Emiliano Martinez comments on Argentina national team, World Cup qualifiers


Emiliano Martinez spoke about the Argentina national team and the two World Cup qualifying matches.

Martinez has become the undisputed starter for the Argentina national team. A hero at the Copa America, the 29 year old spoke to the official Argentina Twitter account, regarding the team. Here is what he had to say:

“We are still hungry. We come here to continue winning, to continue to unite as a team and as a group. Today, the coach told us that what we did passed, that this is a World Cup year and that we have to do our best to be on that list. So no one comes here to relax.”

“We are going to play every match as if it were the last. We have to be the best version of ourselves if we want to reach the objective and that starts tomorrow.”

The Argentine also spoke about the match against Chile:

“A brave match. We already lived it in the World Cup qualifiers and the Copa America, they were two 1-1 results, a tight match. Especially at altitude, we don’t know how the pitch is going to be but we’ll see what we’ll find. If we give it our best, we have a chance to win the game.”

Regarding the match against Colombia:

“We lived it at the Copa America, a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes. They are very brave. They have players that are at a great level, just like us. But we are going to play at home, in Cordoba, we want to bring joy to the fans.”

He also spoke about the fans:

“We are proud. We lived it in San Juan, the craziness of the fans, how the match was lived. It was a unique experience for me, I had never played there and I want to do the same in Cordoba. Having the possibility of the fans being able to watch the Argentina national team is something unique for them and for us too.”


  1. “Especially at altitude, we don’t know how the pitch is going to be but we’ll see what we’ll find”.
    He said it all with this sentence. the game in Thursday is not school trip. nobody should take light the game. we don t have Messi so it is even more hard for us to win.

  2. Since his arrival at PSG, Leandro Paredes is second midfielder with the highest passing accuracy [92%], among the 2095 midfielders in the top 5 European leagues.

    Only Toni Kroos surpasses him, with an accuracy of 93%.

    Only 9% of his 4208 passes were backwards.

    • I honestly think that Paredes has the potential to become a less lazy player if he lucks out with a manager that will force it out of him. The laziness isn’t necessarily a matter of ability but a matter of habit and playing in the way he’s most comfortable, but if someone can coach it out of him he could become much more complete

      • I don’t understand Paredes. He is surrounded by staff, friends, co-workers, etc that must have commented on his “laziness”. Surely he must know that it’s one his biggest weaknesses and is holding him back. I don’t get why isn’t improving. Must be intentional at this point

  3. Scaloni said “no one comes here to relax” that means he is a very good coach. This is world cup year everyone needs to do best and remain fit, being healthy and fit is also part of game.
    Some player like C. Romero,Lanzini(i think he will be called soon in march),Lo celso needs to take care of themselves as they are very important player for team without them team may sink they need to remain fit.

  4. I just saw the players selected for the qualifiers and I don’t quite understand why Scaloni selected so many attacking midfielders but no double for De Paul and for Paredes. I believe that it’s time to test Di Maria in this position, just next to and behind the enganche(messi or dybala). I don’t think currently Papu, Lo Celso or Buendia is better than him.

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