Paulo Dybala, Matias Soule called up to the Argentina national team


Paulo Dybala and Matias Soule have both been called up to the Argentina national team.

Dybala and Soule are the latest names to be included in the Argentina team. According to a tweet by Gaston Edul, the two players from Juventus will make the team for the January and February World Cup qualifiers.

Coach Lionel Scaloni is set to announce his Argentina team at the end of the week with several changes expected to be made to the team. With Argentina having already qualified to the World Cup, Scaloni is set to include local based players. Along with Dybala and Soule, Facundo Medina, Gio Simeone, Juan Foyth, Nahuel Molina and Nehuen Perez will all also be called up.


  1. In the team announcing finale it will be revealed that the final four that have made it to the team are ……. Meza, Rojo , Pavon and Icardi !!!!

  2. Chile is preparing for a war against us and in our camp i am seeing one very light aproach for the next games. well i am telling from today that personally i will start very hard critics to Scaloni in case we lose in Chile. i am clear from today.

    • To add some context to what he is saying about Chile I will explain this to those who don’t know.

      Chile purposefully changed their venue to one in the altitude to make it harder for us. After incidents with their fans recently they were only allowed one of the two games to have fans by Conmebol. And of course they chose our game. They are preparing for this game like it is life or death and will do everything they possibly can to make it difficult for us. I am sure they are praying for their English idol to score.

      How satisfying will it be to beat them despite these conditions and keep them out of the world cup. I would much prefer Peru and Uruguay to enter than them or Colombia

      • my friend i wish too like you but as i see from picture from our camp and from Chilenos camp things is not optimist in my eyes. if we go to the game as light as Scaloni looks till today we will lose. Not even draw. as you said correct Chilenos doing everything in their hand for their bennefit and in our side we look like prepare to go a school trip. this makes me mad.
        the only left now is Conmeshit put a referee from Brasil to complete the film.

    • Cox4, I understand your outrage but I don’t understand the condition that you will be critical to Scaloni only if we lose. Whether we lose or win vs Chile, the substance of the critic remains the same. We may get a lucky win this time but maybe not the next time if our selection issue persists.

      The fact that Emi Martinez and Romero becomes so indispensable from day one with Argentina only because there was divine touch and were consistently and unjustifiably ignored for quite some time speaks something about Scaloni’s selection. He has made many good decisions in player selection but I will not shy questioning his certain selections.

      • my friend if Scaloni make one decition and i don t agree for one or other reason it is bad to make critics without wait first to see what the man wanted to achive with his action. maybe i am wrong who knows? i wait to see the result. if the result proves me right then my critics will be hard according the size of mistake. my philosophy is not just make critics for just to speak.
        i leave people free to work and do their mistakes. after i judge them positive or negative. i believe it is bad before i see the result of something to judge it. so i will see. maybe Scaloni is right and prove me wrong. i wish that.

    • I know, it’s weird and it’s not even him announcing it directly, it’s all from third parties.

      Also, it seems like Facundo Medina is a preferred left-footed CB as an outside choice, behind Licha Martinez and at the expense (as it turns out) of Senesi. I don’t mind Medina but Senesi has a slight edge over him. Again we see that Medina was part of the youth team and they are trying to build continuity I guess…

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