Lionel Messi could be rested for Argentina’s World Cup qualifying matches


Lionel Messi could be rested for Argentina during this month’s World Cup qualifying matches.

Messi may not be included in the Argentina team for January. The Copa America champions are already qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and as we reported earlier, coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to make some changes for the next call-up. Because of COVID, Scaloni is expected to not call-up as many European based players, not to cause any more problems with the clubs.

Argentina national team coaching staff spoke to Lionel Messi about the January and February matches. According to TyC Sports, Scaloni’s idea is to rest Messi and not call him up for the matches. Per the report, Messi has asked for a few days before he makes a decision. The 34 year old has started every 2022 World Cup qualifying match for Argentina, except for the match against Uruguay in November.

Argentina play Chile away at altitude in the desert on January 27 before playing on February 1 against Colombia at home. Scaloni is expected to call up Manuel Lanzini and Gio Simeone to the Argentina team.


  1. I think we must go into these games thinking about the WC , we need to give playing time to the back ups to really see weather they deserve a chance or not in the WC squad , we cant make the pavon, meza, Willy Caballero situation happen again, WC is a long tournamnet and our players love to pick up yellows.

  2. 1- If we know Leo Messi there is NO way he doesn’t come for Argentina’s qualifiers. Not only is he the captain but we know Messi wouldn’t just sit in Europe watching unless injured.

    2- the base of the team MUST stay in Tact!
    That is E.Martinez, Otamendi, Depaul, Messi. Those four must be there. We can fill in others

    3- we, argentinos are soo passionate do you really think all of the sudden we don’t care enough about these games because we have qualified?! We have heart… they will be there.

    4- Messi doesn’t need to rest, he really has not even played much this year at all!!! It’s almost a joke the amount of time he has played for PSG.

  3. Argentina must play with strongest reserve team for 2022 WC Preparation.
    Musso – Foyth Sensi Lisandro Acuna – Palacios Paredess Dominguez – Dybala Icardi Alvarez

      • Musso is 2nd best GK after Emi Martinez if not the same who also having poor season, anyhow Musso better than farmer Armani

        • you could have write your post without just 1 word.
          the word farmer.
          as i see your case is without cure. you start the same again.
          so whatever will happened to you in this forum you will deserve it.
          i feel pitty for you.

        • Unfortunately, a fool remains a fool. Third comment in and he is reverting to his small minded “farmer” nonsense. I am sure he would already be talking about ______ if her name wasn’t banned on this site.

          Jefe, hacer lo tuyo

  4. I hope Scaloni will be balanced here. Maybe not all ex Copa America players will be called but please not just go for Argentina “B” team.

    First of all, unlike most countries Scaloni does not need auditions at all. 99% of His Copa America players all are reliable and the likes of Dybala, Ocampos, Foyth, and some goalies are in a group of insurance, in case any of the Copa America players are unavailable. So going for a B team is pretty much useless. I agree with a few new additions though, but not a completely new squad.

    Messi will be the key here. If he is called up, I think a lot of the regulars will be called up. For me I would like Messi to join. As much as he needs a rest, he needs to get back to his best form more. Argentina seleccion is the best way to do it.

  5. That’s a smart move on Scaloni’s behave, We all want Messi to be healthy, fit, happy and ready to compete on the world’s biggest sporting event. The final countdown has started and everybody involved should be ready whenever called.

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