Argentina matches confirmed, rumored before 2022 Qatar World Cup


Argentina has several matches confirmed and some rumored prior to the start of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Copa America champions Argentina have three matches confirmed with six rumored. The first match is a World Cup qualifier against Venezuela in Argentina on March 24 with the second being on March 29 against Ecuador in a World Cup qualifier.

After that is Argentina against Italy as it is the Copa America champions against the Euro winners with the match on June 1 in London, England. Those are three matches which are confirmed.

The other that is expected to be confirmed next week is Argentina against Brazil. This would be the World Cup qualifying match between both teams which was stopped after five minutes. This match will not be played in Brazil or South America.

Three matches have been stated as being confirmed by the media. According to TNT Sports, Argentina will play Belgium, Portugal and Denmark before the World Cup. However, that has not yet been stated by any of the teams.

Another one is that the Argentina FA have been approached by CONMEBOL to play a match against one of their top three teams. According to TyC Sports, they have been approached to play a match against Canada, the United States or Mexico.

And the last rumored match is against an Arab country before the start of the World Cup at the end of the year.

Venezuela: March 24, World Cup qualifier
Ecuador: March 29, World Cup qualifier
Italy: June 1, Copa vs. Euro winners
Brazil, middle of June, World Cup qualifier
Belgium, friendly
Portugal, friendly
Denmark, friendly
Canada, USA or Mexico, friendly


  1. Hmm, ? Venuzuela at home and Ecuador away and maybe at somepoint against Brazil, but not SA…well, this is what i think of theese 3 games as they are SA opponents that Arg has played several times and even if we would won then all it might not be enough fotvthe top spot of SA WCQ’s as i think Brazil has Still until now 4 points than Arg…right? Anyway even if we would won all theese 3 games and come on topSA WCQ’s, well offcourse that would have be a great achievement as victory for Arg is allways priority, right ? But, if we are looking at bigger picture and talking about for example WC AT QATAR, well then i rather have Arg play against european, African or even Concaf top teams or any top team who are playing different style, just to try gain maximum experience before the WC as i think this more vital knowledge at WC, right?

    But, offcourse Arg must at least face Still Venuzuela and Ecuador and most propably Brazil too so unfortunatly after Italy game which if understood right is allready confirmed allready, well as much i wish to play those different style of top teams at same time i’m affraid that it won’t happen because of club politics which is allways involved with money the way or another, but let see how this will end up with those friendliess against different style of top teams as i wish that will be the case in the end!

    As i said victory is allways priority for Arg, but it is also priority at same time to try play against those different style of top teams as experience is also priority as well and at the year of WC itäisellä very vital experience too !

    As everyone knows Arg will be top seeded most propably as in fact i’m not quite sure how all this works and do Arg Still need to win SA WC’s games more or is Arg allready top seeded ?

    If Arg is allready top seeded, well, then i will experiment at least in the last SA WQ’s games even more than against Chile and Colombia, but not necessarily calling that many new players except in case of ijury’s etc…only maybe few as CB’s that have not been tested yet as Senesi or someone else like Medina and Balerdi if they are able to play in Cb or maybe in LB position and maybe a striker, but also Ok with currently called players if they are fit and if they are i would hope that rough physical rugby teams like Venezuela perhaps Arg would field team from current crop of players, but from those that have not yet played much…why ? Well, firstly that they can gain a momentum and experience that will make them even more confident that they might allready be and secondly i don’t want any player who is not fully fit and carrying knock to get heavilybinjured for several months before the WC !

    But, It is a bit tricky and i’m also bit confused and not fully convinced with this idea as any player playing in any european league might also get injured at any moment, but Still i think the gamesbon SA turf are bit more physical and carry an heavier toll on every player etc…

    But, also at same time i’m missing Messi and hoping for his return and maybe to see him on field with those from current crop that have not played yet so much etc…

    So as obvious i’m having mix feelings about this, but Still in the end i think Arg should try build momentum and try use those players from current crop who have not yetvplayedcthat much etc… maybe not all in the same starting eleven, but as many can the better it will be for WC even Arg would loose, so i quess i’m trying to say in the end that even by cost of loosing a game i would be willing to give more playing time for those who have not yet played so much, but on the other hand i hate to see Arg loosing so i quess i’m lost in space with my thoughts and only thing that i know for certainnis to try to somehow play those different style of top teams just to gain the vital experience before WC !

  2. Those concacaf north American matches are a bad idea. Mexico and America both play recklessly on defense and have the habit of injuring opposing teams. And even if they are clean, they aren’t better than most south American teams and not significantly different in style. We need two euro games and a game against an African side and we should be good to go

  3. We should absolutely play all matches with proper scheduling. We can use all available players and scaloni can test multiple teams – primary and backup and finalize high-competition spots like right back and backup winger and third attacker

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