Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla in 2-1 win vs. Atletico Madrid


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 2-1 win vs. Atletico Madrid.

Ocampos scored near the end of the match to give Sevilla the win. It was 1-1 for Sevilla when they were awarded a corner kick. A header inside the penalty area as the ball fell to Ocampos who would score from close range.

He has four goals in his last six league matches, now scoring in two straight for Sevilla.


    • He is an outstanding player. Looks like a gem. The real deal. At this point, you can tell Alvarez won’t be another hyped player as he is performing well even in a final. I hope he stays injury-free as I already see he is one of our next future important players.

      Also want to point out it’s great that Marcelo Gallardo is his manager now who will one day be NT manager with a prime Alvarez. I would love to see “Mr. Lamborginhi Gallardo” bring his continued championship-winning mentality to the NT.

      • Yes I agree. Of course for now the Scaloni project is going great but it is not a secret that Gallardo could very well become the Argentina coach someday. He is one of the best managers in the world for preparing players for tough knockout matches, where you have to win no matter what. In fact, you can argue me on this one, but I wouldn’t be reaching to say he may be the best manager in the world for mentally preparing players to perform in those games. That characteristic is will come in handy for tournaments like the world cup and copa America.

      • Lautaro is not developed much he is same player he was 2 year ago even Italian media is saying he did not developed much. I prefer G. Simione over Lautaro,Simione is still ahead of Lautaro despite playing in small team.

        • Lautaro 2 years ago in Serie A:
          35 games, 14 goals, 3 assists, scoring frequency 176 mins, 71 mins per game
          Lautaro this season in Serie A:
          16 games, 11 goals, 2 assists, scoring frequency 91 mins, 63 minutes per game

          • lol say it louder for the guys in the back olive – numbers don’t lie.
            Lautaro scores for the NT almost every other game by average. I want Simeone on the team too as all his goals are unique and he is showing to be a prolific striker. This is great for NT as there’s a competition for #9.

          • Unfortunately, it seems some of the guys in the back don’t have ears. I agree about Simeone. I think he can be a great alternative to Lautaro and even provide enough competition to dethrone him for some games if he keeps up this form. I like to see a striker with unique goals because one dimensional players can be a burden

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