Argentina set to play remainder of World Cup qualifiers outside of Buenos Aires


Argentina are set to play their two remaining home World Cup qualifying matches outside of Buenos Aires.

Lionel Scaloni’s team have already secured qualification to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but have four matches left to play in the South American World Cup qualifiers. Those four matches being against Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

While the matches against Chile and Ecuador will be away matches, the two against Colombia and Venezuela will be at home. According to TyC Sports, the two home matches will not be at the Monumental in Buenos Aires.

The match against Colombia on February 1 would be in Cordoba at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium. And the match against Venezuela on March 24 at the Unico Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero.


  1. Hearing that there are talks about playing South American nations in the Nations league? Well it sounds good. Rather than haveing meaningless friendlies.

    But what about a World Cup every 2 years which Fifa proposed (it may effect the IT factor of the World cup)i think a WC every 2 years would be good.4 years is too long, our lifes are changing between each world cups. Not a big fan of Club football. World cups is something special. May be if they can somehow accomate it would be great.

    Qualifiers etc would be a problem, but it is possible,obviously the greedy clubs wont allow it to happen.

    • Personally i am against world cup every 2 years. as you said world cup is something special. i am with you 100% on that. if we make it so soon then it will lose it special uniqueness and “magic” of world cup. football will lose in long term believe me. world cup every 4 years is the best. as about nations league with Conmebol teams inside is like a small world cup. that will be big blow for fifa plans in my opinion.

  2. Does anyone have an update on Ocampos health condition? He flopped almost at the end of the match without any contact and had to be stretchered off. Another scary moment

  3. Gonzalo (the old poster) disappear without say anything very sudden in exact time of covid begin. he was posting 8-10 times per day and suddenly nothing. i know he had friends and “enemies” inside here but i believe everybody we should speak with respect about him.
    Personally i have very bad feeling for what happened to him. i pray to God he is good in his health and i wish he just get bored and leave the forum. not something bad happened to him.
    i wish with all my heart he is good and healthy.

    • If u had respect to Outlaw meaning that u dont really know him. He was banned one time from here because it is clear that he is a huge fan of local league but NOT a fan of Argentina national team at all. All he wishes is Argentina senior team to use all the primera players that he scouted.

      If u wonder why he was banned in 2014 World Cup because he showed negativity throughout the tournament when the team did amazingly well. In each victory we had, we all celebrated here and that Outlaw dude just kept posting/giving negative scores.

      For me he is the worst ever. Like a demon pretending to be an angel. Mundo is a lot better without him.

      • well i am here from May of 2018 so i didn t know him as much you do sure. i believe you of course. i don t have reason not to. Just i hope he is good and healthy anyhow. agree or not with him.
        One last about him since we speak about him. i respected him a lot because he had love for Argentines back home. Just oposite with the “philosophy” was exist some years before in Mundo (maybe is still same i don t know because i don t follow this place so often anymore) which this “philosophy” saying that one Argentine player is garbage if he plays in local league and he became golden all of the sudden if he move to Europe. this “philosophy” is insult for our country and for our people and i can never accept something like that.
        that is why the old Gonzalo or outlaw as you say was his name he will have always my respect even if i was agree or not with his opinions.

  4. Great goal from Ocampos. The La Liga top spots are pretty Crazy, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Betis, and Rayo Vallecano. Meanwhile Barcelona is in 7th. Sevilla are probably Real Madrid’s top competitors, if anyone is

  5. Hahaha @this guy, Kidulthood lives rent free in this man’s head. The north pole must be way too cold for you. Better yet, how is it living right next to the arctic circle? This person has been policing and masquerading around mundo for many years now as if commenting here was his personal diary. You’re definitely the vagabond of Mundo, that I can say. Miss me again with your ”hall of shame.” You’re definitely a cantankerous person, the get off my lawn type of old dude.

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    Moreover, I was a top commentator on the old Bleacher Report and ESPN FC platforms. The only platform I ignored was because it was full of Real Madrid and Cristiano fanboys/trolls. I did not see myself doing this anymore, and like for what, commenting here wasn’t worth my time of the day. When a person lacks ideas, they tend to bring up other members’ names in personal terms to fill the loneliness and void in their lives, you must be a forlorn person if this is the best you can come up with. One of the main reasons I never created a Twitter football account was to avoid characters of your type. Moreover, I didn’t want to involve myself in the constant Messi vs Ronaldo online gibberish spouted by lonely 15 years old and creepy 60+ year old men online.

    This must be a slow football news day? The fact that you constantly bring up other members’ names here just shows the lack of football knowledge this guy has.

    Perfect example here: This man said before the Copa America final against Brazil that the coach ”should either start Gonzalez or Angel Correa instead of Di Maria.” And this said person went on to say that ”Di Maria should come on as a sub, IF NEEDED.”

    You constantly pushed people from the blog because you think you’re some type of king or authoritarian leader here. Why are you worried about some guy living in India? This is so weird, and it just gives off the creepy old man vibes..I guess you miss this character bedroom and sheets Just say it man, you’re a weird creepy guy..

    You’re constantly talking about people with alias names over the internet who you have no relation to. Stop skulking around on the internet my guy, find something more constructive to do with your time.

    You and that local journalist are the same type.

      • Instead of talking about players and game some here wants to talk about other members they have no idea about game and prefer taking about other members.
        Just a bunch of loosers they can not stand others different opinion.

        • Kavinder aka Kavi aka Kevin…

          Respect has to be earned.

          More often than not your “opinions” are either a total distortion of reality, e.g. Lautaro is weak, bad in the air, Senesi is not a ball playing CB, Scaloni was a left-back, etc, etc.

          or you are simply not watching games, and pull your so-called opinions out of your a@3$s.

          Either way, you don’t know what you are talking about. So no respect is to be shown for someone who is either clueless or deliberately distorting reality.

  6. Cox4
    > London is not neutral ground in reality. it is the most hostile place to us more than inside Italy itself. ….my point is not that our people is not familiar with hostile environment. my point is WHY you have to put our people in this condition when it is clear you can avoid it.

    My friend, I don’t think it will so bad.
    Yes England is hostile and has been or many decades but Italy vs Arg friendly in England is not the same as WC games.
    The British idiots that hate Argentina are not going to spend money on tickets to watch Argentines run around for 2 hours. Ita and Eng also have long negative history so i think you will see more supporters of Arg and Italy and less of the idiots.

    • Perhaps today it wouldn’t be as bad as in the past. But I still remember videos of hordes of Brits beating up Italians in the streets after they lost the final. Hopefully people take precautions with security and everything. Maybe it won’t be as dangerous because nobody would be beating their beloved England. Personally I am a lot more concerned with the fact that both of these nations should dislike England. From the fact that Maradona himself hated England to the recent events with Italy and England like I mentioned earlier. I think Spain would have been the best place because Maradona played in Spain yet none of the teams involved are Spain so it would be neutral. Unfortunately money is the motivating factor, same with the Maradona cup with Boca that was played in Saudi Arabia. Such a shame Diego’s memory has to be tainted with greed and wants so strong that they actually chose England out of all places in the world to play this fixture

      • yeah, you’re right, Spain would have been better but you know what, at least now our Prem boys Romero, GLC, and Emi wont have to deal with English Covid travel protocol issues 🙂

  7. Argentina, Brazil set to join expanded UEFA Nations League from 2024

    England could face Lionel Messi or Neymar with South American teams to join Nations League as UEFA and CONMEBOL reject FIFA and Arsene Wenger plans.

    from 2024, the competition will undergo a change with all ten South American CONMEBOL nations joining up. All matches will be played in Europe, however.

    The top six ranked teams – Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Chile would join League A of the Nations League. Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia would join League B.
    Source: talksport espn and many other sports websites

    • it is truly very interesting to see Argentina play in nations league.
      for not mention that will be wonderful to play with those numerous small European countries.
      our ranking will be high till the sun freeze he he he

      • I was thinking the same thing. I think it is a bit of a useless competition but it will be very interesting to be in it. I think it could be good for South American football. But I disagree that our ranking would be high, according to many footballing experts that came here during the Copa America (and disappeared after we won), we would not be even able to beat those small teams 🙂

    • Im curious if they are positioning themselves to host a “global tournament”. Regardless, it will be interesting to see nations leagues evolve with respect to the world cup. I wont be surprised if in 2030, Africa, Asia, and North America are invited ….

        • Yeah, the more I think about it the more I wonder about it’s relation to the world cup. Like chori said, if it ends up diluting the importance of the World Cup I won’t like it. Kind of depends on how it goes. For now it seems unique but is a matter of time. If it messes things up I would like the confederations cup back and for this style of “Maradona Cup” to be regular between winners of Euros and Copa

    • I don’t like this at all, and especially calling it UEFA with South American teams in it seems like a geographical absurdity.

      It’s their way of still having a world cup every two years, or some version of it.

  8. Emi Buendia is playing great under Gerrard needs to be called up to national team.Creative and intelligent players are always needed in any sport.

    • I really don’t know what you call playing great … That guy loses more than 2/3 of the ball, his passes are not good, he precipitates in his decision… He can be a good and useful player but he is there yet … Please guys stop with those nonsense comments…!!!!

    • I haven’t seen a good game from him since he joined Aston Villa. Maybe quite a lot of pressure on him, fans there have high expectation on him as he is supposed to replace Grealish. Gerrard seems to prefer 433 I think that fits him better as he is more winger/inner line midfielder than a classic 10 position because he need space

    • One step forward, two steps back Kevin…

      Buendia has not yet shown anything close to his Norwich form. He still has time until the WC, so we’ll see. For now, the replacements for Lo Celso and De Paul are Palacios and Dominguez.

      • “One step forward, two steps back Kevin…”
        Couldn’t say it better myself. One decent comment and the next is twice as insane as the first one was decent

        • Well then let’s see how he evolves and cements his role as starter. So far, he doesn’t warrant taking someones spot. Im curious, of the current call ups, who would you drop to accommodate Buendia?

        • Are you insane? Ridiculing the notion that Dominguez is a back up to Lo Celso? He is 100% right. For one, Buendia is NOT a box to box CM. Dominguez naturally covers Lo Celso’s role. Buendia is more of a 10 tending right. For one, you have this mindset that we are using the word “replacement” as in removing Lo Celso and De Paul and replacing with another player. We are talking about back ups / substitutes. Dominguez is one of the best midfielders in Serie A. His stats are top in many charts. I have seen between 4-5 games. He has impressed me. While being played out of his best position. On top of that, on a literal level, that’s exactly his role in the squad. A back up option at cm along Palacios. That’s why he’s called up. I don’t think you’ve watched either him or Buendia. I like Buendia too but not now, and even if is a matter of time he has several players above him in the pecking order for his position. One of which is the best player in the world.

    • ?????
      Have you ever watched a Game since Buendia is in Premier Leaugue?

      He is nowhere close to being called up to our beloved Nationalteam. He is below average at Aston Villa

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