Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla in 1-0 win vs. Cadiz


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 1-0 win vs. Cadiz.

Ocampos was the hero once more for Sevilla as they got the 3 points and are now five points away from Real Madrid, first in the league. With the score at 0-0, Sevilla had the ball inside the penalty area as Ocampos would receive it and he would score with his left footed shot to give Sevilla the 1-0 lead.

The Argentina has now scored seven goals for Sevilla, five of them in the league.

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  1. My friend cox4,

    First of all, i could never be tired from you, you know how much i respect you and believe me, your posts are always a joy for me reading them. I have told you before that i believe you and me have very common way of thinking, ideas and beliefs. Morover, i could never be tired reading your country’s history. Why?? Because believe it or not, i love your country, not only because i love Argentine football and especially Argentina football national team even more than my country’s football national team, but i love Argentina as a country too, one of the most beautiful places in the world that i wish one day to visit and i also like very much Argentine people, i think you have many things in common with us. I know very well those dark ages in your beautiful country my friend, i speak about the period of this bloody dictatorship. We used to have dictatorship too, not long before your beautiful country my friend, therefore i think i know what you mean.

    Regarding about the current situation in my country my friend, forget about democracy. This definition is an illusion! And about those who are part of the government my friend, they are no stupid by any means! I think that they know exactly what they are doing and this is even worse unfortunately.

  2. Regarding this vaccine. I feel that this is just the beginning of taking away the freedoms of people. This is a worldwide experiment. Look what the bible says here:

    Revelations 18:23 “Your merchants were the world’s important people. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.”

    It is important to note “magic spell” is used in English transliteration. However, the word “magic spell” in the original Greek translation is “Pharmakeia” which is Pharmacy. In other words, the Bible text should read: “Your merchants were the world’s important people. By your Pharmacy (pharmaceutical drugs) all the nations were led astray.”

    It would make sense how government agencies of many countries have experimented with psychiatric drugs, worldwide health organizations do not focus on preventative care, while doctors are trained to prescribe drug medications with tons of side effects. Additionally, side effects tend to be the very ailment the patient actually needs treatment for. All for the sake of MONEY (“Your merchants were the world important people”… written over 2000 years ago).

    This is a global conspiracy which is why the companies allowed and promoted to make the vaccine have immunity from lawsuits.

    This vaccine is an experiment to see how the real leaders of the world (Bilderbergs, IMF, Rothchilds) can usher in the below:
    Revelations 13:16-17: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  3. Waveride,
    > At the beginning they were saying that vaccines will stop covid. They were saying that with one dose everything would be ok, then..second dose, then ..third and now .. neverending. the beginning ..if someone gets..vaccine, he wouldn’t..spread ..virus nor.. be in danger from covid. We all know that neither of the above is true.

    I have a completely different experience than you. i never thought vaccines made us invincible nor would it stop covid. Breakthrough cases were always a matter of statistical efficacy and variants were always possible. Transmissibility and Symptom severity were also never 100%, it was always “reduced” or “Lower” risk, no one ever said “you are now superman”.

    The reality is that we are in the process of “building an airplane while flying it” meaning we’re still learning as more data comes in. It doesn’t matter what someone said at the beginning, it matters how the science evolves and the current general consensus.

    > And in order to excuse their lies, they always do the same thing, putting the blame to the ones who don’t want to be vaccinated.

    A lot of the vaccine hesitation comes from misinformation unfortunately. And stats are clearing favoring vaccines over infection. There is no comparison, negative stuff about vaccines are still insignificant compared to covid.

    > I don’t know about you, but i never trusted governments ..

    I do agree but maybe for different reasons. Regardless, that is a fascinating and much bigger topic but save that for another day 🙂

    • Chori my friend, the 10 clauses of Nuremberg code speaks about medical acts to human beings in general and not just testing. More specifically, it claims that no medical action ( vaccines, medication etc) cannot be compulsory to any human being without the individual’s consent. It also says that everyone has to be fully informed about the medicine or vaccine (its contents, possible side effects etc) prior to treatment al long as he/she submits his/her full consent.
      Clauses 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 of European conference that took place in January or February 2021 state exactly the same, you can check it. No vaccines were compulsory prior to covid vaccines, well at least here in Greece, and i am telling you this because i know quite many parents here that they didn’t subject their kids to most or even any of the conventional vaccines.

      I have no facebook or twitter. Why? Because i don’t want to and trying to avoid them as long as i can but this is another topic. I am just telling you this because i am trying to be informed as well as possible hence sources are very important. One of the most famous and well known approved medical journal worldwide, “the Lancet” has shown numerous researches based on facts by top scientists worlwide indicating many of what i have written here, they are not my words. Moreover, a new research lately which is mentioned by the Lancet indicates that the virus is being spread more easily between people who got the vaccine.
      Israel, the country which has the highest percentage of vaccinated people, has a huge problem and i think that they are going for the 5th dose now.

      I know numerous examples from people that after vaccination had serious problems, and others who were not vaccinated and had covid are fine now. Offcourse, you may say that unvaccinated people who had covid had serious problems and this may be true.

      When i am watching the news in my country, propaganda goes rampant here. What was supposed to be done, is to be able to watch a constructive conversation between doctors and scientists from both different opinions. But what can you see at least in the news from my country? They don’t allow any doctor or scientist to express an opinion against those specific vaccines. Only the ones who support those specific vaccines have the right to express their opinion, and the worst of it, without any proven facts, while the others submit or refere to publiced researches which are facts.

      Finally, yes i am trying to be skeptical my friend, but i am afraid that what i see, is a billion dollar game, and not only that, on our lives.

      With lots of respect.

      • I think part of your reasoning may be suffering from bias called “Base Rate Fallacy”. you have expressed grave concern that the vaccinated still get covid and some even go the hospital. When you compare it to the entire population, you may see things differently. Suppose we have 3,000 people in a town, 80% or 2,400 are vaccinated and 20% or 600 are unvaccinated. Lets assume 50 people get infected and need to be hospitalized. 25 vaccinated and 25 unvaccinated. (50% of hospital cases are vaccinated and 50% are unvaccinated). You might say ‘well look at all the vaccinated people that need be hospitalized! Does this mean that the vaccine is not effective? No, because there are more people in the vaccinated group (80% or 2400).
        – When you divide 25 cases by 2400, thats a 1% infection rate for vaccinated.
        – When you divide 25 cases by 600, thats a 4.2% infection rate for unvaccinated.

        For the absurd example, imagine if 100% of people are vaccinated, we’ll still see breakthrough cases but that does not mean vaccines are not working.

        A similar argument can be made for drivers that wear SEATBELTS vs ANTI SEATBELTxx drivers (:p). Many drivers that wear seatbelts still have to go the hospital but when you compare accidents to the entire population, you would still see SEATBELTS yield much better results.

  4. Waveride,
    > “No medical act can be mandatory to any human being without his/her consent. I don’t know about the states, but this has been established by medical law conferences of Nirbugring, Oviedo, Helsinki etc”

    Check out FACTCHECK . org and other source – “A bogus claim that “vaccines are in direct violation of The Nuremberg Code” has been circulating on social media. Actually, the Nuremberg Code addresses the treatment of human subjects in medical experiments and says nothing about the use of tested and authorized vaccines on patients.”

    Try to be skeptical whenever you see “nuremberg” mentioned. I see it pop up a lot recently and most of time its nonsense and misunderstood.

    Also, here are few examples in addition to the US
    – Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia) vaccination is mandatory and is recommended in the other twenty-one Countries.
    – In Italy, in 2017 vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, poliovirus, Haemophilus influenzae type b, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella became compulsory in childhood.

    • my friend forgive me for interfere to this conversation but i need to tell you this only.
      i don t know about medical or laws much. (nurberg or international or single country).

      what i know is that the new “philosophy” of kind “let have little less democracy for the good of humans ” is VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS thing.
      we all should be very careful for this things.for our future.
      freedom and health is the 2 most valuable things 1 human can have in earth.
      i am extremely sceptical for the people saying i should let the 1 in expense of the other.

      • 100% agreed.

        Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” I wouldn’t use the word “deserve” in some cases but I agree with the general idea.

        Health risks are a bit different though. People have every right to do what they want as long as it doesn’t put others at risk. For example, smoking indoors…. I’m glad it’s banned in many public spaces and private businesses. I remember taking 20 hour flights to Argentina as a kid and my section was “smoke free” but the smoker section was like 5 rows over. Great for an asthmatic kid. Lol. That was crazy.
        Or what about the guy with Covid who argues “I’m free to go into this senior citizens home because it’s my choice”. That mouth breather is putting oldies at risk so screw his liberty.
        Or what about driving drunk? Shall society let some asshole drive just to maintain his liberty? Hell no.

        For vaccines, medical exceptions are a given but i wouldn’t feel good about forcing the non except. That just doesn’t feel right given what we know about Covid. But ask yourself, is there a scenario where you would feel different? What if covid death rate was 10%, 20%, 30%..50%? What if the majority of Doctors and nurses all quit because they cant the take the chaos and stress anymore? What if you and your family or friends could not go to the hospital because there are no more beds? I’m not sure but i’d imagine at some point, but i may give more into the idea of forced vaccinations.

        For now, I won’t defend anti vaxxers when Airline companies, Schools, Universities, Gymnasiums, Office buildings, Restaurants, etc ban because it their right and i do think anti vaxxers are making a really awful choice.The effed part is that the anti-vaxx positions in many instances are rooted in ignorance. We have a massive problem right now with disinformation. The world has never seen such a powerful effective tool and its truly one of the most dangerous things for our democracy and advancements as a society.

        • Chori, i think you are an intelligent man and i am glad having a constructive conversation with you although we have different opinions, but this makes a debate healthy and respectful. Just allow me to say this: i think we should not use the expression “anti-vaxxers”. Labels in general produce division between people and division is one of the governments best ways to maintain their power and apply whatever they want.

          I don’t consider myself as an anti-vaxxer for instance. I have done all the pre covid coventional vaccines, i am not sure if i did the right thing, but i have done them though. I am against to those specific vaccines, for numerous reasons that we are discussing those two last days. Let me tell you this: All the mefical stuff, doctors, nurses etc that are working in all hospitals in Greece are vaccinated, the ones that are not are not allowed to work. Now as we speak, two major hospitals in Greece have a major issue because a large number of the medical staff has been found positive to covid. So who is spreading the virus in the hospitals?? The patients or the visitors of the patients?? No, because they are being subjected to tests. But the vaccinated medical stuff are not being forced to be subjected to tests since they show their green pass of certification of vaccination.

          Many people who got the vaccine may be positive to covid but still they are allowed to enter wherever they want, without being subjected to any tests, they just show their green pass, while on the other hand, people who didn’t get the vaccine cannot go anywhere without being subjected to tests.

          Therefore, two questions:
          1 Who does really spread the virus?? Is it really unvaccinated people responsible only for the spread of the virus?? At least they are being more responsible by subjecting theirselves to tests while vaccinated people are not, they just show their green pass regardless if they are positive or not to covid.

          2 Do you really think that the government cares about the common good and our health by this kind of approach?? If you ask me, i am not convinced at all.

          • my friend i read your post carefully as i always do.
            i love your country because they give democracy to the world and they give to the word freedom one code with very deep and meaningful way.

            i am deeply devoted to democracy person because in Argentina when i was child i grow up with the consequences of the missing of it.
            (1976-1983 we had experienced one of the worst dictatorships world faced ).i don t want to make you tired with our history. i born during that period and i grow up during the period we try to build up again the damages of this dictatorship.
            what i want to say as end is that reading what your goverment doing in your example i arrive to this thinking.
            Or this people are stupid and not capable so doing this nonsense (so they are dangerous for Greek people) or this people are very clever so again they are dangerous for Greek people.
            Honestly i am not sure what of this 2 are worst.
            in any case you have big problem.
            i hope you don t take me wrong. i am not saying in Argentina we are better. maybe we are worse. Argentine politicians are shitty too.

          • Waveride, i appreciate the kind words.

            The term Antivaxx can certainly be divisive but there are appropriate times to use it if it’s not derogatory. Also, i’m talking in generalities and not necessarily pointing the finger at specific people.

            Ill be honest, im super skeptical about the claim that vaccinated are causing more infections. if you have a reputable source, pls forward.

            For reduced testing for the vaccinated, i would assume the rational is based on the following –
            – The “viral load” and symptom severity for unvaccinated is a lot higher than vaccinated and symptoms on average are less.
            – the cost associated with treating unvaccinated vs vaccinated are also higher.
            – the economic cost of business when staff get infected.
            – the economic cost to patients when they cannot work.
            – Government mandates continue when cases and hospitalities rise. These are just a few, there are many more advantages.

            Imagine if we had the same infection rate for vaccinated and unvaccinated, the world would be in a lot worse shape right. The reality is that things are more stable because of vaccines and mandates. Even comparing death rates still favor vaccinated. So, i could be missing something obvious but i think its understandable that testing is less strict for vaccinated. The stats are still heavily favoring vaccination over not get vaccinated and again, you may find some medical professional stating otherwise but the vast majority are all proponents.

  5. Wave,

    > Secondly, variants are the natural sequence of a virus. In order a virus to survive, it produces variants. Variants are not being produced because other people are not getting the vaccines. Variants can be spread more easily but are less dangerous than the initial type of the virus.”

    I don’t think it works that way but I could be wrong since I’m relying on basic googling :).
    Viruses don’t “produce variants”. When cells make copies of themselves, there is a chance the copy process results in an error. Most of the time, the cell errors do not have meaningful differences compared to the original but sometimes it results in traits that could be deadlier or less deadly. Delta is an example of the virus becoming deadlier. Omicron is an example of the virus becoming less deadly but 10x more efficient at spreading. Either case, there is much higher probability of cell errors when cases are high. Think about the chances of a nasty variant occurring in a town of 5,000 people vs a much larger area with 10,000,000 people. Again, the higher the number of infected, the higher chances mutations will occur. But since no one has any clue if variants will become “worse” or “less worse”, it’s critical to keep the numbers as low as possible so the probability decreases.

    • Your statement about virus producing variants are half correct. There is a chance of natural mutation during replication but viruses/ bacterias also actively tries to evolve their genetic material to escape our defense mechanisms. So, based only on this argument, one can say that vaccination to reduce active infections are a good thing, as it reduces the probability of viral replication-thus mutation. It can also be said that with vaccination, we are subjective the virus to finding ways to evade vaccines- thus produce new variants. A simple example could be antibiotic resistant bacterias who evolved their genetic material to by pass indiscriminately used antibiotics, such as penicillin.

      As a physician scientist, arguably I am a vaccine proponent. But I understand concerns of other sides. The thing is that we are talking about a type of virus (corona virus) that are notorious in changing their genetic materials. It’s not like a polio virus that you can eradicate it. It is the same genre of regular flu virus, you need to get vaccinated periodically- still will not get the 100% protection.

      • i’m a bit confused because of the “chicken or egg” dilemma. When you say “finding ways to evade vaccines”…isn’t this only possible because mutations possessed traits that helped them evade vaccines? Or are they adapting in real time to different vaccines..meaning they did not possess the traits initially but somehow grew into it or “learned to evade”?

        Also, for the 2 scenarios, which one is a greater risk?

        1) Is it better to vaccinate to reduce active infections and deal with potential new variants (“learned to evade vaccines”)
        2) Is it better to not vaccinate and deal with increased probability of viral replication?

  6. waveride, my friend, i’ve responded here since the other post is old now.

    > You say that Pfizer got final approval, which was supposed to be in 2023, but i don’t think that it is true.

    Pfizer got full FDA approval for ages 16+ in Dec 2021. “FDA approval” means that the Pfizer vaccine has now gone through the FDA’s “full standard review process”. if you have a source that disagrees, pls provide.

  7. I hope he keeps it up. We will benefit greatly from a player of his profile if he is in great form by the WC and Scaloni actually calls him up.

    Acuña’s versatily is impressive, although as a right wingback he is not that great, too left footed for that role. I suppose his best position is a left wingback in a team that plays with a back 3. In his Racing days he played as a left midfielder (but with a back 4) and occasionally as a centre mid as well.

    Tagliafico needs to either regain his spot at Ajax or move somewhere where he would get regular playing time. Apart from him we don’t have natural replacements for Acuña, just makeshifts, e.g. Medina, Licha Martinez or even Nico Gonzales.

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