Sergio Agüero announces retirement from football


Sergio Agüero has announced his retirement from football.

Agüero, the Argentina and Manchester City legend, has announced his retirement. He was on the pitch for FC Barcelona against Alaves on October 30 when he was substituted off with chest pain. Tests done on Agüero showed that he has a heart arrhythmia.

Still only 33 years old, Agüero held a press conference on Wednesday stating he will stop playing. Here is what he said:

“This press conference is to announce that I decided to stop playing football.

“This is a very difficult moment for me. I have taken the decision because of my health. The doctors told me that the best for me was to stop playing professional football. I made the decision a week ago.

“I am proud and happy for my career, I have always dreamed of playing football since I was 5 years old. I never thought I would make it to Europe. I left Man City and came here. Thank you to those who treated me very well and also the culers, Joan who contacted me. I came to a great club and they treated me very well.

“I think I did my best to help the team. I am leaving with my head held high and very happy, I don’t know what will await me now but I have people who love me and wish me the best. I would have liked to be here for longer and help but things happen for a reason and I wish Barça the best. They are very good teammates and young people who want to learn. I’m very happy.

“Since I arrived here everyone has treated me well. I did not experience it elsewhere, they are very fanatic fans, I have noticed it on the street… Young and old.

“I feel good right now. Obviously the first two weeks were hard, when I did the first physical test in the clinic. And when they told me it was definitive, it took me a few more days to process it.”

Regarding his career:

“You always want to keep winning more things, but I feel very happy for the titles I have won. I always say that in the end the player forms part of a team and everything I did was to help the team and the club.”

In regards to his best moments:

“The last moment winning the Copa America , I played little but I accompanied the boys and it was what we were looking for years. I was very happy. And the last one I scored against Real Madrid. Not bad, right, to be a last goal?”

His last goal for Argentina came on November 18, 2019 in a 2-2 against Uruguay. He has won the Copa America, two U20 World Cups and the Olympics with the Argentina national team.


  1. Very sad news. He should still have 5 years to go.. he has talents and could achieve more greatness if not due to his injuries. Wishing him the best and hope he can find something related to football.

  2. One of the legends we have ever had. He is right up there with the likes of Crespo. Arguably the second best number 9 we have ever had just behind Batigol. WC 2014 was an unfortunate one for him. He and Di Maria were half injured/injured throughout the tournament. Had he and Di Maria been fit, NO team had a chance against us.

    A lot of hates towards him and the old guards, but he earns my utmost respect.

  3. A sad but an expected end for the career of one of the most talented footballers Argentina has produced in its entire history. I remembered watching him playing for Atletico in 2007 with my friends and we all thought that Aguero’s potential was comparable to that of Messi. Of course, Messi would go on to have a much better career than his closest friend, but when you take a step back to look at all the setbacks and injuries that Aguero had throughout his career, his achievement is nothing short of amazing, and a true testament of his insane talent. It is a shame that we would never be able to see what Aguero could have achieved if his potential was fulfilled.

  4. Kun is always a favorite striker, despite his several injured moments. Thanks for the services and make football more colorful. You will be always remembered; that the last minute goal for City against QPR and won the first EPL is historical and can’t be write off.

    Gracias Kun Aquero. Wish you a great success wherever the path you steps in next.

  5. I still remember following a 17 year old in Barca B as he was one of the upcoming talents. That gave me exposure to other talents playing in laliga. A very young player by the name of Kun (an animated character) playing along side Diego Forlan.
    I will not forget the time he passed the ball to Forlan to score a goal.
    Thanks Kun for all the memories! You are a legend.

  6. After he took the vaccine he started experiencing heart problems. Athletes around the world are experiencing health issues right after being vaccinated .. but they are hiding it.

        • it is quite suspicious how these types of events did not occur before the vaccinations then we have Eriksen and Aguero amongst others suddenly pop up with heart problems when they have been playing at the top level for years

          • First of all, no one here (except maybe few that work in the medical field) know anything about vaccines or have any credibility when it comes to covid. Reading a 2 minute article doesn’t make you an expert. I’ll repeat, you, me, all of us have the knowledge of a 5 year old child when it comes to medicine. It’s important to understand this first and foremost.

            1) Erikson wasn’t vaccinated at the time. That conspiracy popped up after his heart attack but was quickly proven false.

            2) Yes. Aguero was vaccinated but guess what, he also had Covid. Heart issues post covid are far more common that vaccination related issues. I would assume first that it’s related to Covid but for those neck deep in conspiracies, they are searching to prove their own belief…called bias confirmation. But again, no one has any clue whats going on.

          • There have been many many such occurences. The rate this year is much higher than prior ones. Something is definitely going on. Would not surprise me one bit its adverse reactions to the mrna vaccines. Heart inflation is a known side effect and futbolers are very demanding on their cardio.

    • Before people start having a go at each other and this ends up like an argument at a family gathering I will just say this: Yes it is suspicious the amount of heart and breathing problems footballers have been having, and it is especially suspicious that as far as I know there haven’t been definitive answers as to what the cause is for any of them. But that doesn’t mean we should jump to conclusions. Until people get to the bottom of what these health problems are it isn’t smart to point the blame at one thing and one thing only. As adults everyone should be capable of risk assessment and deciding for themselves whether or not to be vaccinated, after all on an individual basis if you have the vaccine you are mostly protected from getting it and highly protected from death — so it shouldn’t be a concern if others have it or not. That is why I don’t agree with some clubs forcing players to get vaccinated. At the same time it is a catch 22, some of you may remember but six months ago the ENTIRE River squad caught Covid. One of the players, Ponzio, got a heart condition and had to be out for a while as a result of Covid. That again stresses the importance of individual risk assessment. Pick your poison or pick your blessing (if that makes sense). Don’t know if both are the culprit, or one of them, it’s confusing. Perhaps looking at trustworthy statistics is a good idea. I wouldn’t put all my trust on people on either the very top or the very bottom — some of the government or the conspiracy theorists on Facebook. I hope we can agree and leave it at that. It’s a frustrating issue, but the world will get through it one way or another.

      • – Until people get to the bottom of what these health problems are it isn’t smart to point the blame at one thing and one thing only.

        For sure. Although humans in general need to feel in control so they start believing they’re capable of understanding and have solid conclusions when they really know jack shit. 

        – As adults everyone should be capable of risk assessment and deciding for themselves whether or not to be vaccinated. it shouldn’t be a concern if others have it or not

        People do things against their interest all the time. Outside influences, poor education, hardships, mental issues, etc can make people do weird things. Think of grandma holding the sign rallying against government social programs while relying on Social Security as sole income. Also, medical systems across the globe are strained, record numbers of nurses quitting. We can’t have waves of patients draining resources. Also, the more people that get it, the higher chances of variants and everyone gets f*cked again….back to square 1.

        – That is why I don’t agree with some clubs forcing players to get vaccinated.

        That’s actually expected. Clubs are a business and players getting covid costs financial resources and league outcomes.

        – Perhaps looking at trustworthy statistics is a good idea. 

        Totally agreed

        – I wouldn’t put all my trust on people on either the very top or the very bottom

        Best we can do is avoid fringe opinions and anecdotes. As long as the majority of experts are on a similar page, I’m betting on that camp.

    • @gonzalo this is the most pathetic comment in the history of mundo. you are back (if you are the same Gonzalo I am thinking about) and with your naïve comments. Reflect once on what you said – you are willing to blame the medicine instead of the disease. Aguero had covid. If anything its having Covid and not the vaccine which is fighting against it.

  7. I remember I saw kun playing for the 1st time in 2003, way before i discovered messi. He was fast and played quite differently, able to dribble 2-3 guys. the media predicted he would be the next Maradona. To me, he’s been always the successor of Romario: short dribble, instinctive, great protection of ball and know reading the game. very very hard to find that.kind of world class talent again.

  8. Wow. Such sad news. Im not surprised but it still feels like a shock. He really didn’t deserve it.

    Im going to miss him in many ways, although we already haven’t been able to enjoy him on the pitch for a while. His ability to create shots for himself, his dribbling, his passing in the final third, his long shots, finishing, etc etc. Such a complete striker. Third highest goalscorer in England, third highest scorer for the albiceleste. Shame for all the finals he lost, luckily he was able to enjoy this last trophy and hopefully anything we win in the future is dedicated to him and heck, all the other legendary players that could never achieve something with our shirt.

    I wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility of coming out of retirement, some players do it. Maybe he can in the future to enjoy playing at Independiente. But I won’t speak for him. This is his decision for his health and I wish him the best. That is what matters most.

    • Aguero deserved the Copa thropy as much as Messi and ADM, especially after these two penalties he won being ignored , the second one he was clearly elbowed on the face (probably why Otamendi intentionally did that elbow recently).

  9. Great player despite getting injured at regular interval throughout his career he has 400+goals.Thanks kun for your services.

  10. One of the most talented and successful Argentine players after Messi…I always loved him, character on the ground, his dedication…great player.

    Constant injury prevented him being a Ballon D’or candidate for some of these years. I really believe he would have been there with Messi and Cristiano otherwise.

  11. sad.. but at least he’s part of Copa America winning squad and tasted the success once unlike a long list of Aimar Ayala Zanetti..

    But even more sadly all Argentina fans going to remember him for the failure in what should have been his game of his life against Germany.. with Lavezzi in first half we’re playing like 12 on the field but with Aguero in second half we played like 10 on the pitch.. coach share his blame too.. seems we blue fans never going to come away from 2014 pain.. still it hurts.. by day..

    Anyhow all the best Kun for your next phase of life.. cheers..

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