Cristian Romero back for Tottenham Hotspur in FA Cup vs. Brighton


Cristian Romero was back for Tottenham Hotspur in their FA Cup match against Brighton.

Romero took part in his first match of 2022, his first match in over two months. The defender was substituted off for Argentina in their match against Brazil back in November with a hamstring injury.

The 23 year old returned for Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday where he played 77 minutes. According to Argentidata, these were his numbers:

1st in ball recoveries (9)
1st in clearances (5)
1st in duels won (5/7)
Completed 34/35 passes (97%)

Tottenham would win the match 2-1 with their next match on Wednesday against Southampton.


    • Man. I dont like Simeone only because he doesnot use Argentine players properly. Same goes for Bielsa also. Why cant they use as many Argentine as possible? They dont believe in Argentine players.

    • The game is going to start in 15mins and its promises to be quality football all around, I’m sucker for good international football.
      Unfortunately I’m break off to watch the Boss of Bosses 45mins, I missed watching LEO play, feels as if it been months since I last saw him play.
      Rumor has it that he is not happy as anybody with any football knowledge would see what’s happening but that’s a good thing as far as all of us are concerned, no need to carry an entire team on his back, more time to rest and be fresh for the big dance.

    • Watching it here as well. I don’t watch African football so I am curious to see what this game will be like. Senegal has a much better squad than Egypt but you can’t rule out a team with the effort of Salah. Perhaps we could consider one of the two as a team to potentially play a friendly with. Like csabalala I hope Senegal win, they were in the final last time and lost because of a weird goal. Sadio Mané once said he would give up all his titles at Liverpool to win this with Senegal, which reminds me of the passion we and our players feel for Argentina

    • Yes he also criticized spurs past window transfers which includes lo celso. But here the thing our cuti considers lo celso as the best mid fielder in South America. Conte is not the final word. Lo celso can prove what he is.

      • Every coach has their choice and their way of thinking. Some players cant flourish under some coach..but they will do somewhere else. Fitness, position and trust is important. Only problem for LoCelso is his recurring injury in England. Hope he finally back to his best condition and flourish in Spain.

  1. I have a little bit concern over our right back position. Molina is not trust worthy against quality attacking teams. Even against chile he made silly defensive mistakes which almost cost us. Molina is not good in clearing long cross balls. Montiel could be effective as he is more courageous than Molina and defensively better. Teams like Belgium and Denmark will rip through Molina. And friendlies could be an eye opener for scaloni. Yes Molina played better against a weakened Uruguay attack. Bcoz Uruguay would give away so many passes which can be a boost for Molina. But this is not the case with European teams. I think Montiel is better. Or foyth should get a chance.

    • Mollina plays better when there is Messi in right wing as Messi drags defenders and Mollina runs in empty space and gives attacking output.Mollina is not good in air.

      • Molina is not good in air and also in 1on1 situation. If the opponent’s team, I think most of European teams, wingers are fast and attacking, then Molina would get into trouble. He may be good in a 5 3 2 situation or when the opponent is an avg sitting back team. More and more pressure from the wingers means it is too high for him to contain. Also if Paredes is the DM then Montiel is the better option against quality attacking teams.

    • What you are describing is something Scaloni is surely well aware of. It has been the plan for a while to play Molina in games where we attack more and play Montiel in games where we defend more, although Scaloni has given Molina a little more backing which is why he played against Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil (rivals we are seemingly less afraid of with every passing day), though I doubt he will play Molina against a Germany or other similar European team. Like Kevin said Molina is really good at using empty space, he makes runs and attacks with intensity and the goal vs Peru is a good example of what he provides in certain games

  2. I just remebered Romero, foyth, montiel, lisandro, senesi all were part of u20 squad in 2017. They except senesi already debuted for senior team and that is from defense alone.
    Such a talented squad argentina had then and it is shame that they didnt win the world cup(heck they didnt even reach knockout round)

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