Ángel Correa named La Liga Player of the Month


Ángel Correa has been named as the January La Liga Player of the Month.

Correa has eight goals in the league with Atletico Madrid this season, four of which came in January. He is also Atletico’s top scorer in the league this season.

The 26 year old was called up for the Argentina national team for the wins against Chile and Colombia. He was brought on as a substitute for 5 minutes against Chile while remaining on the bench against Colombia last Tuesday.


  1. It will be a tough choice for Scaloni to select between Angel Correa, Lucas Alario or Alvarez. I think Dybala and J. Correa place are not certain. Can’t bring all along

      • Yes I watched it too. Sad that it ended 0-0 but seeing this performance really excites me for what it to come. A month or two for the new players (7 in total) to adapt to the style and to each other and after that who knows what we will see

  2. Cuti Romero is back! He played pretty good but he was substituted in the 77th minute. I hope it is a cramp only. He played the Cuti we know. Excited watching the Spurs again now.

  3. I was watching Milan Derby. Inter were 1-0 up. Lautaro played for 70 mins and subbed off for Sanchez. Lautaro was connecting well with Dzeko and also helping out defence. Right after he got subbed, Giroud stroke twice at 75’ and 78’ and the game ended 2-1 for AC Milan. Its not naked to the eye of the pressing and defensive work Lautaro does. And when you are just 1-0 you should not take off your best goalscorer cos Lautaro can score at any moment of the game. This should be a good lesson for Simone Inzaghi. I am happy they lost.

    • Lautaro has improved alot in NT because now Scaloni must have told him to play in center rather than lurking outside the box and recieving the ball 30 yards out.

      Notice all his goals starting from Copa againts Bolivia till the latest one againts Colombia, he always lurking in center area like Bati/Crespo. This is why he scores lots of tap in and even header.

      Before he scored againts Bolivia, he always started his run from the right wing position having to take on few defenders and he’s not effective this way. Inzaghi should have takes notes from Scaloni.

      • Coz lautaro doesn’t have that speed with the ball compared to bati. Lautaro is very good in finding and passing to a player in the final third. But his finishing should improve. I mean not the tap ins but the shots from difficult angle to miscalculate the prediction of the goalkeeper. Then he becomes an undisputed player.

        • Dont know man. So long he keeps puttint them in the net every game as he has he is already undisputed. He performs better than Kun, than Tevez, etc all of which where more “talented”. Lautaro is a beast a true bull to finish with grit and garra what our silky creative players construct for him (Dimaria, Messi, etc). No one is as dangerous in the box as he is both in attack and defending.

          • Lautaro is superb. No doubt in that. But to defeat goalies like neur Allison donnaruma we need him to find a way to get the goal even from the most difficult angle. Yes he is not selfish. He tracks back. But to get a wc he must perfect his finishing ability. Coz there may be matches in which the opponent’s hit first. So lautaro needs to step up.

          • Agreed, he already scored at higher ratio than even Higuain, Saviola, Tevez, Aguero and even Kempes. Also, he scored 12 of his 19 goals in competitive games.

            But Kevin is still better.

  4. argentina won copa 21but it Doesn’t mean Great. Last six year held four copa.brazil have five wc’s.if Argentina want to catch brazil they need long long time.hahahha

    • Bro who cares about what Brazil won?. Its not about how many WC Brazil won. Football has changed. Its harder to win WC now and even copa. Brazil got it easy with just 13/16 teams in the tournament. Nobody gives a shit. People laugh at Pele’s idiocricy. Look at how many Copa Argentina won? Can Brazil catch up to Argentina? lol. No one can catch up to what they did in the past. Stop dwelling in the past. Its Naive. Talk about today. And Today Argentina is Copa Champion Beazil is 2nd. Today Argentina is Undefeated, Brazil is not. Brazil lost to Argentina. Last 3 head to head games Argentina is leading 1-0. Talk about today. Argentina is beating Brazil. Whatever happens tomorrow is tomorrow at present Argentina is a better team with result. Only butthurt jealous Brazil fans will bring the past now cos they know they are second to us. Sensible Brazil Fans would keep their mouth shut and enjoy football and pray for Brazil. To be honest more the Brazil fans brings up the past it gives me more comfort and entertainment cos i know they are hurt and thatswhy they bring yesterday cos they cannot talk about today. Ha Ha

    • guess what? it doesn t mean anything to us too for your world cups.
      actually 3 of your world cups won when there was not exist even coloured tv !!!
      you are a fake story. you just base your “myth” of “mighty” Brasil in one era that there was not exist television. give us a break kid.

      • Cox4 if this kid is a Brazil fan (confused) and lurking in an Argentina Forum talking about past glories then I feel really sorry for him. He is probably hurt and reading Albiceleste comments. Lmao.

    • Who is dumbass???
      “if Argentina want to catch brazil they need long long time.hahahha” !!
      ROY is a much nicer person than me because I would have permanently banned this imbecile ASAP.

  5. Scaloni has mentioned several times that Dybala is a 9 either as sole striker or partnered with another striker (Toro). And of course he can also take on the 10 role….

    Correa will also play as SS but also rcm

  6. Currently, it’s;

    Still, I don’t know in which position Scaloni will include Dybala and Correa. Right side it is Messi and Dimaria. Left, Nico and Ocampos. It’s very difficult to remove Dybala and A.Correa. Scaloni will struggle to finalize the team for the WC if it’s just 23 man squad..!

    • Scaloni has mentioned several times that Dybala is a 9 either as sole striker or partnered with another striker (Toro). And of course he can also take on the 10 role….

      Correa will also play as SS but also rcm

  7. If only Simeone treats him like a key player instead of a rotation player. Whatever he achieves with Atletico this month, Simeone will still rotate him. That is sad.

  8. I strongly believe he is more than ready to be the direct backup to Lautaro. He is fully equipped to play as a pure no-9. Argentina usually take 3 to 4 players for the no-9 striker position to a world cup and its looking like it is going to be Lautaro, A.Correa ,Dybala and J.Alvarez.

    • But I prefer Alario for a direct back up for lautaro. His finishings are clinical. We need irrespective of his form in the club. The crosses from maria should be a factor for considering a clinical finisher like alario.

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