Lionel Messi scores for PSG in 5-1 win vs. Lille


Lionel Messi scored for PSG in their 5-1 win vs. Lille.

Messi was on the scoresheet for PSG for the first time in the new year. With the score at 2-1, it was a run by Kylian Mbappe as he cut inside but the ball was tackled away by the defender into the path of Messi. The Argentine would dribble into the penalty area and chip the goalkeeper.

That goal was his second in the league for PSG and he has now scored in every calendar year since 2005, making it 18 years.

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        • that’s probably true and i think Dybala can not unleash his huge potential as long as Messi is here. That’s very sad. We have the best player in the world and I believe if it hadn’t been for Messi and Cristiano he probably would have been in talks for Ballon D’Or…

          I hope in can unleash when Messi is gone
          all thou Dybala is gonna be like 30…

          • Please stop making Dybala bad performance about Messi. Did Leo hold his legs? Everytime anything happens you quick to blame Messi. Dybala is good but not a national team material just like players – Icardi, Tevez…

          • I disagree, it has everything to do with Messi because they are players that occupy the same spaces and have the same characteristics. It is a very simple tactical concept. It is not impossible for Scaloni to find a way to play them together but the majority of the time our managers have failed to do that and thus Dybala has failed. Saying this isn’t hating on or blaming Messi, it is the reality. At the end of the day we shouldn’t worry about Dybala too much because ultimately we have Messi and if given the option between a fit Messi and a fit Dybala I would choose Messi 100% of the time because he is the best player in the world and our best player. The main goal should be to incorporate Dybala as a reliable back up for Messi when needed which will be the case more and more

          • “occupy the same space.” Leo is playing free role while Dybala is a striker or second striker. So how are they occupying the same space. Lame logic. The person he should be competing against is Toro who at the moment is in crazy form. Again you blaming coaches for his mediocrity is just an excuse. He has been given so much privileges and tried in different formations, roles and systems yet he didn’t pick. I think at this point with WC around no time to experimenting on him anymore. We need to look elsewhere for a backup

          • Dybala is not an actual striker. Looking at positions in formations as if they were fixed in game is not the way to look at modern football. Compare their heat maps over several seasons, the main and only difference is Messi only moves slightly more to the left behind the penalty box than Dybala. Dybala spends much more time outside of the box than inside of the box. Toro is not in competition at all with Dybala because they are hardly the same type of player. The reason he has failed in certain roles that you mention is simply because they are not his roles. Not sure if you remember the Chile game in 2019 Scaloni played both in the starting 11 and it actually worked (with Aguero) but since then they have never shared the starting 11 and Dybala has mostly come off the bench with few minutes to make an impact. There is no reason to believe he is incapable of playing as a starter in Messi’s role when he needs to be rested for a match

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