Manuel Lanzini comments on Argentina national team, Lionel Scaloni


Manuel Lanzini commented on the Argentina national team and coach Lionel Scaloni.

Lanzini has been in great form recently. The Argentine scored twice for West Ham United recently against Crystal Palace. As we reported, Lanzini is rumored to be back in the Argentina national team for the January and February World Cup qualifying matches. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“Argentina have long needed a coach like the one they have now. You can see that good things are happening in the national team. The national team that has been formed fills me with pride.

“The injury took me out of something very nice in Russia but it was a year and a half full of injuries. I always want to represent the Argentina national team.”


    • his case is without cure my friend. i am sure he will return. there is no doubt about that.
      the question is only when. what make me crazy is that he refuse learn from his mistakes.
      i have never see anybody like him in my life. i can t see any logic on that really.

      • I think there are two things happening here, first he really is obsessed with la zorra, and second he just likes to troll. Lots of trolls on the internet, glad the boss is on top of it.

      • Right. It is actually kind of worrying how he insists on the same mistakes and behaviors nonstop. Seriously, who has the time to make an online account so many times to write that nonsense? It seems like an obsession, it’s not like he is going to get together with the zorra anyway. If he wants love so much why doesn’t he look for it in real life instead of on some online forum? It is hard to tell whether it is some big joke or serious sometimes, I can’t tell. Either way it is pretty sad. The funniest part is that he continues insisting on Icardi being world class to this day despite this being his worst ever season

        • the kid have serious issues unfortunately my friend.
          he have this obsession with her from the day i came first time here in May of 2018. i try to speak logical to him back then many times but it was empty all my effort. anyway. i feel pity for him.

  1. I was one for Icardi to be in the NT but have since changed my mind after his most recent affair.
    Not because of his affair, but because he was ready to give up futbol for that chick (his wife)! He unfriended all his teammates in PSG, took time off from games due to this, and all the while he was on social media trying to prove to the world that his relationship is fine. It was during this, he had the opportunity to start for PSG! He missed OPPORTUNITY (this is a sign). Just like when he got called up again for NT early in this campaign, he got a phantom injury (injuring himself).

    The rumor is he was willing to give up futbol for this woman but won her back because he told her that he would also give her 100% of his rights. He went on to prove to this chick that she mattered to him more than his futbol career. If she was a REAL WIFE and REAL MANAGER, she would have said no, do what is best for your career and for the team. But the narcissist took so much pleasure in seeing him almost quitting the team and career for her that this somewhat made her feel special and rekindled her “love (she saw that she could control him)” for him.

    I wanted him on NT. A part of me still does for what he can bring on the pitch. But that boy is under a real spell. He is under her web and we can’t have this in a WC since he has proven that he can’t control his woman. In fact, she controls his very soul. This guy is the ultimate simp. I think I also put too much blame on her. He is a loose cannon and foolish.

    I can imagine him walking off the pitch of a WC game – in the middle of the match (in protest) for some stupid reason that has to do with her.

    • Agreed. It was also rumored a couple of weeks ago that he got in a fight with her in the PSG parking lot and subsequently missed training for 4 days. Yet another example of overwhelming proof that this drama finds its way into his professional life.

    • yes he came and he go again as usual because he refuse to learn from his mistakes.
      thanks to Boss here. i am happy that he keep high the level of this forum. well done.

  2. Jefe, el idiota volvió con sus boludeces, va a subir la toxicidad y la estupidez y va a bajar muchísimo el nivel de discurso de este blog.

    Not cool….

    • Dude, Icardi is never getting called up again. His life is a dramatic train wreck. No one wants his wife anywhere near the national team. She is an absolute cancer to any locker room. Its over for him

      • I agree… and he is better than Alario.. only thing right now he is out of form.. is better for him to move and play regularly and remind and prove to people how good he is. Right now simeoni and Alvarez deserves to be called up

    • Choripan, I think Lanzini at his best is as a 10 behind a striker, creative playmaker role. He can play on the left and on the right too but likely not as well. I don’t think he would be a like for like replacement for Lo Celso if Scaloni calls him up. Lo Celso is far better in deeper, central midfield and box-to-box roles, although he also is probably at his best as a number 10 in the middle behind a forward.

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