Argentina to play Italy in June at Wembley stadium


Argentina will play Italy on June 1 at Wembley stadium.

It will be the Copa America champions against the Euro champions in June in London, England. The announcement was made by both CONMEBOL and UEFA on Wednesday.

The match is being called the Finalisima and it would be at Wembley where Italy won their Euro cup against England, the day after Argentina won the Copa America.


  1. Scaloni should take it very seriously. Perhaps the only EU team he would meet before the WC. Italy is in great form too with a stellar cast. Another challenge for Lionel Messi too. It would be interesting to see if Scaloni calls in Simeone who is in better form compared to Lautaro. Lautaro received some very unkind feedback from Italian press which stated that the problem with Lautaro is that he has not improved. He has reached nowhere close to what MBappe has achieved at his age. I am worried that though Messi-Di Maria are getting enough play times together, Paredes is not featuring in as many games.

  2. This is why we lost 2014 world cup.. by carrying useless people .. why on earth will u want aguero travelling? Will he play? Will he score like goetze to win a final? This is football….not a friends and family BBQ!!!!! And simeoni is b level? U put Alario over him right now? Hahaha…

    • This post is When you don’t read, but respond anyways because you need to think of something and or anything to write. It was clear what was written about aguero coming on for good morale. Don’t worry I will have a post next blog that will def get em going 😂

  3. We have Lauturo up front thankfully. Alario should replace aguero in the list. We have alot of B level options also that can do well such as Simeone. Just no Icardi, no matter what.
    Also, aguero should travel with the team all of 2022. Would be good for him and us.

      • This is something only argentines will consider- taking retired Aguero with the team. Argentines are more emotional and rational. When it comes to discipline and professionalism, I look into the Germans. Will Germany consider doing this?

        • a) nobody said he will be a player or serve the role of a player
          b) unless you can think of a negative effect of him coming along as part of the staff there isn’t a reason why not to (if anything it will have good effects on the team’s morale)

          If you want discipline and professionalism don’t bring players along that bring everyone down (the Icardi, Centurion, etc types). Nobody is saying to bring the entire old guard and the 2010 squad to the World Cup

        • if we take him it will not be as player and will not counted as 1 from 23 of squad. Exept that what is wrong with be emotional? i prefer to be emotional than a machine like Germans. we are not like Germans and i am so proud about that. we have our own culture.

  4. London is not neutral ground in reality. it is the most hostile place to us more than inside Italy itself. i don t remember any single time that we play in England and we didn t have agresive or insulting insidents there such as boowing our national anthem or speak “polite” for Diego and to our people.
    Of course if we lose Tapia can put the money in his fat ass.

      • I dont think it matter that much to be honest. All these guys has been playing for many years at opponents territory, even won at Maracana beating Brazil, I dont see the venue being disadventage or adventage for us.

        Didnt Messi lifted his third CL at Wembley beating club from England? 🙂

        • club games is not same with national team games but you are right what you saying. my point is not that our people is not familiar with hostile envirement. my point is WHY you have to put our people in this condition when it is clear you can avoid it. so it is just for money. well if it was in my hand i choose oposite. if i was Indian for example i wouldn t send my people play friendly game against China in Pakistan. No reason. My example is wrong and not exactly same maybe but i hope make you understand my point.

  5. Italy in general never had a good record against Argentina. I can’t even remember the last time they beat us. In WC 1990 they never conceded a goal until the semis where Caniggia scored that goal and Goyco won us in the Pk shootout. Ever since that moment, anytime any Italian referee was in charge in our games, Argentina would almost always lose, including the famous 2014 final where that Italian referee missed the clear foul on Higuain by Neuer in the PK box. You can look at it from whatever angle, it is 100% penalty. It should have been a PK and a yellow for Neuer at least. But that Italian referee said it was Higuain fouling Neuer.

    I think in June it will be our victory for sure. It will be interesting if the match goes to PK shootout though as Emi and Donarumma are 2 of the best when it comes to PK shootout.

  6. Italy may be the most similar team to Argentina, in terms of playing style and even of players’ profile, if I compare them by position:

    Donnaruma vs Emi: draw
    Spinazzola/Emerson+Di Lorenzo vs Acuna+Molina: Italy wins
    Bonucci+Bastoni vs Cuti Romero+Otamendi: Argentina wins
    Verratti/Locatelli+Jorginho+Barella vs Lo Celso/Nico Dominguez+Paredes+De Paul: Italy wins
    Insigne vs Dybala/Messi/Papu: Argentina wins
    Chiesa/Bernardeschi vs Julian Alvarez/Nico Gonzalez/Ocampos: Italy wins
    Beradi vs Di Maria/Angel Correa: Argentina wins
    Belotti/Immobile/Kean vs Lautaro/Joaquin Correa: draw

    I really don’t see any big gap between those 2 teams

  7. Miss you aguero, i was very sad he couldnt play with messi in barca now ur retirement makes even more sad. You are easily in the list of our top5 strikers list and PL top 5 strikers list. I hope argentina will unearth a New Aguero soon
    Cant understand why G. Simione didnt play last night

  8. We all miss Kun badly bt it’s reallity…
    for no.9 position some name i like most, laturo, semione to see current dedication, chimy avilla and b.romero…i know most of them here aren’t agree with me about b. romero bt as far i see him he his very energetic fast and good touch in head…and most important things are both are get times in their club…laturo is first chiloice bt if scaloni put them in the squad and get them some chances i think they will prove themselves…we have many option in our all side except no. 9 position so we should try to figure out it…Alario and Icardy both are good bt one is injury porne didn’t get too much minute in his club another is some unbalanced issue in the team…
    lastly say whose name I mentioned above both are young energetic fast stong in shot and good touch also in head…all has pure quality to make a team strong…so I want to see one or tow name at least in our next qualifying match..

  9. I think Argentina have a fair shot, but looking at Italy they have such a strong lineup and they don’t have one single standout player. Almost every single guy on their team is a star.

    But I think if we go into this match with the same motivated and hopeful mindset that we had throughout qualifiers and Copa, we can win this. I hope the boys have not let go of their motivation just because we qualified for Qatar and won Copa.

    Who knows, this is 6 months from now. Hopefully Messi can make himself more at home in France. With the loss of Aguero, our team has had a pretty challenging 6 months, hope we can come back stronger!

  10. Sad to see Aguero retired, i am sure scaloni would take him to the WC if available.He deserved a perfect sign off, Anyway all the best to him for his future endeavours.

    In absence of Aguero, looks like apart from Lautaro Scaloni dont have any proven options for the backup striker. Icardi, Alario, Simeone, Dybala, etc atleast 2 among these will be needed as a backup for Lautaro.Dybala if fit should be there even though not a Natural 9.Right now Simeone looks promising.

    I think Papu and Angel Correa are apt for playing in Agueros spot. Still not convinced wity Joaquin Correa as a Striker.

    • Well Gio Simeone is one highest goalscorer in serie A right now, Im sure he’ll be considered by Scaloni for remaining qualifiers. Lautaro has played so many games, Dybala couldnt stay fit for more than 3 games, so we need to try Simeone.

  11. Hear me out.. I know this takes the “Club de amigos” to the next level but what about making Kun into the secondary kitman or shoe polisher or mate maker to take him to the world cup? He totally deserves to go and be with the team.

    On a more serious note I know that to the world cup they take the “sparrings” to train with the senior team. Could someone clarify if it is the u23 or u20’s or a selected group or what? Would this mean that Mascherano would also go to the world cup?

    • 🙂 how about a role in Comedic relief. When the Team is all stressed out, send in Kun to make everyone dance and smile. I’ve seen videos of him horsing around with players on the bench and his twitch streams are pretty funny. Everyone seems to really enjoy his company. He’d do well!

        • Agreed, great for morale.
          Lavezzi was a clown for sure. Favorite moments when squirted water at Sabella and pinched Ibras big nose during victory celebration.
          Papu also gives off that fun and positive energy.

          Wonder who’s gonna take the torch??

          • Emi seems to be a funny guy aswell, although in a different way. I think when Messi retired, he should be the captain. He’s one of those who could lift all his teammates spirit like Mascherano. Based on his interview, he seems naturally good at giving speech aswell.

      • Well said. Maybe Kun could be given an official title of “emotional support”. He may have slightly unprofessional practices but I’m sure it would work. Alario can come to make the Mates at the world cup in a wheel chair for all I care. And Papu can continue cutting hair as a barber and also put up a show with his dancing. And I wonder who was responsible for planning some of the midnight birthday surprises we’ve seen videos of. Keep calling them up.

    • Because it is the ultimate troll against the place that hates Maradona and Argentines the most.
      England is to forever remember the two greatest goals ever scored against them.

      To add insult to injury, Argentina plays the team that beat England in Euro that slipped away (“It’s coming to Rome”)…

    • You know the thing everyone never seems to notice? The fact that England has never ever try to have friendlies against Argentina since Messi started to play in senior side.

      They dont want England on Messi goal record. Although England is the most minor powerhouse of all.

      Yet, the could organized this match , because it doesnt involve their team getting beaten by Argenitna .

      • Maybe 6-9 years ago when Barcelona were at the peak of their powers, but I doubt modern England team would give two shits. Barca has taken L’s against English teams for the last few years now.

        PSG as well. Argentina is looking good but the Euro finalists aren’t going to shy away because on one player is on the team, especially when their entire lineup is filled with UCL winners.

          • Niklucky: so true you couldn’t say better mate.
            You don’t know how relieved I was that they didn’t win euros even after when they got help hand ,

        • England cant even beat Iceland when it matter. They’re afraid of Messi scoring against them.

          Also, what does league has anything to do with it? English clubs has been winning CL relying on superstars from various countries not English players. Club has nothing to do with NT whatsoever. When MU won CL in 2008, their no.1 goalscorer was CR, their no.2 goalscorer was Tevez.

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