Argentina could play friendly match against Brazil


Argentina could be playing a friendly match against Brazil.

It would be a rematch of the Copa America final this summer. According to Globo in Brazil, Argentina, who are already confirmed to play Italy in June, could be playing a second friendly match.

With Brazil rumored to be playing England in June, the match between the two South American countries could happen. With both teams having already qualified for the World Cup in Qatar, this could be one of the last friendly matches for them as they prepare for Qatar.

The last time these two teams played each other was in a 0-0 draw in a World Cup qualifier back in November.


  1. I think it will be better if we get to play in the League of Nations in Europe, Rather than playing these meaningless friendlies with the same South American opponents again and again.At least we would get chance to play with European sides who are tactically astute also we would be playing a tournament so that motivation will be better than playing friendlies, Added to that European teams nowadays don’t play much friendlies with other continental nations.

  2. I agree.. we should be playing Spain, Portugal or France at least. I’m afraid we’re again making the similar pre- world cup mistakes as last time… with squad selection and warm up opponents… come on Scaloni! Wake up and smell the coffee…

  3. We need to play Spain, Germany, holland, England, France, Portugal … an European power it’s the only way to be ready for a quarterfinal game against a top team …

  4. what happened with that game in Brasil last year? what happened with those points?
    Brasil want friendly? ok but this time we will have some Argentine policemen together with us in bench. maybe we can use them this time for “friendly” reasons to “explain” our views if necesary to Brasil players and staff to avoid unecesary “misunderstandings” like last time.

  5. Y Brazil? Stupes… I don’t want messi to play until Qatar.. in fact if we get an easy group I don’t want him even play in group stages. Lol.. unleash the beast against tired legs…

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