Manuel Lanzini scores for West Ham in 2-0 win vs. Leeds in FA Cup


Manuel Lanzini scored for West Ham in their 2-0 win vs. Leeds in the FA Cup.

Lanzini continues his great form for West Ham, this time with a goal. It was a scrappy one as the Argentine got on the end of a loose ball inside the penalty area and scored to give them the 1-0 lead.

Still only 28 years old, Lanzini is rumored to be called-up to the Argentina national team for the January and February World Cup qualifiers.

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  1. PSG fans and ESPN pundits blaming Messi for his unwillingness to press being the primary factor behind PSG’s poor defense and midfield connection, will now direct their criticism towards Pochetino’s poor tactics which has similar resemblances to Sampaoli’s high line ultra attacking approach. Beside poor tactics, he has also been unable to take advantage of the Messi whatsoever! Even Ronald Koeman knew using Messi better than Pochettino! I am glad Messi missed today’s match, now they will finally comprehend why PSG is playing so poor and why Mbappe has been scoring so many goals!!

  2. De Paul is not even half the player he was in Udinese or with the NT, 1 goal and 1 assist in cca 1700 minutes combined is really bad from a ZM/AM and his overall play is average at max

  3. I have mixed feelings about the potential inclusion of Lanzini this month. From now on we should focus on using every game to build towards the World Cup. There is room to improve and it’s impossible to expect the team to be a carbon copy of the one that won this Copa America. The development of this squad is not finished so yes, calling up a few new players and making tweaks is perfect. But does Lanzini fit in those plans? I really admire him as a player and he is incredibly talented but he is very injury prone and it isn’t crazy to imagine him getting another big injury and hardly being in involved in football for a long time after that. When it comes to building towards the WC do we see Lanzini in those plans? When we have so many other 10’s and midfielders that have been in this squad? Is it even a necessary position to fill in? I’m not entirely sure. I think it would be wiser to give Senesi a chance, get Ocampos back into the squad and figure out where he stands, work out how many minutes Messi will get and work on how to use Dybala, and maybe sort out the goalkeepers.

  4. Happy for his great form. Lanzini is the only player who reminds me of Aimar. Nowadays he doesn’t tackle or intercept the ball that much and that’s very understandable coz he is afraid of picking up injury once again. He needs to consult with a good fitness expert to set himself free from those endless injuries. I hope he will be called up to the NT this time around.

  5. David moyes have said lanzini isn’t nu 10 anymore because of his injury. He said manu is midfielder now and I attend to agree with moyes.if you pay close attention you can see lanzini dropping so deep and controlling the tempo of the game plus has wonderful skills and version. If he continues this form he will put huge pressure on his friend gio lo celso which I think his position becaming more vulnerable now.

  6. The only player Scaloni didn’t have a proper replacement in the starting xi was Lo-celso but with Lanzini back in form , did we finally find someone who could be that player? Lanzini is a genuine midfielder who does a pretty good job tracking back , defending & pressing which are must have skills in Scaloni’s team and only the Great Lionel Messi is exempt from it for obvious reasons. My only concern like everyone else is his fitness, Can he keep himself fit until after the world cup?

    • Lanzini is a very talented player, but like you said his fitness record is not great. If he stays fit then by all means he should be part of the NT.

    • Are you sure? It seems that Lo Celso has a very clear replacement in Palacios who in a couple of occasions Scaloni selected as a starter ahead of him. We also have Dominguez who was subbed on for him vs Brazil. I think both are the best suited to covering that role and are the most implemented into the squad already

      • Neither Palacios or Dominguez have the creativity and goal scoring ability that Lo-Celso posses. Yes they are far better than him in the defensive department when defending a lead or closing the match but not good enough to start over Lo-Celso.

        • I’m not sure I can say where exactly they lie on the creativity scale in comparison to Lo Celso but both of them do have the capacity to create. The issue is the role they both play in their clubs now suppresses that. Both are really good in long passes, one touch passes, and filtered balls. A cool example of this is a backheel from Dominguez a few weeks ago that led to a goal. But I do agree that defensively they are both great and are accustomed to playing in a defensive role so like you say they are useful to close out a match and sub off for Lo Celso. I am a bit skeptical of Lanzini replacing Lo Celso in the starting 11 but I won’t rule it out, maybe it could work. I guess it is just a matter of waiting to see.

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