Argentina against Brazil to be played in June, outside of South America


Argentina against Brazil is set to be played in June, outside of South America.

The World Cup qualifying match between Argentina and Brazil from September 2021 was stopped after five minutes. The reason for the stoppage was reportedly because Argentina fielded players which did not follow Brazilian COVID protocols.

It was stopped after only five minutes and with no decision. According to TyC Sports, an official announcement is expected on February 9 with the match to be played. The match is expected to be played outside of Brazil and possible even outside of South America in the middle of June.


  1. Some of you are worried about players getting burned out and might end up with injury due to all these friendlies. You have to understand that FIFA will schedule all the matches during the international break and most importantly all the games will be played in Europe , that means virtually no travelling and 2 matches per break within 7 month time span. This is why Argentina vs Brazil is being played in Europe, that is to prevent players from burning out and it makes total sense.

    Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Portugal are top teams and they will test our team’s grit and mental toughness , giving them a necessary experience of playing against different European teams with just enough exposure. Over the past 2 yrs we have played every South American nations min 3 times each and all these conmebol countries have almost identical playing style while every good European teams have their own unique style of play. 2022 world cup will finally have two South American power houses that can defeat the Europeans and bring the world cup back to South America and I want that team to be us!!

    • There will be no international breaks in September and October this year because the WC takes place in the middle of all league seasons.

    • there is no international breaks enough to play so many games as you want.
      the clubs will not allow the players play. things is like this we like or not.
      so to speak realistic things is like this as we speak today. we will have 2 international breaks. 1 in June and 1 in September or October before world cup. that means 4 games. it is fixed Italy game so if confirm Brasil game in June then we will have 2 more games against Europe teams in September/October break. if Brasil game not happened finally then in June we will play in that place 1 match against Europe team.
      this is how it is things today.

  2. The three friendlies, if true, against Denmark, Portugal, and Belgium are a great idea.
    Playing against Brazil for a purposeless qualifier in June is a bad idea ! Forget that game and let’s move on. When Argentina okay Denmark, it may get physical, but not cynical. Whenever we okay Brazil there is a chance for injury and suspension. It’s to heated and dramatic of a match. This game should just be cancelled.

    • I agree. If I where Scaloni i would play our 3rd string players. Let the likes of Simeone, Icardi, etc play that match and if any of them shines consider it for the last slot if any in the WC team. We hsve the points and we habe nothing to prove to Brasil.

  3. Its better like this. I didn’t want us to take any points on paper. Let the yellow team prove the disgrace they are with their dirty politics.

    We are Argentina and we are winning on the turf and i am very proud of it! I am proud of supporting our beloved Argentina!

  4. But what the hell is this.
    The draw is april and qualifiers will go on till june?
    Arg should play against belgium, portugal and france because it has been 2 yrs and we have not played any match with European teams. In all our recent world cups we have been eliminated by european heavyweight. If you carefully look in last 3 years we have only faced 1 heavyweight and that is brazil. we played them 4 times. Uruguay is no more the force it used to be. We need to face young and fast teams like england and france.
    Remember one thing that our biggest threat in qatar will be England. They went deep in 2018 and an 2021.
    They will be out for glory and this is our last chance with messi. from 2026 competition will be much more with 48 teams. The last 32 team wc. and it should be argentina’s

    • Defeating a team like France in a friendly could make us exposed before other good games. As dibu said we are not world beaters we have to take one game at a time. In friendlies we have to attack more and expose our defense more. In that way we can sharpen our defenders individual skills. Coz teams like Belgium won’t sit back. So friendlies are just for testing our team balance except against Brazil.

  5. Hi friends. I am also joining you in this journey to the glory. A fan since 2006. Sorry to say I was always a superstitious person when watching an Argentina match. But yeah the wait is just painful. 2006 07 10 11 14 15 16 19. And atlast a cup for our beloved team. But a copa is not enough for the tears that I spend during the 2014 wc. I am sure god will give Argentina the oppurtunity to revenge those Germans and other Europeans in this journey. Waiting for the glory😌

  6. Getting confused who should play along C. Romero. Otamendi or Lisandro Martinez.
    Lisandro Martinez has good sense of positioning in box. He looks like complete CB like T. silva.

    • Kevin: Lisandro Martinez is going to take otamendi’s position very soon I mean before world Cup.
      Otamendi will be 34 next week by the time world Cup start he will be three month way to be 35. To me that risk to have lio messi, Di Maria and papu plus Otamendi all close 35 years to be in same lin up. If we want to win world Cup we must make our team mixs young ones with experience ones like messi and di maria.
      I’m sure we have good chance to win world Cup with lich and cuti at the back . Lich will only develop from here .
      I Won’t be surprise if man City come to look for him in the summer.

        • I agree about 50/50 between Licha and Ota, if any of the two is exposed or gets into bad form the other is ready to fully assume the role. They will give each other competition. Eventually Licha will come on top but that is a matter of when.

          Pezzella is going to the World Cup almost certainly. Whenever he has been asked to help he has played well, be it off the bench against Brazil or the recent Colombia game. Scaloni does not drop players if they perform well for him, with Pezzella as fourth choice he won’t play much and I can only see him being exposed if he plays regularly.

    • The truth is all 4 maon defenders play amazing for Argentina. None of them look like a weak link. Otamendi is like a wall. Cuti is hailed by Scaloni as the best defender in the world. Licha is very promising. Pezzella did not disappoint when give. a chance. I am sure it is still Cuti-Otamendi as starters but Licha will get a chance for sure as Cuti and Otamendi both have a tendency to pick up a yellow card.

      As for age I am not worried about Otamendi’s. He is reborn. Thiago Silva is 47 years of age, Dani Alves is 52. Bonucci is 43. Chiellini is 49. They all are older than Otamendi and still among the best.

    • I think Licha should be groomed to play as DM and at the back Otamendi and romera the pair. Licha has good long pass plus defensive skills.

      • We don’t need to compare between Otamendi and Licha. It’s very important to have a CB back up as good as the starter. So, I am very happy for the current situation and wouldn’t sweat whether it’s Otamendi or Lisandro in the starting eleven.

        Not in DM position, we need Lisandro in CB, which is his actual position. His ball distribution from the back is more important than that from DM position. Let’s hope Parades or Guaido do their job efficiently.

  7. The undefeated 29 games should not be the obsession or burden for the team; it’s outstanding and new record, let it be a note for Scaloni and his friend. Yes, it’s great! but without winning the trophy, it will be nothing just an achievement.

    The main target now is WC; select fully fit and right player. The chemistry and harmony of the team is the strength. Technically and tactically Arg play better and better with every games. 95% players have been in the pocket note of Scaloni. He knows who and which players will suit and works for his plan. Mostly he will not call and try to find out new player but will focus on game plan and team vision.

    One thing Scaloni is a smart coach and his approach unlike the previous coaches is not trial error; he is very alert in calling the players.

  8. Scaloni has couple of problems to fix in next to qualifiers.
    1. Find a position for Angel Correa as a substitute or a starter.
    2. Starting Left Back
    3. Right wing position.
    4. Paredes vs Guido as a starter.

  9. Scaloni has a tough decision to make if he should play Otamendi who is a leader or Lisandro Martinez. I think if we play France, then it’s no brainer to use Lisandro as he will nullify Mbappe like he did with Halland.

  10. ARG will get plenty of practice between now and the WC, the point here is that the points should have been awarded to them shortly after the game was suspended because they did nothing wrong and all that nonsense about players playing in England & not declaring where they were coming from was a farce and surely FIFA saw right through that but let it slip because its the yella team.

  11. These are exactly the types of friendlies I want to play, teams that aren’t contenders and in the case of Portugal maybe not even going to the world cup but regardless have some very high quality players and can be great practice.

      • Agreed, playing against different styles and teams with different profiles will give us some valuable preparation for the WC. I would like to play someone outside of Europe as well, preferably someone in Africa because they have the most unique profile

    • Yes. These friendlies will sharpen our defense before the WC. Denmark Belgium are attacking teams which will test our defense. Good teams to play frindlies.

  12. Games against Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Brazil too. It is too much. The players need rest before new season starts with the WC in November. Last year was copa, so no long summer holiday. If it is the same this year, we can expect injuries in autumn…

    • You have 7 months between the last qualifier and the world cup! 7 months without international football before the world cup is not a good thing!!

    • you are correct about your thinking. just i guess exept the 2 games of June (Italy and Brasil) the other 2 will sceduled around September and October both before world cup. So the players will relax July and August as every year.
      i don t think we will play 5 games. i guess if Brasil game will confirm then one of the games against Europe team will not happened. 4 games we will play before world cup as i know.

  13. for God s shake please don t punish Brasil so hard. have little mercy. i know fifa is always ruthless as have to do with justice but ok please not so hard !!!
    let be little bit more humans !!

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