Bayern Munich II coach Martin Demichelis offered to coach Talleres in Argentina


Martin Demichelis has been offered to coach Talleres in Argentina.

Demichelis is currently managing in Germany as he coaches Bayern Munich II but he has received an offer to manage Talleres. According to Doble Amarilla, club president Andrés Fassi has spoken to Demichelis, asking him if he would like to coach them.

Per the report, “Micho” has asked them to give him until January 4 for an answer. The Argentine became coach of the Bayern Munich youth team back in 2019 where he has since held his spot.


  1. Lanzini played almost the full game today. He is slowly retaining his confidence. West Ham lost to Southampton in the previous game and Manu came off the bench in the second half and had very good impact on the team’s performance. The fans showered praise with him.
    I am not expecting that he is gonna come back to the NT any time soon, but once he frees himself from those endless injuries Scaloni should give him some chance.

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