Angel Di Maria on Argentina, Copa America goal, Lionel Messi


Ane Di Maria spoke about the Argentina national team, scoring in the final of the Copa America and Lionel Messi.

Di Maria gave an interview where he spoke about rhe Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview with ESPN, here is what Di Maria had to say:

“We always laugh at the Scaloneta, it was said once and that was it. The truth is that they did a great job, the 2019 Copa was very positive, it wasn’t easy for the coaching staff, with a new generation.

“I think all of that was done and little by little, a beutiful group was formed and the last Copa America was won. The expectation is much greater for the next World Cup because of the way the team is playing.”

In addition, Di Maria alao spoke about Lionel Messi:

“I think the last match against Club Brugges showed that he is well, it’s normal for there to be a lot of expectations regarding Messi. I think people were expecting a 4-0 or 5-0 every match but football is not like that.

“It’s seen in the social media, we see him at home with his family, happy and happy. His kids are in school. All is there to make life easier and he has adapted well to the group and I think he is adapting quickly to Paris.

“But when you’re talking about football, everything is little by little, it’s an enormous change for him as he has to afapt to new players and a new way of playing at PSG which is fast attacking while Barcelona play possession football.”

He also spoke about scoring for Argentina in the final of the Copa America:

“I believe the goal in the final was very important for me. It gave me a happiness I never imagined, a very big change in my life. So many injuries, from being called to not being called, that pulled me back. Insisting so much, it finally happened and in the best way.

“I think the criticizing is normal but at times the way the criticism is given is what hurts or what hurts the family.”




  1. Some notable Di Maria contribution at crucial games…

    Scores against Chile in U20 WC 2007 semi
    Winning goal against Nigeria at Olympics 2008 final
    Winning goal against Netherlands at Olympics 2008 QF
    Winning assist against Barca in Copa del rey 2011 final
    Winning assist against Atletico Madrid in CL 2014 final
    Two goals in Copa America 2015 semifinal
    Rocket goal against France at WC 2018 round 16
    Winning goal against Switzerland at WC 2014 round 16
    Winning goal against Brazil in 2021 Copa America final
    Winning away goal against Uruguay in WC qualifier
    Setting up an all time assist record at PSG
    1 goal + 3 assists against Germany in friendly 2014
    40 yard rocket against Germany in friendly 2012

  2. ADM goal in Copa final will be always remains in our hearts; even without looking it we can narate the story, from the range ball of Rodrigo De Paul and ADM clip passed the GK

  3. Whether you like the guy or not or whether you believed before or still believe that he deserves to be on the team, you could never question his heart and desire to always wanting to be selected.
    Scoring that goal in the Copa final made millions upon millions of fans happy and grabbed that monkey by the neck and threw him clear across the room and not just off his/their shoulder(s)……and believe it or not, many who never saw themselves as Messi or ARGENTINA fans were happy for him and the team to finally win a major trophy.

    I can’t remember how many times I watched the PK shootout with the Dutch in 2014 and replaced that with the Copa Vs Colombia, Di Maria’s goal and the trophy presentation after the game and I don’t know how many of you saw my many posts in the past fantasizing about a trophy presentation with Messi in the middle of the team with a HUGE smile on his face and “””confetti””” falling from the sky and got my wish and it was exactly how I imagined it would be.
    I hope to replace those videos with a NEW one Next year.

    • Agreed. Di Maria does have some off games occasionally, and unfortunately he is one of those players where it is “noticeable” when he’s playing bad. But heck, he is the only player I fully forgive after a bad performance because I know very well that the next game he can come out with a wonder goal and a world class game. He is an asset either as a starter in important matches or off the bench to change the game. Such a talented player I really admire. He really deserved his goal against Brazil

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