Lionel Messi scores penalty, Leandro Paredes misses in PSG Cup match loss vs. Nice


Lionel Messi scored a penalty as Leandro Paredes missed his in PSG’s league cup loss vs. Nice.

Messi started the match for PSG wearing the number 10 shirt. With no Neymar, it was the Argentine who wore the number 10 and played the entire 90 minutes.

This was Messi’s first match of 2022 with him being out due to COVID. With the score at 0-0, the match went straight to a penalty shootout. Messi took the first penalty for PSG and score. With Mbappe taking the second, it was Leandro Paredes to keep PSG’s scoring streak alive. Paredes went to the goalkeepers right and the goalkeeper saved it. PSG went went up losing 6-5 and are eliminated from the cup.


  1. Paredes is becoming liability i still think even in Argentina he shouldn’t start. He is talented bt very lazy. His defensive workrate is poor and European teams will surely target him as he is one of the weak link in our team

    • Paredes is less lazy than people think, he has excellent positioning awareness. He is always in the right place to receive a pass or slow down attacks in the center. He isnt super tenatious, but he is smart about it. Lets also not pretend he is a bad defender, he is tall and strong, an excellent slide tackler. At times a little reckless, and a hot head, but he keeps it to the center of the field.

      What paredes gives us that no one else does is cool, calm, reliable control in the center. He is an axis point to switch the sides of play, he is very difficult to disposes and his passing is crisp. He is also an excellent outside long range shooter.

      Guido is not anywhere to his level. Guido chockes under pressure when he is pressed. He isnt bad, but he wont shake off two players like Paredes does regularly.

      Paredes needs support, he is not Mascherano, but no one is. Why Depaul is so important for us and the sacrifice by locelso/nico/etc

      The only player we have that I feel can cover for Paredes is Lisandro Martinez. He should be played in midfield to see how he adapts. Especially since when fully available he is crowded out of the two center back positions amd he is too good to waste.

      • I’m totally agree with you mate about Paredes & Lisandro
        Scaloni should think about Lisandro to fit into his plan he is super versatile,he can play CB/DM may be LB too. Seriously he is too good to waste

  2. PSG isn’t working out for MESSi for 1 sole reason only. At barca and Argentina the team was build around him and He was center of basically every attacking move. At PSG its different and they are playing their own football without giving single fk about GOAT is present among them. He is been treated like just another player and that caused Messi not been the same standard he is for Argentina or Barca.

    So to solve this issue. Messi needs to be more active without the ball and Goes to The spot where balls will be coming in. Just staying in the middle and demanding the pass won’t be working here anymore.

    • Even after receiving 50 to 70% less passes compared to Barcelona and Argentina, Messi still manages to find himself atleast 2 to 3 opportunities to score. He just needs to get his goal scoring rhythm back, that is he has to be super clinical and less unlucky.

  3. Most Probable Starting XI : Emi, Montiel, Pezzella, Lisandro Martinez, Acuna, Papu / Ocampos, Guido, Gio, Nico/Dybala, Di Maria and Lautoro. Would like to watch Alvarez and Buendia get the subs role. Three Martinez will be starter again.

  4. So the Golden child is leaving PSG as the entire world knew that was going to happen except for PSG management and ownership……..all the ass kissing by Poch to please management who in turn wanted nothing but to please Mbappe was all done in vain.
    If you ask me, I am happy that Messi is not being asked to carry the team on his back because we all know that THIS IS IT, the big one, the final WC and that’s the only thing that should matter to any ARG fan.
    ……….its nice to see him score a bunch of goals though just so the haters can suck it!

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