow like hell, have no inspiration, fails pass and offensive … It’s a terrible Messi now

        • The match I watched , Messi created chances after chances and was pressing and tracking back whenever possible! He looked quite sharp! But as usual he received extremely low amount of passes again!!

          • stop to watch Sofascore. I watched the game, Messi was horrible, and all the journalist in france are very worried and said his game was horrible … again.

            Messi is my favorite player ever, but to said he was good, he made pressing or he had a impact on the team is a lie ! The Messi since the begin of the season with the PSG is horrible, far far far from his normal level. he miss all his dribble, dont have impact, look deconnected and a easy target for the defenders. He miss control or shoot he never missed before, The guy we see is not Messi.

            You can continue to pretend he is good, made a good game and everything is the fault of his teamate but the reality is with the Ball he is not Messi and without he is totaly disconnect to help the team and a problem.

            In City, Bayern or Liverpool every people make pressing. Messi have never been very active for it but now its even worst.

    • I haven’t seen the match but just looking at the line up I can say, midfield is shit.
      Either Pochettino is clueless or he is just buying time.
      Ramos was the reason Messi got the 2 assists out of 3. You need a player who can break plays and transition from midfield to final thirds

      • Hakimi is one of the player that’s holding PSG back! He has been nothing but a headless chicken!! Other that running back and forth he provides absolutely nothing!!

    • What’s the common denominator between Christina, Kroos, Iker, Muller and Matthaus????
      They are ALL IDIOTS and boy oh boy Jealousy killed the cat as in P****y as in Christina…….poor bastard is steaming LOL this dumb F*** never misses an opportunity to show how much of a jerkoff she is and it never gets old.
      Had the shoe been on the other foot, Messi would have NEVER said anything to deter from her majesty winning the ballon

  5. This is why I hated Cuti Romero going to Tottenham. This is a team where players are often injured. Additionally, the premier league is not for Argentines – too much toll on the body with crazy schedules, refs don’t protect players. It’s the most overrated league where people think that the French league is farmers yet Kante and other French players came from second division and have bossed this league – anyways that’s another topic.

    One thing I have to say about Cuti Romero (and I reserved my opinion) is this: Although he is an exceptional tackler and the best defender we’ve had in a long time, he often makes hard tackles without regard for his body. Often times I see him plant his foot in front of the attacking player and I say to myself he could have broken his leg. His style of play reminds me of Matthijs de Ligt – who was amazing at Ajax, before the Juventus move where he also got injured. I want him to protect himself more like Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Chiellini, etc.

    I hope this injury doesn’t slow him down or become reoccurring like Emanuel Mammana, Ezequiel Garay, etc.

    Overall Cuti is a world-class defender – the best we’ve had in the last 15yrs (and he did this in a short period of time). Just wish he stayed in Italy for one more year and avoided the overrated money machine that is the English league.

    • I think some people are misled to believe this injury happened at Tottenham – it’s the injury he suffered playing against Brazil. Either way I am skeptical about Tottenham’s ability to recover players successfully. It seems that many of our players injuries have coincidentally ended right when our games start, meaning that many have been called up to work on recovery and have tightly made it to games. I hope Cuti’s injury is the same and he is able to be called up mid January and can work with our AFA staff who have been good at getting players going again. I don’t trust him to be fully in Tottenham’s graces. Either way it is worrying for such a good player as him to have an injury like this, let’s pray it’s the only time it happens and he comes back to his original form

  6. I can see Mascherano becoming a great coach. Defensive Midfielders read the game better than others. I know it’s too soon but I can imagine the headlines: “Mascherano FINALLY wins with NT… as a manager!” In other news: “Omega virus variant… CDC says 100th booster shot is required”

  7. Love this!!! I wish him all the success in the world, I have faith el jefecito is going to be one of the greats one day.
    Will always be one of my favorite players of all time. He had the heart of a warrior.

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