Rodrigo De Paul, Angel Correa score for Atletico Madrid in 3-1 win vs. FC Porto


Rodrigo De Paul and Angel Correa both scored for Atletico Madrid in their 3-1 win vs. FC Porto.

De Paul had one of his best performances for Atletico Madrid as the Argentine ran the midfield and scored. But it was Angel Correa that made it 2-0 for Atletico Madrid.

Angel Correa was played in on goal as the Argentine ran towards the FC Porto back line and a right footed finish made it 2-0 for Atletico Madrid and his first in the Champions League this season.

The third Atletico Madrid goal was all about De Paul. The Argentine stole the ball out wide as he drifted towards goal. De Paul would play a pass into the penalty area as the ball would fall back to him and he would score. These were his match numbers:

6 Clearances
5/10 Duels Won
4/4 Succ. Tackles
3 Interceptions
13 Recoveries



  1. Maybe because Dybala has a babyface like Messi. I mean, Emi Martinez looks much older than Messi & Dybala, and he’s still in his 20s lol

    Also, since CRy7 left, Dybala finally played with confidence again. He looks fresher and more determined than in past few years. Plus he’s been injured quite often in last few seasons.

    • I know it’s been a few days already but can’t believe its been 3 years. Like you say it feels like yesterday. Every time I see Pity’s goal it makes me so happy. I will actually consider watching full replays of both final games and the final against Brazil in a couple of weeks.

  2. Olive my friend very good news.
    Gallardo will stay in RIVER for at least one more year !!!
    wonderful news my friend. i am so happy.

          • dude, gallardo is a great manager that is staying at River. Thats why its good thing.

            Also see comment Nabeelamigoz and Cox below about helping the league as well.

          • exept the fact that Olive and me we are River plate fans so for obvious reasons we are happy for Gallardo stay with us
            for national team is good also because strong Argentine clubs and strong Argentine league means much easyer build of a strong Argentine national team in short and long term.

          • Yes I agree 100%. For him to stay in River is good for the league and also is great for representation of Argentina in the Libertadores. There was a crazy stat I read that River with Gallardo beat Brazilian clubs more or as many times (I can’t remember) than River ever did before him. Gallardo is very smart and he knows how to deal with young talent, he knows how to incorporate them not too fast and not too slow. That is good for the National team in the long run when you consider the amount of players we have sold to Europe and young players we have coming through. Take for instance Montiel, the experience of playing intense do-or-die matches with River under Gallardo while going deep into the Libertadores or winning it undoubtedly gave him the ability to play such a good final against Brazil, despite never having played in Europe at that stage. While it may be interesting for Gallardo to coach a top club in Europe it is a lot better for us as either River or Argentina fans to have him stay than just work with one or two Argentinians in another club.

            And thank you cox for explaining about Brito. I understand how it works now.

    • Yes I am very very happy. I was so nervous because I can’t imagine River without Gallardo now. It was a surprise for him to announce it today. It has been a crazy few weeks as a River fan.

      I was planning on asking you, what do you think about Jorge Brito being elected? Personally I am very out of touch with the politics in the club, so I have many questions. Was he your preferred candidate? He was selected by 70% which seems positive. It also looks like a good sign that in his first few days we are paying off debt, have renewed Gallardo, and are most likely going to get Quintero back. The start of this new era seems to be going really well. I hope that now they take advantage of this next year to select or better decide a future replacement for Gallardo, so we don’t get into a situation where he leaves without certainty like almost just happened.

      But anyway, I am very excited for this next year, and so relieved he is not leaving.

      • as Marcelo said he did it today because to put off the stress from people and all the River family. he wanted tomorrow all together without any worries we enjoy and celebrate in Monumental the 3 years anniversary from Madrid final. tomorrow we have something like festival.
        As about elections yes. i wanted Brito wins because he was vice president all this years beside D Onofrio and he runs many important affairs of River successfully. Beside that he was the right hand of D Onofrio and that means that everything will continue as it was till now. we will have same continuety as like if D Onofrio is in charge. if Trillo won or Caselli we could have major upheaval inside team because many reasons which it need long to explain you now. So yes. elections gone as i prefered. this was the best for our team i believe my friend. In case you wonder why D Onofrio didn t be candidate in this elections the reason is that he was president 8 years and River constitution don t allow any president to be elected for third time. So he supported Brito to be his succesor and stand beside his campain all this months to continue his “legacy”.

    • Gallardo staying at River is not just good for River also for the whole nation as he will bring more competitors and increase the standard of the whole legue plus he will unearth potential of youngsters
      Very good news for all argentina fans

      • the truth is Gallardo working so much with young players and that help in their development. that bennefit and our national team too in long term for future so yes you are right.

  3. Yesterday I saw some good stuff of Messi with PSG, mainly due to Wijnaldum who was there to cover Messi in attack when he dropped deep and pressed the opponents which allowed Messi to stay in his zone. I think he may be the solution to bring the best of Messi. This double false 9 along with Mbappe as left forward looks promising.

    Di Maria was ok, a very beautiful assist for Mbappe but lot of wrong decision making, he has a fast fullback next to him but most of the time he just ignored him. Icardi was about to score, I think super sub for the last 10-15 minutes is really what he can do for now with this team. His playing style is too different from Mbappe and Messi. He won’t be efficient if he is in the 11.

    Paredes could be only the 2nd option of regista now as Pochettino seems to prefer Verratti in this position. I am not so worried about his situation as the Italian only plays few months per year.

    Overall I saw some progress from Pochettino’s tactics, he was more involved too. If Ramos comes back in the starting 11, this team would improve in the ball possession, which should be better for Messi.

  4. I often said that Messi is a better human being than a footballer and it shows in his relationships with current and former teammates. Barcelona had Neymar and Suarez and both LOVE him to death why? because the way he treated them when they came to his club and the list of players goes on and on which also includes Vidal and Bravo and a whole host of players you wouldn’t expect to like him.
    Mbappe might not have been keen on having Messi on his team at first and all that changed in a matter of 2 months or so and it shows on the pitch…………of course, the same can’t be said about Her majesty and Zlatan ……speaking of which, the Big Man Loved and always praised Messi as the best of the best even though both were competing for goals and recognition on the same team.
    I personally want Messi to excel where ever he plays, I want to see that smile and celebrations after scoring before he hangs it up and maybe we hope and pray, a THIRD STAR will be added to the shirt

    • Messi is going through his worst run this season but he already has 6 goals and 3 assists for PSG in 14 appearances. He has also hit the goal post quite a few times already!

  5. I read that Lewandowski is super upset about not winning the Ballon D’or. Lol. Nice try. He is not even in Messi’s league. One of the most undeserved second spots of all time. Period.

    2020 yes he should have won it.
    Player of the month of October and November; Yes
    2021 Nah. If he were an African or Asian or a South American, he would have been 4th or 5th not second this year. That’s what he deserves.

    Just a tool of the European futbol to put one player to at least challenge the best.

    • He did have right to be upset, but not because this year Balon but the last year edition. It was a rubbish move from the Balon committee not to handed him the 2020 Balon.

      As for this year, everyone can say whatever they want but Messi took his 7th, end of story.

      • After Argentina won the Copa America this year and Messi being the main man behind the success, nobody could have won it. Xavi in a press conference mentioned that every year when Messi wins people hype the 2nd guy and in the next couple of years they only remember Messi. You can’t decide the winner based on the performance of player’s last 3 to 4 months form when the 2021 BallonDor is awarded for performing exceptionally between the timeline of 2020-July/August to 2021 July/August. Haters are everywhere!!

    • I bet not as upset as Christina was/is about Messi clearly going 2 up on his dumbass.
      Messi deserved the Ballon d’Or for what he did with the NT team and Winning a Major Senior trophy when that was the knock on him ever since he put on the sky-blue and white and beating Brazil on their home soil……..what more do they want?
      The Polish deserved it last year and its not Messi’s fault he didn’t get it and he noted that in his acceptance speech.
      Haters will always hate and Christina’s media machine is always running non-stop to make a turd look like a gold nugget.

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