Napoli contact Ajax regarding Nicolas Tagliafico


Napoli have contacted Ajax over Nicolas Tagliafico.

Nicolas Tagliafico has been rumored to leave Ajax this transfer window with Napoli reportedly making contact. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Serie A club have contacted Ajax regarding the left back. Per the report, the deal with Ajax is believed to be complicated.

Tagliafico joined Ajax back in 2018 as the 29 year old’s contract runs out in 2023. He has only made nine appearances for Ajax in the league this season.


  1. As for Buendia, I agree with most of you. Players like Meza or Pity Martinez did have one good game but then with time they will show that they are actually average.

    Buendia played with a chip on his shoulder because a “huge competitor” named Coutinho is coming to town. It is possible for both to start together yes but then Watkins, a left winger is an automatic starter. Ramsey is their wonderkid. McGin is Aston Villa best midfielder this season. Bailey is a good attacking midfielder too.

    It is more like this:
    ———Mcgin——Douglas Luiz—-Ramsey

    So I would say Buendia will have to compete with Coutinho and Ramsey for 2 spots. Watkins and Mcgin will always start. I won’t get too excited too early. Let’s see.

  2. Lautaro Messi

    acuna Buendia Paredes Depaul Molina/montieal

    Lisandro otamendi Romero

    Emi M.

    Acuna and moilna are more like wing backs , this formation will suit them. Lisandro and romero are excellent ball distributors , could be a huge advantage plus they will cover otamendi for pace. Bendia if he keeps up his form could form a deadly partnership with messi in a bit more advanced role. This formation worked well for messi as well as he doesn’t have to do to much defending and can focus on attack as we saw with barca. I think we should give it a try in the march qualifiers. TOUGHTS ?

  3. Nico really fell out of favor fast! This ofcourse has to do with him wanting to leave last summer (Chelsea was heavily rumored), a move that didn’t happen. As of right now I wouldn’t even call him up (Licha and Medina can both play LB if need be), this is the freaking Argentine NT, if you ain’t playing for your club you don’t get called up, simple as that!

    As for Buendia, well he’s been showing steady improvement for the last half dozen games or so, thanks in large part to Stevie G (seems to be a solid coach) and I’m sure that Emi will show his stuff because he’s a superb footballer.
    One thing that’s surprising me is that he’s playing really well on the left side, much better than as ’10’, so if he keeps this up then maybe he’ll be an option on the left along side Ocampos because Nico Gonzalez isn’t doing great for the last month or so, although he’s playing on the right, which isn’t his side.

  4. Emi Buendia played his best game as Aston Villa player, hope it will continue. Emi Martinez played poor. I am not worried with the current form of our key players such as him, Messi, Cuti (injured), De Paul, or Lo Celso. These players always perform better for their country than clubs.

    • Emi Buendia vs Man Utd:

      ◉ Most final third passes (30)
      ◉ Most duels won (11)
      ◉ Most final third entries (9)
      ◉ Most chances created (4)
      ◉ Most take-ons completed (4)
      A creative and battling performanc

      Buendia is really finding his feet in claret and blue.
      He’s been so industrious and inventive in the last three games.
      It’s only going to get better, too.
      Exciting times. #AVFC

      FT: Aston Villa (1.69) 2-2 (1.20) Manchester United

      What a second half performance.

      Emi Buendia is going to be a superstar for this football club.

      Phillipe Coutinho with a dream debut.

      Jacob Ramsey with a goal and assist in 5 mins.

      This twitter reactions for emi Buendia performanc.

      I have no doubt emi Buendia will succeed EPL.

      • Don t get so exited my friend with just one game.
        wait to see few more. if he will be flop in next 2-3 games what we will say after? i hope the best for him but it is way too early to make him superstar level yet.

        • My friend if i be honest with you
          Yes I’m exciting about emi Buendia football ability.
          It wasn’t only one match he has been improving
          Since Steven Gerrard took over as Aston villa manager. Yes I agree he has to be consistence.
          all the statements above it’s not from me it’s football fans and expertise who reacted Buendia performance vs man utd in twitter. I don’t think he will flop based what have seen from him Yes he can have one or two bad games But it doesn’t mean he will be failure. btw there was people in here who has been critical to him from get-go.
          To me that was way too early than it’s now to pass a judgement anyway the jury still out for him but one thing is sure this lad has all the tools to be a top player.

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