Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on Paulo Dybala, Angel Di Maria, Julian Alvarez, team


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Paulo Dybala, Angel Di Maria, Julian Alvarez and the team.

Lionel Scaloni held a press conference on Monday where commented on a few of the players. Speaking to the media, here is what he had to say about Paulo Dybala”

“If we play with two forwards, Paulo can be the supportive striker and if we play with one, he can play alone. With the Argentina national team, you have to come here and perform. Everyone’s form is not always the same, it changes.”

Scaloni also spoke about Angel Di Maria:

“Angel has something different from the others. He’s very unbalancing.”

In addition, he commented on Julian Alvarez joining Manchester City:

“When he changes clubs, we will see his form. That is what we value. We are happy with him, he’s missing a bit of rhythm and that’s obvious because of vacation. It’s valuable knowing that Julian can contribute in different positions. It’s very positive for Argentine football that a player is able to make a jump of this caliber.”

The coach spoke about Guido Rodriguez who missed Argentina’s 2-1 win vs. Chile due to COVID:

“I use Guido as an example in front of his team mates. He was always in contact with us. He always showed us his desire to play and he also contributed from the outside. We’re not married to anyone, he who performs has the chance of being called up.”

Regarding the team:

“In the Argentina national team, there will always be players left out. If one looks for balance in the team, that is going to happen. The behavior of the players has always been excellent. In the offensive part, we are very much covered. There are many good ones who aren’t even covered.”

In regards to playing friendly matches before the World Cup:

“I prefer not to play against South American countries. The idea is to play against the Europeans or teams from other continents. That’s what we in the coaching staff want.””

He also spoke about the match against Brazil which was stopped:

“I have no news. It’s strange that it’s not know when it will come out. They will be taking their time to decide because it’s a complex issue.”


  1. European teams lavk style but are ruthless in moving the ball with precision. SA teams go to battle with each other not necessarily improve each other..I agree we should play Europe more before WC..atleast 3-4 good friendlies with diff teams..

  2. I think we should play friendlies against fast counter attacking European sides not against Germany. Because Germany does play seriously in friendlies mid tier European sides like Switzerland will be good practice

  3. So many injury and unfit players; Buendia, Dybala and Alvarez might get the chance. Need to stop the Columbia counter fast attack, the good things is Columbia has not scored in their last 2 games. Likewise against Chile, Arg will be taken control on first half and a big chance to score.

  4. PSG must get rid of Poch as soon as possible. Like today. I have said in my old posts, I don’t understand what is so special about him? I watched Spurs a lot. Never looked like they could score a goal, but then suddenly Kane or Son would score a random goal. Somehow, the British media super hyped him like everything else.

    Think of it, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Dimaria, Verrati, Ramos everyone have been injured, suspended, absent. Poch had many chances to field a balanced team. Its not his team plays good when Ney is not there. One cannot complain that there are too many attackers now. MSN and BBC also had 3 forwards. Real Madrid would also play Di Maria along with BBC. I really don’t understand the hype of Poch. Keep him away from NT.

  5. The main issue is every PSG player want to score a goal. If you look at other big teams in Europe, they all have 2 or 3 main players that are to be provided the ball to score and create chances but under Pochettino, PSG looks like a lawless town full of murders and rapist who don’t give a flying fcuk about anyone!! Mbappe has already signed a precontract or something along those lines with Real Madrid, so what is the point of putting him on the pedestal? Make Messi the main man and see how he will get you results. Today Messi had mere 2 chances to shoot for goal and both were very tight. 70% of the time he is standing on a no mans land , raising his hand begging others to pass him the ball! United got extremely lucky that they didn’t sign this joke of a manager!

  6. Messi is receiving 50% less ball than he is used to and Pochettino has done nothing about it. If Pochettino wants to save his career, he needs to man up and instruct all the PSG players to make sure every ball goes through Messi. Yes, he will lose possession or miss chances but Messi will ensure you victory by creating tons of chances! Pochettino is going to go down as the worst manger in the history who couldn’t get anything out of one of the best player to ever play the game!!

      • And who cares? This would be only better without him, one lucky win vs City where City were much better too, another lucky win vs Leipzig thanks to superstars Messi and Mbappe and all other big match were so so poor, Real are clear favourite.

  7. really i can t follow the point in Messi subject here.
    we know he is not young as has to do about football age. So he can t perform as he did some years before and he will not again because it is the human nature.
    In the other side even he is if not the best in world sure one of the best. in this age he is the player that can change everything inside one game.
    He is capable with just a single move to change the match for his team advantage.
    if we are smart and we use him correct way in the match we can win the world cup because of him.
    So what is the point of the fight here?

    • He is one of the best in the world……Dont agree he is the best……Tell me one player who is or has been better than him for considerable time even in recent times…Mbappe and Haaland? Dont think so. These two are only the best when it comes to finishing in the box. Same with Lewandowski…

      • i write my sentence in way to say my point without enter in debate who is the best. i am not interesting in this subject. some people can believe something else. my point is national team and the form of Messi and the fight about him.
        But since you ask me of course i believe Messi is the best in the world. who else could be? just we should not mix the value of one player with his form in a certain period of time. it is 2 different things.

  8. Argentina almost confirm the starting line up:
    Emi Martinez; Montiel, Pezzella, Licha, Acuna; Guido, Lo Celso, Papu; Di Maria, Dybala, Lautaro/Ocampos.

    Scaloni wants Ocampos to start but he has a slight ankle injury.

    Papu Gomez is fine.

  9. I respect everyone has their own point of view based on their understanding of the game. If they really understands this beautiful game or just going through the Twitter/media to comment on the greatest of all time.
    Messi is playing in new league which is more physical surrounded by not so quality players, also looks like coach is not sure about the game strategy. Against Nice Messi is not playing that bad at all, only not that great compared to his standards. He is not receiving the ball when he is trying to make a run in open spaces, against team which was defending with 9-10 players .
    Messi needs average/good quality but team players around him to flourish. He has so much to give , he is not obsessed with scoring goal but just expect that other players should play with brain.

  10. Wow u love my name u rename yoursel .. lol.. stop living in denial and realize messi is aging.. people saying he not performing because of neymar and mbappe.. but they not playing so what’s the excuse now? I’m not biased I’m speaking the truth…

  11. I’m watching messi play right now.. right now how this man is playing u will.doubt he ever won a single balon d’or… he is terrible. Slow,, he can’t pass , can’t dribble.. I don’t know what is going on.. I think argentina seriously needs to move away from a team built around messi. Use him as an asset but I think not to depend on messi anymore…

  12. “I prefer not to play against South American countries. The idea is to play against the Europeans or teams from other continents. That’s what we in the coaching staff want.”

    Great word..and great plan. We also wish for the same. Play friendly against European and African teams.

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