FC Barcelona to send a representative for Julian Alvarez


Julian Alvarez is reportedly wanted by FC Barcelona as the club will reportedly send a representative to the River Plate offices on Monday.

Alvarez is wanted by FC Barcelona, following a stellar season in Argentina. According to TNT Sports, FC Barcelona will send a representative to negotiate for the 21 year old.

He scored 17 goals and had nine assists in 20 league matches this season. Alvarez was also part of the Argentina national team squad that won the 2021 Copa America and has been part of the Argentina team for the World Cup qualifiers.


  1. As a fan of both Arg and Barca I think it would. E a good move because of the time. Barca is a mid-table team yes… they are financially struggling yes…but they have finally realized their problem is they lost the identity…they are going back to their roots… Xavi has shown he is not afraid to experiment and jas even been ridiculed for some of his formations..but I believe he is going after Alvarez because he does not trust Depay to be starter anymore… I think when given a chance Alavarez will work wonders with Abde/Dest and Dembele supported by an intelligent and skilled midfield…

  2. […] Julian Alvarez is reportedly wanted by FC Barcelona as the club will reportedly send a representative to the River Plate offices on Monday. Alvarez is wanted by FC Barcelona, following a stellar season in Argentina. According to TNT Sports, FC Barcelona will send a representative to negotiate for the 21 year old. He scored 17 goals and had nine assists in 20 league matches this season. Alvarez was also part of the Argentina national team squad that won the 2021 Copa America and has been part of […] FC Barcelona to send a representative for Julian Alvarez | Mundo Albiceleste […]

  3. Someone who is still in development phase , moving to a club in dire straits financially and in motivation will be nothing but suicidal. Barca have recruited a defeated army of has-beens with expired contracts to play along side their retirement overdue dinosaurs. If I was Alvarez I wouldn’t touch Barca with a barge pole right now.

  4. I watched a lot of Alvarez’s highlights and to me the two players he resembles and come to my mind are Luis Suarez and David Villa. This guy has very big potential, but he needs to avoid the clubs that could ruin his career. Big respect to Gallardo, hope he will produce other good players like Alvarez.

    • Yes, i hear your thoughts and i do understand as we dont know exactly how good he will turn up in Barca (if he joins, hopefully not) Still it will TaKe a miracle to get on starting eleven or even get minutes in first place even Depay is turning out to be another flop signing not to mention the previous saga’s from Barca transfer history which ended up in disaster for them throwing literally Messi out and now as what happened to Kun it so sad for him that i can’t even imagine how he must feel as first thinking of playing with Leo finally at club level and now suddenly his whole health is at stage of big risk and unclear future lies ahead of him etc. ,just hope he will somehow recover to at least get back to Independiente etc…,

      but back to Alvarez to Barca, well as you said maybe if it was not only a year or less to WC at Qatar i would maybe Go for it as he is Still young and Xavi now back at Barca though it will TaKe time for him to drive through all that mess what was left for him from previous Barca Still i belive Xavi might the one bringing back Barca to maybe not to an the level which is expected from allmost everyone who follows Barca, but Still i think he is inteligent enough to get the job done as best as he can and maybe bring Barca back to top of la Liga in few year’s also it will mostly depend on future La masia youngsters who i bet are eager to proove them for Xavi as Barca is pretty much bankrupt so the economic’s of Barca won’t do great and they will Still suffer from previous Barca owners who did what they did and got Barca in this shit starting from not letting Thiago to play enough games at that last season of his in Barca where he had a clause on his contract agreed by Barca and him that if he does not play enough games then his release clause will be peanuts and offcourse Barca most propably forget about it and Bayern got Thiago for nothing who should stayed instead in Barca and also that would have helped Messi a lot as he was constantly askin for Thiago type of player to run the game as Xavi used to do at once etc..,

      well any how if Alvarez is to leave i rather hope him for join maybe Betis or Villarreal or even Sevilla or perhaps team like Verona in Italy will be a good choice and chance maybe to play with Cholo’s Son though also in there it will TaKe time like everywhere break straight through to the team, but maybe miracle’s can also happen and he will join some european team where he will make Direct impact and show what he is made of as if staying in River until the WC is over won’t necessary be a bad decission at all as we are only talking about a year, but i don’t know what are River’s Current New Boards thoughts about all this so i won’t comment on that as i see it in a positive light only if he joins to an club in Europe where he would be guaranteed starter and that should be written as a clause in his contract if he will join any club in Europe as we don’t want him to be a bench warmer or someone getting to know how things works in Europe etc., unfortunatly i dont belive there are such Akin clauses to be added to a new contract, LOL !

      But, also BIG NO for that is not good for him right now to join some club with no minutes at alk or at least not ideal at all, but u never know how this will end up for him as i just hope they play it smart this time and River will get big ’@money” for him or at least get a decent amount what they should get rightfully, but as we all know things dont work like that unfortunatly as tranfers from Argentina just don’t get same amount for their star players as Brazil for instead get’s for an average player etc.. Yes i know there are many reasons for this and nothing is never black or white or that simple, but it Still sucks too see Brazil getting more money for those player of their players to join Europe etc.,,maybe Argentina should just hold on to their players and create even more competive league of their Primera and chalenge the European giants in future..,just an idea which most propably will not hapoen as the European Giants Mega money multi whatever billionaires will do what they prefer with their foreign Middle eastern Money from Saudi’s and Co….

      As it is pretty much the same scenario with everything in this world we are living with, LOL ! What an joke and dillusional world it truly has become as money rules and has ruled now for god knows how long and so far Still we can’t find another alternative as equal justice which is needed for all humankind as soon as possible just will again once more have to step aside and wait until there won’t be any more money to spend as this will TaKe another couple of thousand year’s to happen if miracles will not happen as i dont see it hard at all to provide everyone a good healthy standard’s for life with pure water and enough food to eat, it is just because of human greedyness that things like this will be never allowed in our lifetime, but hopefully oneday the global society will understand that we as humans dont need money at all is just creation of some who want to control everything in this world…well sorry for that, but this scenes with money involded more and more are just so visible that they are very hard to avoid if u dont live on island of your own with pure water source and being totally independent on your Self suply from your own garden etc.,,, LOL ! Actually i won’t be surprised at all that it will be oneday maybe wish of many as currently surely there are Still some alternative tribe’s original or founded later that are Still living close to this as they can..,but the threat from outside constantly surroundiing them is getting unfortunatly getting closer and closer until they are wiped away as others been in past history etc,,,
      Enough is enough !

      Well. back to Alvarez saga with money involded ofcourse as usual, LOL !

      in the end also only positive thing i see him leaving River is that maybe Gallardo will be able to mastermind another kind Alvarez or any player whether it is a defender or middfielder or striker and if the work of Gallardo will end up in some other new marvelous player as Alvarez well the better it will be for Rivervand also Arg NT as it is now allready prooven, right ? If i was to choose one type of player who maybe oneday might be the very next Gallardo creation i hope it will be either pure striker with skills of Batigol or someone like he used to be or either more central playing complete middfielder who knows how to attack and create the play as much how to defend with the ball and without the ball…as i see many winger type of attacking minded players as also some more and more defenders, maybe more centerally based, as maybe more wing back’s will be hoped for the future, perhaps, but intruly hope for pure. 9’s currently, but in the end anyone will be a gift if given by Gallardo again as i think he will gift at least one more, though even not i rank him very high as coach and sadly he could not really show his full potential as player once when i was also a big admirer of him and had big hopes for him, but in the end i’m totally greatfull for being able to see him also to play ,as much he could etc…in the past when he was Still playing etc…allready then i knew that he had so called football brain as is IQ for football was obviously great minded and gifted ! As we see now what he has complished as a manager is just something incredible !

      And i think he is also wise enough Still to remain in Argentina with River instead of moving to Europe where coaches are treated like shit in the end as only money matters and if no results well also then no money and suddenly a coach might find himself of topic of everything etc..,well ofcourse some are obviously better than others, but most importantly different minded at least a bit as foitball is developping constantly more faster and faster with more money in it means pressure on on everyone and the expectations which are allready completly insane just grow more higher because of this mega money hype created by those controlling the source of money…again it so hard to avoid it as we all been stucked in to this big money game even some of us may not even want to be involded at all in such a nonsense which is in this world we are living it the actual base for everything as everything has been n build on that, for what reason, well everyone is completly free to do as they please, but every decission leave to another and in the end we all remain captives of money until someone or something will one day perhaps and hopefully change and erase it as said before the earth do not necessarily need money to be base for a all existing life on this planet…sorry for again this money outburst of mine…nothing against anyone personally here on Mundo as i do not belive thatvthe most riches petaons are members of Mundo, but if not then well hopefully they will learn to respect real values of life and not only money, LOL ! Hard to imagine, though…as who would listen or bother to read something or someone against money kind of talk…LOL!

      So hard to say really what will happen with Alvarez, but as u said it is not the best time for at least Arg NT, but i can’t speak for River’ side of the story as i only hope that they will find a Solution which will suite all the 3 parties in this as the most important whivh obviously are Arg NT and then River and Alvarez who i see kind of a one together at the moment, but as i said i dont know what are Alvarez thoughts and what River’s new board and Gallardo want’s etc.,,

      Hopefully this one will end up good for all 3 parties i consider the most important as mentioned above etc…and sorry for all the nonsense outburst’s about money…which once again made this post so long as i can’t resist writing against it…

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