Gio Lo Celso refuses Lyon move from Tottenham, prefers Villarreal


Gio Lo Celso has refused to join Lyon from Tottenham and would prefer a move to Villarreal.

Lo Celso is likely on his way out of Tottenham Hotspur as two teams are interested in signing the Argentine. According to Fabrizio Romano, Lo Celso will not join Lyon as the player himself doesn’t want to. He would prefer to join Villarreal in La Liga.

The 25 year old joined Tottenham from Real Betis back in 2020 after having initially joined them on loan. He has previously played both in France and in Spain, with Paris Saint-Germain and Real Betis respectively.


  1. If this is true then good decision Gio, as I said before Lyon is a very talented squad but their coach is a total fool, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up playing Celso as a no.5 like that idiot Nuno and Jose Mourinho did before him.

    @ canadienroyal

    Have to disagree with you a little, at Betis Celso played in a variety of positions (CM, RFW and a false 9) in a 3-5-2 system, but the overwhelming majority of those was CM (more than 80% of the time), while he played as a forward in big games against Barca and Real, where Celso single handedly destroyed both.
    Gio is a very versatile midfielder but his best position IMO is an all round CM (with freedom to maraude forward and the responsibility to track back and get ‘ stuck in’) .

  2. Great, I would hate to see him go to Lyon. Their coach is evidently terrible, not only because of what he did with Palacios but Lyon actually have a quite talented squad (Moussa Dembele, Guimaraes, Paqueta, Toko Ekambi, Shaqiri, Aouar, Cherki, Caqueret, Boateng, Emerson Palmieri, Dubois, Lopes) and are sitting 11th in ligue 1. Based on their squad’s talent they should be in the top 4. I am glad Lo Celso has the brains to be favoring Villareal and it would be great to see him return to La Liga and play with Foyth and Rulli.

  3. Lo Celso is a decent squad midfielder. There are one thousand midfielders (figurative) like him. He is playing decent squad role in NT. His best destination is Spain or Italy. We have seen the peak of him, which was one season at Betis. Not expecting world beating performance from him. He will have some good games here and there. Enough print spent on him. Villareal will be good.

  4. Lo Celso at his best was as a 9.5, second striker, very high up the pitch under Quique Setien in a 3-5-2 formation, just behind a centre-forward. In Argentina his best games were in the middle but closer to goal where he usually combined well with Messi. Playing central midfield deeper or left or right midfielder is not his forte. I am a big fan of Lo Celso but at 25 years old it’s about time he finds his best form and keeps on playing and staying healthy. His spot in the seleccion will not remain secure. Lyon is a bad idea and I’m glad he rejected it. He needs to return to Spain and never leave (well, until he’s ready to wind down his career).

    • Yes, totally agreed on everything u wrote ! He is deffinetly best of when playing more up the center and that is how he should be used to get best out of him, but i quess Arg have many players similar and also maybe favor that same position as been the case long time for Arg there are so many and have been so many great players playing just like u said behind the striker/or center forward that there is no need to point them out,

      As if i’m right u being an Argentine Person know this allready when u are born as it seems sometimes that if it is allmost somehow like planted in Argentine’s mother’s milk or it is just brilliant continuism of genetigal Geniusm as i never ever in my life watching and following football for allmost 50 year’s have seen another country like Argentina producing so much of talent and not only for this spot like behind center forward rather instead for every position there has been and Still is incredible players and i bet much more coming…as it has been the trend for since i started watching football, but offcourse there are equally another nations too with great players from past and present, and that make’s everything more intresting in over all, but i just fell in love with Argentina as very young kid and that has not never changed as i’m Still that same kid supporting only Arg, and it is not just because of football as i think there are many beautiful things and places in your country and i think that the culture in your country is something unique even i have not witnessed that by visiting Arg yet, but all Argentine Person’s i have met or talked with as my uncle’s wife is Argentine for example, but not only her as i kind of mean that anywhere i go or went before i allways met very kind and polite Argentine’s and same here on Mundo too !

      Well, hopefully will make it all the way there and fullfill my past fathers dream by aetling in there somewhere…

      • Bro, I am not Argentine 🙂 I am Canadian, born in the former Soviet Union, (moved to the Western Hemisphere ages ago,) but I do speak Spanish. Pero soy argentino en futbol 🙂 y es sentimiento que no puedo parar…desde 1986…

        One of my favorite football experiences was visiting Estadio Azteca in Mexico City a few years ago where we won out last world cup.

        • Oh, i’m so sorry that i thought u are an Argentine , please i hope u don’t take it personally as it is great to hear about your visit to Azteca and id i understood right u have been fan and supporting Arg since 1986…i recorded every single Arg game with our family’s VHS, but unfortunatly all those VHS tapes/casettes got lost when my parents moved to Spain…

          May i ask you if u follow icehockey too as kind of national sport of Canada and also very much played in nowdays Russia and former Soviet once had great team and their fiersome first chain/line up as MAKAROV, LARIONOV, KRUTOV, FETISOV and sorry can’t remember the last players name, but when they played on ICE it was like Russian Ballet with skates, though same could be said about Canadian ICE Hockey too as they allways being the dominant force in history of ICE Hockey with so many great players as Gretzky, Lemiux and Maurice” rocket” Richard and his Montreal Canadiens etc…

          • I have a healthy respect for hockey which is Canada’s national obsession but rarely if ever watch it. The beautiful game is pretty much the only sport I follow.

          • Yes, pretty much same for me as when younger i followed ICE hockey a lot more and also other sports, but nowdays i hardly watch anything more than Arg NT games, thoughbsometimes if i have time enough i do look at some european team where there are Argentine players on the field, so if all the teams with Argentine’s are out of championsleague forexample then i don’t bother anymore and turn my intention to Serie A or La Liga for those teams fielding Argentine’s

  5. Latest training news. MacAllister is unavailable as he tested positive for Covid. Everyone else but the suspended ones is available.

    Probable starting line up according to TYC:
    Emi Martinez; Montiel, Pezzella, Lisandro, Acuna; Guido, Lo Celso, Papu Gomez/Ocampos; Di Maria, Dybala, Lautaro/A Correa.

    It looks a very good starting line up, hope it is real.

    Papu or Ocampos whoever starting surely will occupy the left winger. Di Maria will be the right winger and Dybala will be the one behind the striker (Lautaro or A. Correa).

    • I like the idea of playing A.Correa as a no-9. He has played that role quite a few times for Atletico and has had a lot of success. With J.Correa out injured (he was never a no-9 and inconsistent with form and fitness but was good fit for Scaloni’s style) and Julian Alvarez looking very inexperienced, made apparent by his poor runs and decision making(may be needs more time on the pitch before we can actually tell if he is ready for the worldcup). It doesn’t hurt to try A.Correa as a number 9. He is super clinical and been consistently doing great even after the addition of both Suarez and Griezmann and can score all kinds of goals a no-9 can score.

  6. If he joins Villareal, he will need to play as left or right midfielder. This club has played in classic 442 with different coaches for more than 1 decade, so they will not change for Lo Celso. I always have high opinions on him but I really don’t know in which position he can be consistently good. He is not the kind of midfielder who asks for the ball and controls the tempo, he is not a dribbler, best season was with Setien when he played as false 9. Even at selection I found him so so. He delivers 1 good performance and then transparent for 3 games. I hope Emery can find him a place and make him evolve.

  7. This is a good move on Lo Celso’s part. He needs to save his career and play with a technical side that can’t utilize and enhance his skills.

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